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  1. Neolithium_Wpg

    iTunes Match up in Canada now

    After a while of watching American people enjoy this, I finally found out this morning that iTunes match is available in Canada now. Right in the middle of matching my music collection and uploading the album artwork to the cloud (Fortunately all my crappy quality rips are basically now...
  2. Neolithium_Wpg

    MobileMe to become free with iCloud

    Just wanted to post this up quick so any other members who like me, have a mobileme subscription coming up on it's renewal date: Don't renew! All the current features it has will become free this fall when iCloud launches and iOS5 will be released (Which is actually one hell of a revamp of iOS...
  3. Neolithium_Wpg

    CERN traps antimatter for an astonishing 1000 seconds

    Longest amount of time in history that antimatter has artificially been created and contained. I think the previous record was approximately one sixth of a second. We bit of a jump but hey, it's cool as hell. They don't mention WHERE it was done, but I have a nagging suspicion it was the ALPHA...
  4. Neolithium_Wpg

    FreeNAS & Seedbox Question

    Heya All, Just had a quick question in regards to a secondary plan I had coming up :ph34r: I've been looking into doing a home seedbox since Shaw has some RIDICULOUS plans coming out (Going to be hosting an assload of linux images for multiple distros), now I want to be able to have multiple...
  5. Neolithium_Wpg

    Planning the new beast!

    It’s been about a year since I abandoned my last build idea, seeing as how I’ve been moving base to base, and won’t be permanently posted until around the end of the year I figured I would stick with desktop replacement notebooks for the time being or perhaps even longer. Unfortunately I keep...
  6. Neolithium_Wpg

    Apple Releases OSX 10.6.6 & Launches App Store

    Macrumors News: Apple Releases OSX 10.6.6 and launches App Store Gotta say I was expecting a complete clusterf*ck like when MobileMe was released but browsing through it, I actually rather like this thing. I like the fact it ties your purchases to your AppleID much like other stores have...
  7. Neolithium_Wpg

    MarketWatch names Jobs CEO of the Decade

    Actually considering the state Apple was in before he came back to the company, it's no surprise, and while I don't agree with all of his business practices and ideas - I can't help but think the guy deserves it. Apple NOW THAT YOU GOT THE TITLE FIX MY DAMN MOBILEME UPLOAD SPEEDS STEVE! :ph34r:
  8. Neolithium_Wpg

    iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo Hilarity *NSFW due to language*

    WARNING: Language used in the clip is not suitable for work. I had to watch this twice, had a hard time hearing and seeing it since I was crying due to laughter the first time around. YouTube - iPhone4 vs HTC Evo
  9. Neolithium_Wpg

    iOS 4 due out today

    Edited: So Apple actually released iOS4 on time (10am PST), the direct download links are provided below for those who want to do it that way. The build number is identical to the GM Candidate minus Game Center as that is still in development and was only in the GM for developers to start...
  10. Neolithium_Wpg

    Want to Sell Neo's Early Spring Cleaning

    Hi All, A few spring cleaning items are going up for sale, sorry about the craptacular photos but the digital camera batteries were dead my wife's blackberry leaves something to be desired :haha:. Terms of Sale: All items are sold as-is, but are in working condition at the time of...
  11. Neolithium_Wpg

    Circumstances made me abandon the lanbox...

    So I came up with Project: Overkill! Yes I know it's not Core i9 but it was supposed to have been :haha: So the word (Officially) came to me this week, personal electronics won't be allowed when I'm at CFSCE, which would have put a damper on my spirits not having a nice little gaming rig with...
  12. Neolithium_Wpg

    Holy Hell...faster than I expected

    Since a couple of people who are currently serving members of the Cdn Forces wanted to be kept updated, I figure that I would just make a random OT thread for it :rofl: I remember reading a while back that they were hoping to recruit several thousand more people to fill vacancies but if my...
  13. Neolithium_Wpg

    Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy dies at 77

    Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dead at 77 - CNN.com Seems like JFK's younger brother finally succumbed to brain cancer :sad:. I think this is going to be another very large funeral that some news networks are going to highlight.
  14. Neolithium_Wpg

    Best registry cleaner?

    I like CCleaner
  15. Neolithium_Wpg

    SSD's and Hyperfast?

    Heya! I didn't feel like threadjacking so I just ended up starting a new one regarding Diskeeper w/Hyperfast. A fair bit of information points towards the conclusion that some SSD's will be left without trim capabilities so since I was in the market for this week grabbing something of the...
  16. Neolithium_Wpg

    Intel X-25M 160GB SSD $499.99 + Free Express Shipping @ NCIX

    Figures it's when I can't afford it, but some of you guys might be wanting to jump on a deal like this! NCIX.com - Buy Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH160G101 160GB 2.5IN SATA2 NCQ Solid State Disk Flash Drive SSD - SSDSA2MH160G101 In Canada. :bananafunky:
  17. Neolithium_Wpg

    Want to Sell Neolithium's Spring Sale

    Terms & Conditions Prices are in Canadian Dollars, eh :canadianwave: Items are used but in good working order. Payment Methods Accepted: EMT or Cash (Local Pickup Only) Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated. For Sale Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 VID 1.3250, Batch L814A599...
  18. Neolithium_Wpg

    Q6600 + Biostar i45 = I'M GOING BALD

    Alrighty, so my E8400 on this board was a bloody breeze...however deciding to toss my Q6600 in here for some fun has given me sleepless nights and the temptation to see if I can skip a CPU across a pond like a flat rock. Since I had this CPU at 3.5 stable on my P5Q Pro I thought I'd try for 3.6...
  19. Neolithium_Wpg

    BAH, looking for some advice again...

    Hi All, Since I've switched things around a bit lately and got my new E8400 up and running happily, the wife decided she likes my 4850 so I decided why not- gives me an excuse to get a new video card for myself. Unfortunately while in the process tossing out Crossfire as a solution for myself...
  20. Neolithium_Wpg

    Neo's Watercooled HAF -Pics Warning-

    Alrighty, so as most of you are aware, I'm in the process of watercooling my HAF, though there's quite a few steps that I have to go through to get there, so here's a small log that I thought I would get up and continue on with as I go. Supplies (Case Painting) 1 Can of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor...

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