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    WIP New build gaming and movies/pictures machine

    My wife was exceptional and bought me several parts for my new build that I have been itching to do for some time. As well I was able to head out on boxing day on a modest budget and get most of the other components I need to finish my build. I am taking ny time with it and I spent some time in...
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    BIOS updates

    Considering I've only done these when needed several have come out for my motherboard, I am wondering if updating it for my new CPU would I have to do each indiviual update chronologically? Or do I just do the latest one? I sent my question to ASUS and they say just to do the latest but I am...
  3. Z

    Hard drive and video card issues

    I've recently had some issues and this post is for feedback and advice. I recently made room on one of my 4 250 GB drives for Windows 7 and the drive I used I am sure I hadn't yet used for anything. Anyway I had xp on one of the 250 gb drives and Vista on an 80 gb pata drive. I had windows 7...
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    Build for my boss

    I have priced out a top of the line Intel and a top of the line AMD system. Which one should I show him first. The Intel one is almost 6000 but the AMD one is not even 5000 Intel set up Cooler Master - Cosmos S Silent Full Tower 279 Vantec - Tornado Case Fan, 92mm x4 60 Intel - Coretm i7...
  5. Z

    os won't install

    Having major issues with this second system. I have tried installing the following: XP sp2 installed got all drivers working couldn't update to SP3. Wiped it tried installing xpsp3 black edition gave me a blue screen. Tried win7 RC and same thing gave me blue screen and a random reboot...

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