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  1. George Poncho

    What features will be on the new Z77 motherboards

    Hi Linus, I was wondering what features will be on the new Z77 motherboards which will be released first quarter of 2112 using the new Ivy Bridge processors. I am in the process of deciding what motherboard to buy and I know that the current Z68 motherboards can use the new Ivy Bridge...
  2. George Poncho

    Need New Card to Buy: Nvidia or ATI

    Hi All, This question probably has been posted but not sure if updated to include the latest cards. I have around $450 to spend on a new video card. I primarly play COD (all versions) and BFBC2. I have been reading and am still confused as to which card I should be looking at Nivida (EVGA...
  3. George Poncho

    Best Future Proof: LGA 1156 vs LGA 1366

    Hello Everyone: I am in the process of purchasing a new MB, CPU and ram. However my question to you all is which form factor will have the best chances at surviving the longest. In a word "Future Proofing". LGA 1156 or LGA 1366 which will die and which will survive? I don't want to buy a...

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