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    xfx 5850 time for upgrade?

    Hello I play mostly bf3 and will be playing the new mechwarrior MWO when it comes out soon. Is it time for an upgrade. Im thinking 7850 or 560ti 448. I would also add that I water cool my cards and with the extra expense and hassle I try to upgrade only when its really worth it. thx
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    Want to Buy Found it -Thanks HWC

    My q6600 needs a new home my asus p5k-e just died.
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    Want to Sell Complete Water Rig-price drop

    5 1/4 bay res with pump xspc Delta V3 waterblock radbox swiftech mcr320 Some Tygon R-3400 tubing 3 YL d12sl-12 Fans 6 1/2 inch hose barbs. This was pulled from a working rig. What you see is what you get. Asking 90.00+ shipping
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    Need Appraisal

    Hello Im doing some house cleaning and found my water setup i used for about 6 months. Its probable 2 years old. I need to know a fair price to ask in the forsale forum. Is half reatail to much.
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    Want to Buy Asetek LCLC 240

    Hello I have a hp blackbird that the pump just went which is basically a Asetek LCLC 240 and I cant find it anywhere. Just wondering if anybody has a spare. Thanks Ken
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    New SSD

    Hello I just installed my new SSD. I know its not the fastest but I needed a large capacity and dont have alot of cash so I went with the Kingston 128GB SSDNow V Series SNV425-S2 Gen 2 SSD. I bought for about 10.00 more then the 80gb intel. I ran a few benchmarks can you guys tell me if...
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    SSD question.

    Hello I have an older system that I reciently upgraded the video on it. I was also considering adding a SSD. Would my current system benifit from this. Current Setup: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Processor: Intel Core Duo Q6600 @ 3.6 Ghz 1.4V Motherboard: Asus P5K-E RAM: Patriot Viper 8GB (1600)...
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    Want to Sell Water Gear I dont need.

    Up for sale complete water cooling kit. You get everything in the pictures for 125.00 paypaled shipped in Canada. 4 compression fitting and 2 straight throu with 1/2id diamater. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=22697 XSPC Delta V3 Ultimate...
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    hello does anybody know where I can buy 3/8 ID and 1/2 OD Tubing any make in Canada. Thanks Ken
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    Want to Sell Ken C for sale thread

    Prices do not include shipping. The more you buy the cheaper the shipping. I will ship to canada only and use paypal. This will be shipped from N9G2X8 Windsor ontario Soundblaster X-fi 40.00 EK-DDC X-RES 100 with optional insert 45.00 Thats it for now-thanks for looking
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    Scratch built

    Hey guys just wanted to share my latest project. Its a mix of a hp blackbird and firebird.
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    Scratch built

    Hey guys just wanted to share my latest project. Its a mix of a hp blackbird and firebird.
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    Want to Buy looking for used mcr320

    Must be in good working condition chiped paint does not matter.
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    Want to Sell stuff I dont need

    mcr120 res with intergrated res 3/8in barbs dd res clear d-tek fusion 775 pro mounting kit used on month xspc top for mcp350 pump used one month sb x-fi music radbox all for 100.00 Note: you can convert your Apogee Drive with this kit you replace the top with the xspc and add the d-tek...
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    My Modded Lian Li PC-V600 Worklog

    Here is my attempt to take all the great of the Lian Li PC-V600 and PC-A05B and make the perfect LanParty PC- Yes this thing is small and light. Sponsor : EK waterblocks Thanks Eddy Specs: Processor: Intel Core Duo E7200 @ 3.8 Ghz 1.272V Motherboard: Asus P5K-E RAM: Muskin Redline [4-4-4-182 2T...
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    WTB:Swiftech H20-220 Compact

    This kit seem to cover everything I need.
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    New to Water looking for advice

    This is my modded Lian Li V600 This is it stock As you can see I can mod so Im thinking of adding water. I would like to add a 240 on the side behind modders mesh and a 120 in the back if and when I need it. Im looking for advice on what to buy. I want this to be a clean build all...
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    WTB:Water Cooling Radiator 240

    Just wondering if anybody has upgraded to a trip rad and have their double around for sale.
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    should I return it.

    Hello I just bought some Buffalo Firestix FSX800D2B-K4G 4GB 2X2GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 240PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory kit from NCIX and im dissapointed that It wont run at stock settings. 4-4-4-12 T2 @800 as per the sticker on it at any voltage I have a asus p5k-E and e7200 with vista. It does run...
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    LF ati 4870

    Im looking for a 4870 video card does anybody want to see me one or point me in the right direction where I can buy one of these at a good price. 250 new or 215 used would be great. -thanks

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