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  1. Andy

    Want to Buy Thomson Speedtouch 516 Modem or equivalent for Teksavvy. Toronto Only, need one asap.

    Found one via the wonders of Facebook ... saved myself the $40 in store cost and the ridiculous $85 Teksavvy wanted to charge me ... lol. :)
  2. Andy

    Want to Buy Thomson Speedtouch 516 Modem or equivalent for Teksavvy. Toronto Only, need one asap.

    DSL ... So as long as it's ADSL2+ should be fine ...
  3. Andy

    Want to Buy Thomson Speedtouch 516 Modem or equivalent for Teksavvy. Toronto Only, need one asap.

    Yup ... as the title says ... trying to save myself a bit of cash as their price is outrageous. Anyone in Toronto have one kicking around they don't need anymore? As long as it's not locked to another provider of course. Send me a PM and let me know if you can help out. :thumb: Cheers, -Andy
  4. Andy

    Breaking: Valve Announces Massive Steam Server Intrusion

    Damn ... definitely unfortunate ... it's not going to stop me from using their service. Not until there is a better alternative. And I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  5. Andy

    Retailers Respond to Upcoming HDD Shortage by Limiting Purchases & Hiking Prices

    Argh! I have a server to build ... I was about to grab five 2Tb drives ...
  6. Andy

    HWC meetup finalized!

    Damn .... I had to be proctoring an exam today/tonight. ARGH!
  7. Andy

    Post Your Desk

    haha ... that's quite the ghetto student setup there ... oh ... and thumbs down on your choice of papers! :ph34r::bleh:
  8. Andy

    Advice on a multimedia tablet?

    If it handled high profile 720p content I would be happy ... it can stream to it just fine ... but I want to be able to bring my content with me without having to re encode it for a tablet. I'm staying away from tablets for the next couple years I think. They will be great ... but I can wait and...
  9. Andy

    HWC meetup in GTA

    15th eh ... I should be able to come out. Where is this happening?
  10. Andy

    Sheen's roast

    The only roast I've ever enjoyed was Bob Sagat's. Norm McDonald's bit was brilliant.
  11. Andy

    I think I just lost a 2TB external drive

    Definitely open that thing up ... If it is under warranty and you send it in they will most likely just send you another one and you will lose your data. I've had drives in external cases stop working a bunch of times. Pulling them out and connecting directly or using a drive dock has always worked.
  12. Andy

    NCIX Opens New Distribution Center in United States!

    lol ... scary thought :ph34r: I'm worried though ... Could send customer service here in Canada down the drain ...
  13. Andy

    HWC meetup in GTA

    Oh sweet! ... I will actually be in the country this time! I'm down for a meet sometime in October ... Would be great to meet a bunch of you for sure.
  14. Andy

    Welcome New Members

    Welcome folks ... Good to see a lot of new members recently. I guess it helps now that summer is over. WooT!
  15. Andy

    RIP Andy Whitfield

    Very sad for sure ... I loved his season of Spartacus.
  16. Andy

    My afternoon with NCIX (Missy) and Canadacomputers (Brampton)

    I picked up a couple things from the new NCIX stores a while back. I too was never impressed with the staff on hand. I had to bug them to help me, and they were blunt (as mentioned) and quite frankly didn't seem to happy to be forced to answer questions. Mind you ... they are nowhere near as...
  17. Andy

    We are so screwed.

    Obama was handed an utter pile of crap ... there's no denying that ... but he hasn't really stepped up to the plate when it comes to dealing with the issues. Spending more and more isn't the answer unfortunately. It's easier to rebuild after hitting rock bottom than it is to put the issues off...
  18. Andy

    When would you consider an ebay seller "legit"?

    In Asia if you are a general consumer ... electronics ... the legit ones ... are considerably more expensive. Now ... if the seller has an in with the distributor, or it falls off the back of the truck (which happens A LOT) there's lots of profit to be made. When I moved to Taiwan I was...
  19. Andy

    HTPC Build on a Budget (cont)

    Is this going in a standard PC case or are you using a HTPC case?

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