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  1. AkG

    Asking the impossible? TB3 to Nvme full speed

    Interesting question. I usually don't stop by here anymore for.... well... reasons. But since I was DM'ed I will give my two cents. In the future hit me up at RealHardwareReviews. I surf that site usually every other day. PM 'GaK_45' and I will see it and WILL answer you. :) Right now you have...
  2. AkG

    My system the HDD killer?

    Most likely answer: dirty power. Stick that rig on a pure sine UPS (not a cheap POS, but a GOOD one). Less likely: slightly out of spec 12 or 5 v rail(s). HDDs are sensitive to ripple. NVMe get their power via the mobo... so the mobo will usually 'condition' the power before it gets to the M2...
  3. AkG

    My honor and privilege

    Before I leave, I just wanted to say that it has been my honor and my privilege to have been part of HardwareCanucks.com almost since its inception. Over the past twelve years I have watched this community grow and will always have fond memories of my time here. Sadly, as with all things in...
  4. AkG

    NVMe Controller performance @ higher temps?

    Thats why I give three options. Usually at least one will work for nearly any rig. ;) With that said... IMHO... if you are planning to use NVME in a rig you HAVE to choose a the right mobo for it. Every new build should have the 7Ps applied to it: "Proper Previous Planning Prevents Piss Poor...
  5. AkG

    NVMe Controller performance @ higher temps?

    Yes. Single sided is the only sane option for them.
  6. AkG

    NVMe Controller performance @ higher temps?

    Let me be clear. I am biased against the M.2 form-factor. It was never intended to be 'the' enthusiasts port that replaced SATA. It just happened to be the 'free' alternative to U.2 and for whatever reason AIC did not take off. BUT this issue is not a M2 only issue, it is just most obvious on...
  7. AkG

    NVMe Controller performance @ higher temps?

    Performance throttling from high temperatures is a real thing. It is baked right into the firmware. It is to keep the NAND from eating itself. The higher the temp the NAND cells are... the more damage each write does to them. Throttling levels are based on temp and NAND type. QLC will throttle...
  8. AkG

    nvme m2 vs sata ssd - game load times - only small difference?

    Game load times are more directly related to lazy programmers than true bottlenecks. It is why it is sooo bloody hard to find games that are truly stressing the storage subsystem. Dont get me wrong... hdd vs ssd does make a dif. NVME vs sata does make a dif. Its not just seq but small file...
  9. AkG

    Anyone work in healthcare or know something about it?

    Its called separating the wheat from the chaff. If you can handle that dept... you are worth spending money on in training. If not.... "next!". IE Just because they dont pay you any money does not mean 'you' dont cost them money. ;)
  10. AkG

    nvme m2 vs sata ssd - game load times - only small difference?

    Short answer... its complicated. NVMe storage is not a magic bullet. It depends on many, many things. For example the underlying NAND technology it is paired with (MLC,TLC,QLC.... Optane). Next is even if the storage can keep up, thermal limiting can cause M.2 drive performance to plummet...
  11. AkG

    Anyone work in healthcare or know something about it?

    Time for a no shit, gut check. IF you are going into the medical field to get a feel good 'I am HELPING PEOPLE' feeling.... don't. Like any gov run entity its going to be a bit of a shit show. You WILL get to see how the sausage is made. It will not leave you with a good feeling. Every time...
  12. AkG

    Brand to buy for POWERBANKS USB.

    All the battery banks are about the same. They use no name 18650 batterys with cheap controllers. They work or they don't. There really is no 'good ones'. They are all mediocre. That 10K is probably going to be more like 8K. Its prolly a 4x18650 design (or worse a 3x18650). Typical 18650s are 2...
  13. AkG

    Adding 2nd m2ssd on pcie card messes windows boot manager

    So just to make sure I understand. The 970 IS being seen in the BIOS and its just a OS issue? Does it show up in Disk mgmt? May have to initialize. If it is shown in disk mgmt and has been initialized drill into the Device Mgr. Find the NVME Express controller under storage controllers (if...
  14. AkG

    Adding 2nd m2ssd on pcie card messes windows boot manager

    Off the top of my head its a pcie slot or interface issue. IF its sharing lanes with the PCH, even when turned to pcie only it can sometimes be squirrelly. Almost as if that slot was never really meant to be used for nvme storage. So try a different slot. See if it shows up in the BIOS. If it...
  15. AkG

    USB 4.0 To Arrive In About A Year

    The downside is... this makes USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 dead on arrival as neither Intel nor AMD is going to wasting silicon space on it. So in the meantime we are stuck with 'up to' 10Gbps till late 2020... and probably 10Gbps till late 2021 (when hardware actually comes out for it).
  16. AkG

    Zen 2 Announced R7 still 8 cores

    asus (intel) or asrock (AMD) for boards, ballisitix for ram for me
  17. AkG

    GB teases 5Gb/s PCIe 4.0 SSD

    Because the E16 will only be a continuation of the E line at QD1. IE a bit better but not magic. Will be a couple gens before PCIe 4 controllers make PCIe3 look like garbage at typical queue depths. Now with that said will be great for game drive OR in a workstation (where you need as fat a pipe...
  18. AkG

    stranded vs solid & shielded vs. unshielded - which is better?

    Yup. "Slim" cables are a solution in search of a problem. Good enough for short patch cables, or in a troubleshooter's bag... but for long term? Nope. Expect interference to be about 2 to 4 times (or more) per inch higher than good cable.
  19. AkG

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Depends on who the showrunner(s) will be and who the writers are. Right now its Alex Kurtzman... the same as Sexual Transmitted Disease.... err Star Trek Discovery season 2. Sooo chances are 50-50 it will be a shitshow. Though the optimist in me says its hard to make Picard into a secondary...
  20. AkG


    You have arguably one of the better to best NVMe PCIe drives available. It is Optane but not 'Optane Memory'. Thus it is not meant to be paired to a hard drive to 'accelerate' the HDDs performance like the Optane Memory 800 series (for example). It is a standalone beast. Use it as your...

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