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  1. MAK

    help me...I have screwed up so badly!!!

    Try using Testdisk (www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download). It is free, and will undelete partitions. I've used it to recover files from several seagate external drives. Install it. (with your 2 tb drive disconnected). Now reconnect the 2 tb drive, turn the computer on, and in windows run...
  2. MAK

    Want to Sell Ryzen 3800X, AT2020 Mic

    PM sent.
  3. MAK

    Mounting arm - 49"

    Can you mount it from the ceiling? In my basement in the exercise area I added a vertical support down a few feet that suspends one of my monitors directly in front of the treadmill in the room. I was lucky that the basement ceiling is finished with 2'x2' ceiling tiles, giving me the...
  4. MAK

    Lazy(smart) way of getting machine names on network

    Interesting. Lazy way: don't you have some remote control software like VNC? (even the remote desktop connect in windows might work)... Connect to each machine, run the service tag software (or connect to the manufacturers' support site and let them detect the service tag info like Lenovo...
  5. MAK

    Lazy(smart) way of getting machine names on network

    On Android I used to rely on "fing" a lot. The older version gave you a list of scanned devices (on the same subnet) and more. Didn't care for the windows version, though. The new fing has more tools, and what I would call a 'nagware' front end with ads. I would get the list of mac addresses...
  6. MAK

    how do you keep your registry lean and mean for your processing machine?

    I used to run software like ccleaner, but stopped after I noticed it made me less efficient, not more. One thing I used to do was run the cleaner aggressively and it removed things from the registry and from the system like some temporary files, cache, and so on. It felt good seeing how much...
  7. MAK

    Optimal Windows 10 Reinstall

    Backup? I totally agree with both jd and sswilson, that is how I would start. But I have found it is far faster to restore a backup. I used to do a LOT of beta testing for CAD software, and one easy solution was to install a clean, fresh copy of windows, and then make a backup immediately. I...
  8. MAK

    Logitech G810 Keyboard won't respond

    Dave, Did you try an older version of the Logitech gaming software?
  9. MAK

    Want to Sell Asus 1080Ti FE (Sold)

    PM sent.
  10. MAK

    Multiple monitor mixed res/orientation funkiness?

    Quick question, (and my issue may be similar but unrelated to this): Are you using the same scaling for all your monitors? The reason I am asking is because my issues with apps bleeding onto the other monitor and some dialog boxes not even showing started only on my laptop: I have a 4K display...
  11. MAK

    New Forum Bug Reports & Suggestions

    Cool. Much easier to scan through. Looks OK on the light theme, haven't looked at it with the dark one yet. Thanks!:p
  12. MAK

    New Forum Bug Reports & Suggestions

    Another suggestion for down the road (no rush): Can you make the "Want to Sell" and "Want to Buy", "Want to Trade" and "Free" buttons different in the Buy and Sell section? Would make it easier to scan through the list. Maybe change the button backgrounds? I don't know if this can be done...
  13. MAK

    Want to Sell Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming

    PM sent, thanks.
  14. MAK

    "Classic" Light Theme now available

    Thank you for the light theme. While I liked the new dark look, it was harder to read the forum. This light one has great contrast and now it is easier to 'scan' the topics quickly.
  15. MAK

    anyone here good with CAD?

    You can find a ton of resources like this one here: https://www.protocase.com/resources/how-to-design-for-motherboards/ They have all the dimensions (I don't know if they are right, though). But I'd recommend not doing the entire thing with wood - you need the stability of a metal frame...
  16. MAK

    dual monitor wall mounts?

    There's a whole bunch out there. Medical (read: may be pricey) https://www.gcx.com/products/dual-stacked-vertical-monitors Nice, but articulating arm is too much: Wall Mounted Vertical Dual Monitor Adjustable Articulating Arm Look around. I had to look into these for a presentation...

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