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    Headset recommendation - headset around 200€

    Honestly, and after a view of researching here and there, the Audeze Penrose seems obviously better than the HyperX (better software and possibly sound, better mic, wireless, removed useless 3D...), apart from a bit cheaper, which is awesome, so I am thinking about ordering a pair. The only...
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    Headset recommendation - headset around 200€

    Well I already tried wireless for some time with the Razer Blackshark v2 pro (that I am about to return) and will try to go for a wired version now. This is, basically, to maximize quality per cost. That said, I believe the Arctis Pro Wireless are fine, specially if you wanna connect to both pc...
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    Headset recommendation - headset around 200€

    I actually got the wireless to figure out if it was that important. I realised it is not. So I am searching more for a wired now. I am looking for closed back for isolation (and also prefer aesthethics) and the mic would be highly desirable.
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    Headset recommendation - headset around 200€

    Hi! I wanted to get a headset mostly gaming/daily use/music for PC. I am more interested on closed back versions around a price range of 200€ I have to say that I already got 2 weeks ago Razer Blackshark v2 PRO (wireless) and despite it sounds quite good, and they are REALLY confortable...

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