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  1. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    With not so much sales going on as two months ago, which of the two do you recommend I should get? $820 for 2080 and $930 for 2080s Considering Im water cooling it, Im not paying attention to which model has better air cooling. I'm just after the cheapest model available as long as it is...
  2. LegendMask

    Want to Buy Nothing for Now

    Nothing for now
  3. LegendMask

    Anyone from Edmonton area willing to help?

    I wanna buy something from Edmonton,AB but seller doesn’t wanna ship to Montreal, if someone could help me by buying it after I pay him/her then ship it, it would be very appreciated. postal code area for item T6W... feel free to pm me if you don’t wanna post here.... thanks
  4. LegendMask

    Want to Trade Please Delete

    Please Delete
  5. LegendMask

    To sell 5700Xt with water block

    What is a fair price for a reference 5700XT with water block from Barrow? (If I can find a buyer) I’m thinking about switching to 2070 Super as my Radeon so far is not good with 3D softwares such Autodesk and I’m debating if it’s worth it
  6. LegendMask

    Safety Measurement in water cooling setup?

    Just wondering what are your safety measurement in your water cooled setup, if you have any? As I’m noticing the chances of failures in hard tube setup is more than soft tubing due to pressure being built in the loop and how hard tubes handle it, and how fittings are working different in hard...
  7. LegendMask

    What type of thermal paste is this???

    Just opened my 5700XT and I have never seen a thermal paste that looked like this not even after a couple of years in use.
  8. LegendMask

    Completed Typical Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic - 3000 Ryzen Build

    And the Journey begins now.... Edit: First of all I really wanna give props to the guys who do this more frequently, because as much fun I had, there was a lot of cringe and head scratching moments... but never the less it was really fun going through it. Detailed...
  9. LegendMask

    Sharing Tools in your area

    I was thinking, is it possible to start or organize a thread where we can share tools among our community who are within the same city (maybe even coast to coast but shipping fees will get involved). The reason Im thinking about it, is because for example I have bought some tools for water...
  10. LegendMask

    Slim Rad, Darkside or EK SE360?

    I decided to start my water cooling for my build and was planning to use two 360 Rads (RX360 on top/EK XT 360 on bottom) However, I sadly just found out that my XSPC RX360 wont fit on my Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic on top, so Im gonna have to get a slim 360 and was wondering from your previous...
  11. LegendMask

    Want to Buy Found

    Found... Thanks :giggle:
  12. LegendMask

    Want to Buy Found

  13. LegendMask

    Radiator RGB Fans options for Canadians?

    I’m deciding to go this route with my upcoming build, and was looking for a high static pressure 120mm fans for my thick radiator and was hoping if anyone had a good experience with some of those fans besides the ones from Corsair LL120 as those prices $130 of 3 a pack are outrages. I would...
  14. LegendMask

    Any AMD CPU loaner to update a X470 Mobo? MTL,QC

    Been going back and forth for days on my PC Build, and looks I will be settling on Asus ROG Strix X470-F, but I need to update it before using Ryzen 2 processor on it. So if anyone in the greater Montreal area who has an AM4 AMD cpu laying around that I can barrow and return, that would be...
  15. LegendMask


    Does anyone know if its using FE PCB? I’m planning to get it but I need a 2070 Super that I will be able to watercool it. Model: GV-N207SWF3OC-8GC
  16. LegendMask

    Time to retire my champ and move on into new build

    Hi everyone, I always wanted to upgrade my PC but every time I get convinced its not worth it. But this time I decided to retire this champ who served me very well and move on into completely new build. Now to get into it, which path would you suggest? should I stick with Intel or switch to...
  17. LegendMask

    Want to Sell XSPC Radiator RX360

    - XSPC RX360 ($50) + Shipping Photos Its in great condition and performed very well, was planning to use it on my current build, but unfortunately its too thick to fit in my new case build. It was originally in black but I painted it white. Note: the thickness of it is 63mm...
  18. LegendMask

    Reasonable for Current Prices?

    Trying to find what is reasonable price for GPU's this days. 1080Ti used ($1,000)? 1070Ti used ($850)? 960Ti used ($450)? 1080 used ($800)? What do you guys think?
  19. LegendMask

    Hard Tube to a Bay Reservoir?

    This is probably a silly question but couldnt find it discussed in this forum. Usually when I fill my loop through the bay reservoir, I move the reservoir out of the case by a couple of inches so that I can fill it from the top. Now Im planning to switch to a hard tube for a change and was...
  20. LegendMask

    Parting out my PC 3930K / R4E / GTX 680 / 16GB

    Hey everybody, Im due for an upgrade and its about time to let what used to be a beast few years back to go, so right now Im looking how much are they worth after all this years. All components are in great condition and still working properly as they should. Intel 3930K with CPU Block...

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