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    Want to Buy nothing for now

    title says it all
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    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    New trailer just came out today, the world looks huge, which would be a huge refreshment, I wouldn't mind a few gigs of extra download if it come to it. https://youtu.be/1rPxiXXxftE
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    Want to Buy MSI GTX 970 4G

    Title says it all, pst if you have something
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    Which raid level is right for me?

    I currently have 4 128gb sata 6gb/s M4s, I want to take the plunge with RAIDing my for drives, I basicalty want to install all softwarte on those drives and keep all pictures/movies/songs on my WD black 2TB (as well as possibly a backup of my boot drive) Which Raid would be best for me, Is like...
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    PSU Ducting, which material

    I want to make a little triangular box to hide the unsightly cables going behind my mobo from the psu, what material do you guys use?
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    2700k setup

    Any idea how much I should ask for my spare/old part setup: intel 2700k Asrock Z67 extreme4 mobo Corsair vengeance 1866 2x4g ram Asus GTX570 DC2 Corsair CX500 psu WD blue 500g HDD Antec 300 modded for cable tucking and painted white with new painted fans DVD burner Asus xonar DG (i think) soundcard
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    Silverstone ft02 w/ wc stuff

    Thinking of downsizing my rig, the package would include a ft02b with window, with usb3. Along with it would come a 2x180 rad, dual Bay Koolance res with d5 pump, the fittings, and well all the tubing, basicaly everything needed except the blocks.
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    Want to Buy 4690k or 4790k

    title says it all, pm me what you have!
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    Want to Sell sold!

    Thanks HWC!
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    got my info

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    Want to Sell EVGA GTX 680 new RMA card

    My RMA just got in, perfect physical condition, SOLD 02G-P4-2680-KR
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    Brand new evga gtx680 ref

    Just got an evga RMA return for my old 680 that died, don't really need it anymore, how much should I ask for it? I had 250 in mind, what do you think?
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    Sandy bridge system

    Had a bunch of parts laying around, put a small system to sell, dunno how much to ask for it: Asrock Z68 Extreme4 w/ asus audio card since audio is messed up on mobo I5 2500k Asus GTX570 DirectCU2 Corsair dominator ram 4g PSU to be sourced but 500w ish OCZ agi2 60g boot drive WD blue 500g DVD...
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    EVGA replacements

    Does anyone have expeience with EVGA rmas? I just sent back my old GTX680 that was dying under load, they say they will replace with the same thing or something of equivalent power, what does that mean, I suppose if they have a 680 still in stock ill get that but if not, do they send a 770? or a...
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    Just going to put this here

    Had a few decent gpus laying around, kudos to anyone who figures out in which field I work in.
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    Is now a bad time to buy a 27 inch monitor?

    I am looking at various monitors, I would idealy like to get a 1440P 144Hz specced monitor. Unfortunately, unless I roll the dice with a ebay taiwanese monitor, we are out of my price range. Would right now be a bad time to buy a 1080p 27 inch monitor? Is 1440p going to become very mainstream...
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    Please help me find the perfect mouse

    I am trying to replace my faulty Roccat Kone+, the scroll wheel sometimes will do an up scroll when I doing down scrolls (and vice versa). What I need is something that has the exact same button layout, aka: -2 thumb buttons -scroll wheel with defined steps AND a left and right click (I bind...
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    Looking for a maintenance free case

    Probably going to build a new setup for my bro in law for xmas and Im trying to find a very low maintenance case, something in the likes of a matx case with only one big fan that has an exterior grille that you can simply remove, take out the dust, and replace. He currently has an Antec 300 and...
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    Want to Buy 2X 1GB DDR2 SODIMM ram sticks

    Upgrading an old laptop for my mom, anyone has that laying around, I wouldn't mind a 2.5 inch 200g hdd if the same person has one.
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    Toshiba 55inch led 3d tv for 979$, good deal?

    Toshiba 55? Passive 3D 1080p LED TV, (55L6200U) | The Brick About to pull the trigger on this, this seems to be tthe best deal I could find for this BD

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