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    Looking for Opinions on Enduro/All-Mountain Bikes

    If you're not doing anything extreme, going with a hardtail paired with a good aftermarket seat will save you some $$ and weight. Something like a Giant ATX or Talon, or a Norco Fluid HT. I've bought/sold/traded a lot of bikes in the last decade and my current keeper is a ~ 5 year old Giant...
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    Usb type c corsair 1000D

    Rocking a 1000D single system as well and researched this thoroughly as my Mobo also only has a single USB-C header. Gets a bit infuriating to research as there seems to be confusion even from manufacturers on USB 3.0 vs USB 3.1 vs USB 3.1 Gen 2. There apparently does exist a card from a German...
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    10+ channel fan controller

    Do you need independent control of each fan? If not, or if you're good with control of groups of fans, you can: -Use a couple of powered fan splitters like the Swiftech 8-way PWM splitter. -Use a couple of passive splitters to distribute the load between 3-4 Mobo fan headers. Your mobo may or...
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    Would you guys buy running shoes from Amazon?

    I've bought shoes on Amazon before without issue. Granted, only brand name stuff where I'm pretty certain of the size before buying. For clothing items just always check and make sure that it shows "Free returns" beside the prime logo, as that means that they will take them back for any reason...
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    Slow SSD? Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

    How old is the drive? I had used a Samsung 830 as a C:\ drive for over 4 years and it started slowing down substantially, though a smart drive check didn't show anything crazy for errors. I made weekly backups, so was not too worried about it. Eventually it started freezing during large file...
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    PSU Custom Cable Kit Type 4

    I did my own custom cables on my recent build with an Ax1600i. Did a fair bit of reading about inline capacitors as I wasn't sure if I should remove them or not. Ultimately decided that it wasn't worth keeping them. Did some basic checks on voltage ripple with an oscilloscope with the factory...
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    High Quality, Hard Hitting, Low-Profile Sub

    I've done a lot of stereo installs including many in pickups. W7s are incredible. Back when they were relatively new (2002-ish), I did a custom fiberglass fronted box and put a pair of 10" W7s in my '79 corvette. Loved 'em. Your sub choice in a truck will really come down to what kind of box...
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    Grande Prairie, where to eat what to see

    I spend a fair bit of time there for work. For restaurants I haven't found anything distinctly unique. Padrino's is an alright Italian place (attached to the Best Western). Oddly, there are 2 decent sushi places in GP. Tokyo Ichiban and SOTO Teppanyaki. To be honest, I get Five Guys or a Costco...
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    12″ (30cm) DarkSide CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip – UV Rev4.1 Query

    I just bought a couple for my current build. Any 12v source works, I just checked and each 12" section draws 1.68w, most fan headers are rated for ~ 12w. I have mine plugged into a fan header on an Aquaero, but any mobo fan header will be fine. Whether to get 3 or 4 pin and passthrough or...
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    how to remotely start a PC at a specifc time?

    I've always had issues with getting wake on lan and other similar tech to work reliably long term, but I work away a lot and like remote access to my home PC (Teamviewer) without having to leave it turned on 24/7. My solution to this requires a bit of setup, but is flexible and easy to use once...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Review Comment Thread

    Ha! Checked around in late Oct and none were available, so ordered from PC Canada as they seemed to be the only one with the mobo I wanted in stock. Assumed they'd get them in at the same time as everyone else, so I never checked again. Got one coming now. Thanks!
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    best charger for iPad's and iPhone's?

    I've been using the Aukey 2.4A chargers as I travel a lot and they are quite compact. Never noted any noise or had any issues with them. https://www.amazon.ca/Aukey-12W-2-Port-Wall-Charger/dp/B013EARTQK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544816682&sr=8-3&keywords=aukey+charger
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    Which Inlet / Outlet Ports on Darkside D5 BARREL 220 Reservoir

    Thanks for the dimensions! Yeah, I just meant that you can see from that pic of the clear pump top which one is the horizontal inlet port as it ties directly into the vertical one.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Review Comment Thread

    Funny coincidence. I'm also upgrading from a 3930k in a RIVE to a 9900k in an MXIE. Mine's been together since early 2012. I've got everything sitting here except the actual processor and have to decide on reservoirs. No idea when I'll get it as they still seem to be severely backordered...
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    Which Inlet / Outlet Ports on Darkside D5 BARREL 220 Reservoir

    Daz makes some good stuff, but he quite often doesn't list instruction manuals or full dimensions on the Dazmode or Darkside websites. Since you've got one on hand, would you mind telling me what the overall height for the entire 220 pump/res combo is? And the largest diameter? (looks like it's...
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    Cable "sleeving" supplies

    Well, the biggest factor that will determine the cost is whether you actually need to build extensions / custom length cables. If you have adequate length and are looking to get the sleeved look as cheaply as possible, it would cheaper to just sleeve your OEM PSU cables. All you'd then need is...
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    how to mount with no wall studs

    No screwholes to mud. Nice lightweight drywall drills or even dimple/setter tools for corded power drills weren't really a thing until surprisingly recent history. Also, going back into the 60s some builders nailed rather than screwed the drywall (I think just due to the cost and availability of...
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    Rechargeable Lithium AA/AAA?

    :thumb: For anyone wondering, from my testing, the Amazon basics batteries have the same initial capacity (+/- a few percent) as the eneloops (as pictured). The difference being after just 25 charge/discharge cycles, the Amz batteries had lost an average of 75 mAh, after 50 cycles they'd lost...
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    High End Gaming Audio/Headset Help

    Haha nice. I've heard they're good and I had a set of 880 pros a while back that were very comfortable. At 250 ohms, you'll be able to drive them reasonably well from almost anything which is a plus, but of course, you'll get better volume and response from a decent amp.
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    how to mount with no wall studs

    I've done lots of renos of homes from the 50's through the 80's and I suspect that it is as Sagath suggests. Guaranteed you've got studs back there in the range of 16-24". It is possible that one or two of them have bits cut out for duct work or the like. Lots of custom built older homes would...

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