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    Fans needed for Corsair H100

    I'm using enermax T.B. Silence 120mm fans for my rad. 1200 RPM and 14 dBA in a push/pull config. What a difference a 14 dBA fan can make. The temps were not affected by the drop in RPM from my 2000 RPM fans I had on the rad originally and the only thing that did drop was the noise level ...
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    Anybody here still running c2d or c2q CPU?

    The family pc still running Q6600. But should really build a new one.
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    Thermal Paste removal help

    Agree strongly with Mr Wilson . Isopropyl Alcohol 99% 500mL have a bottle in front of me right now. For external use Only...hehehe. The coffee filter idea is also excellent ! I use polyurethane swabs (foam). We used them cleaning tape heads years ago on vcr's back in the day. They are lint...
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    Monitor upgrade

    I agree panzerfan. All great monitors. If money is an object the TN monitors would get you by in a pinch. Asus VK246H 24" 1920x1080 HDMI might be a thought. Pretty reasonable price , but you might want to google reviews on this.
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    2 OS 1 drive

    ever think of using virtualbox by sun microsystems ? Its free and lets you make a virtual pc were you can have as many different operating systems as you like. It installs like any other windows program. Allowing you to run your OS of choice within your windows program. Saves all the trouble of...
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    How do i update my bios?

    Best advice is " If it ain't broke Don't Fix it " :biggrin:
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    Run Linux Inside Windows

    Exactly ! I find using virtualbox from sunmicro works great . It allows you to run another operating system from within windows . I have another pc that runs Ubuntu 8.04 and numerous other distros of Linux on virtualbox from within Ubuntu . That way I don't have to use the live cd method and you...

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