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  1. Neolithium_Wpg

    Google Stop SCREWING Around with Chrome!

    That's what I started doing. I've basically stopped using gmail altogether along with Chrome for the time being. Was nice hitting up firefox again though - like visiting an old friend :haha:
  2. Neolithium_Wpg

    Media Server Advice

    I'd go with Ubuntu Server more than Mint; while initially it is just a command line install; you can toss a GUI on there if needed. It has much less bloat than many other desktop distributions; and remains quite popular for home servers (Be them media, or file servers).
  3. Neolithium_Wpg

    Seriously? These Freeloaders/Freemen...

    The FBI considers the whole Freemen movement to be a terrorist organization. Perhaps we should do the same up here.
  4. Neolithium_Wpg

    Canadian military beret colours mean?

    Not anymore. Regardless of qualifications, if you're not in a Jump Coy you aren't entitled to wear the maroon beret. Same rules apply for CANSOFCOM pers as well; once they leave their unit that falls under their respective command, the tan beret goes away and they go back to the old colours.
  5. Neolithium_Wpg

    World of Tanks Official Thread

    I've only recently started playing (Up to Tier 7 stuff), did the classic noob mistakes of loading up on tanks, changing my mind and switching off to another nation....finally I just said whatever and kept my German and Soviet tanks for the time being, perhaps I'll eventually get more gold to get...
  6. Neolithium_Wpg

    2012 vs. 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today

    It's definitely hard. I'm the only income with my family, by the time the wife would go to work, she would be making maybe $3/month after paying for daycare so we both decided there is no point. If it weren't for the Canadian Forces Housing Agency - I have no idea how we would be able to live...
  7. Neolithium_Wpg

    BlackBerry OS 10

    All of a sudden I'm glad I switched to a Blackberry a few weeks ago ;)
  8. Neolithium_Wpg

    The Happy thread!

    Such a great day. Finally got back to work after a week off to get sorted out with my new PMQ here in Edmonton. HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL, got some new furniture to help kick off my own celebrations about it.
  9. Neolithium_Wpg

    OH yea !!!! Ke=1/2MV^2

    I think it is comparatively rare, the bulk of Tungsten comes out of China if memory serves, quite a bit comes from western Russia as well, those two alone account for I think around 80% of worldwide production. it does have a fairly complicated production process though, having to go through...
  10. Neolithium_Wpg

    The Happy thread!

    Count me in (Work permitting of course) :)
  11. Neolithium_Wpg

    OH yea !!!! Ke=1/2MV^2

    I think the bulk of the projectiles to date have been made of Tungsten. Either way if you can fire anything at Mach 10 with the current expected accuracy of a 5m target at 200 nautical miles....screw Tomahawk missiles these are CHEAP!
  12. Neolithium_Wpg

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I've just set up my TOR subscription and it's quite enjoyable compared to how warcraft used to be. Perhaps it's just because I really enjoy the storylines set forth in the star wars universe, but I can easily see me loving this game for quite some time. I haven't experienced PVP yet though...
  13. Neolithium_Wpg

    The Happy thread!

    So I've been gone for a few months busy as hell with my last course, however just wanted to post since I'll be back up and running soon. CFHA got me a PMQ in Edmonton extremely quickly so I'll be moving in next week (Another week of hotels but paid for so I'm not complaining) and I'll be...
  14. Neolithium_Wpg

    Got an Ipad 2 for christmas.....what will I use it for?

    It's in the eye of the beholder. Flash sucks to begin with, I've hated it for the better part of 5 years, the hardware is just fine for what the device is suited to do, and as for office, that's subjective as well. I write hundreds of pages per year for briefings, tests, essays, etc using...
  15. Neolithium_Wpg

    ~ Official 2011 What you get for Christmas Thread ~

    -Edwin Jagger DE87 & some EJ Shave Cream -2 Vintage Razors in mint condition (1932 Gillette Safety Razor and a 1953 Gillette FatBoy) -100 Razor Blades (Bolzano, Lord, Shark, Croma, Rapira, Astra and Merkur) -Bunch of $$ in iTunes cards -PS3 + MW3, BF3, GT5 The shaving supplies are still en...
  16. Neolithium_Wpg

    Got an Ipad 2 for christmas.....what will I use it for?

    If you don't have a use for it, sell it. Plenty of people have uses for it as a niche product, but like anything - it's not for everyone.
  17. Neolithium_Wpg

    Favorite Youtube Videos of the week Thread!!!

    The 3 Tenors - Silent Night - YouTube Heard this a few times today. My family has always loved it, they all remember that 97 years ago tomorrow, the war stopped even if only for a night, and both sides celebrated Christmas together.
  18. Neolithium_Wpg

    2,880x1,800 ultra-high-resolution display

    Since it's not made of cheese, I'm pretty sure a notebook is a real computer. It's a niche market to deal with resolution/graphics with portability. Unless you take your desktop with you everywhere you go, in which case I'm assuming that it must be a real PITA setting up at a coffee shop.

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