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    Stanley Cup Finals

    Sens in 5!
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    Go sens go!

    LOL. Well played sir, well played.
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    Call of Duty 4: come to momma!

    Yeah the game looks pretty awesome. Supposedly alot of it in in game footage except the close up of the faces. Who knows though, may need to buy a quad core and dual 8900's to run the thing!
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    Go sens go!

    Toronto still has a team? Last time I remember seeing them play was 4 years ago -=)
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    Dell monitors

    It all depends on who makes the panel for the monitor. Dell uses panels from a bunch of different producers, Samsung, LG, Phillips, SMG, and AUO. I guess they just buy them in bulk from who evers got them cheapest. What they post on the site as the specs are the minimum specs the panel can be...
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    Sound Card Advice

    I hear you pretty much always want to go with creative for gaming. If I was doing music editing or whatnot I would run a M-Audio card or maybe a turtle beach card.
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    Go sens go!

    that is all! =)
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    OCZ Actuator

    Wow that's nuts! Did anyone notice if he was aiming with his mind or was that done via mouse? Oh a side note, what happens when your mind starts to wander...
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    Mouse mouse

    Hilarity ensues when the neighbor's pet snake escapes.
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    Dell monitors

    I must say, I know dell doesn't make the best monitors (depending on which panel you get it could be excellent or just decent) but wow is their RMA policy awesome. My 19" lcd I bought last year (Actually 1 year and 1 month ago excatly) died two nights ago so I called Dell up fearing that it was...

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