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  1. moditir

    Mini-ITX linux workstation ~$775 CAD

    Hey guys, I'm building a mini-ITX linux workstation for scientific programming. Listed in order of importance are: linux compatibility performance silent operation semi-portability my budget is loosely around $775 CAD. I want to see how much performance I can get out of a mini-ITX box for...
  2. moditir

    Need mofset a mofset cooler

    I need a Cheap mofset cooler for my P5K deluxe because of that stupid heat pipe. I would like it to be an air cooler as there is already enough stress on my watercooling system. thanks for any help moditir
  3. moditir

    Help me find a NB/SB block

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a north brigde or /and south bridge water block for my P5K deluxe WIFI/ap I can't seem to find anything that lists it as a compatible mobo do you know of any NB/SB water blocks that support the asus p2k deluxe wifi thanks moditir:canadianwave:
  4. moditir

    how does this setup look?

    how does this setup look thanks moditir sorry its a bit hard to read Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Kit Logisys CLK12WT2 12 inches Dual White Cold Cathode Kit Dia 3.0MM 300MM 28,000 CD/M2 Logisys 5 LED Laser...
  5. moditir

    LIAN-LI EX-23A in antec 900?

    I'm looking into the LIAN-LI EX-23A Silver 2X5.25IN to 3X3.5IN HDD Rack W/ 80MM Fan lol. At its NCIX page it says *for Lian Li Case Only* but then later it says " Compatible with most cases" in its specs. so will this fit in my 900? I can't see why not thanks, moditir
  6. moditir

    Watercooling an antec 900

    after a bit of research I decided I wanted to water cool my antec 900 :bananafunky: I wanted to mount a 2x120mm rad like the one seen here http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=22508&vpn=WATER-COOLING-ESSENTIALS-250&manufacture=NCIX I was thinking of a) leaving the front fans the way they...
  7. moditir

    acrylic panels?

    Well I'm getting started on my next mod... I was hoping to: Water cool, paint , add a window to, add cold cathode lights to and add some clear UV paint to the panel on my antec p182.:clap::clap: The only problem I can't find a supplier for acrylic panels and I don't want to get a kit. Do you...

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