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    Want to Buy pump and reservoir

    Looking for a used pump and a reservoir. Preferably a pump with a top that can run 3 rads, 1 CPU and 1 gpu block.
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    New budget HTPC Build/ inputs appreciated

    I'm trying to save as much money as possible while trying to get the most out of it. CPU: E4300 C2D (pulled from an old comp) *looking to overclock this! Mobo: Either Biostar G41D3+ $49.99 Newegg.ca - BIOSTAR G41D3+ LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard or Asus P5NSLI (might purchase...
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    Question for CPU and RAM/motherboard compatibility

    Hey guys, I am planning to start a HTPC build using some of the old parts I have lying around as well as with a CPU from a previous computer. The CPU is a E4300 Core 2 Duo processor. The question I have is with the CPU compatibility with the RAM. The processor has a 800MHZ FBS which means...
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    Want to Buy Found

    PM me with offer. Thanks.
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    RAID 0 SSDs or get a larger capacity SSD?

    I have the OCZ Vertex 2 50GB SSD as my OS boot drive right now with WD black and green as subsequent storage drives. The 50GB is almost full and I'm trying to weigh the cons and pros of the options of expanding the OS drive space. First option I have is to RAID 0 the 50GB SSD with another exact...
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    Just started, a question

    Hi I just set my computer to folding@home. I set up dual gpu and CPU clients and when I ran all three the computer got hot. CPU temp was at 60, motherboard at 39 and gpu temps around 58 for both. Now im worried if leaving it in like this is a good idea. Should I cut down on it? Say just one...
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    GTX 460 SLI to??

    I have both of my MSI Hawk OC 460 GTX 1GBs for sale and am looking to upgrade to a single GPU. I want to go AMD this time. Currently thinking about the 6950. How about it?
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    Want to Sell LianLi PC-60FWB, CM Hyper212+,T-LM25B-1 panel, C-02 bezel etc.(05/15/2011))

    Hi there, Post has been modified. *Payment preference: Would prefer EMT payments, Paypal as last resort. *Location: Vancouver *Ebay feedback: Rugox (100%) *Heatware:Rugox | HeatWare.com Feel free to ask questions! -Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus CPU heatsink -> $15+ shipping Excellent...
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    Water block upgrade from XSPC RASA kit

    So I have my CPU being cooled with a XSPC RASA 750 kit stock water block( the black acetal one I think). I'm looking to do an upgrade on it as I know it is not the most efficient water block out there. I'm looking at the EK supreme HF blocks. On Dazmode's store site, there are 3 versions: acetal...
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    Should I upgrade my PSU??

    I currently have the Antec truepower 650W. However, I'm a bit worried that my power usage might be pushing it. My i5 2500k has been OCed to 4.8ghz, two slightly OCed 460GTX SLI, CPU only watercooling loop, and 6 120mm fans. With the PSU calculator it comes out to about 645W. Just wanted to know...

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