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  1. J

    GTX 1080 Windforce

    I have a friend who asked me to make an offer on it, looks like it sits just below a 2060 (which is odd because when the 2060 came out the 1080 was better, I guess good job to nvidia's driver team) which can be had for $440 new. I'm seeing used 1070's for like $350 though which is where I would...
  2. J

    AMD 2600 vs 9400f?

    As I mentioned before it's because Intel processors clock faster they are only about 5% better clock for clock. When you choose the 9400f it doesn't even really clock that much faster though. As someone who works in a place that sells computers and pays attention to the news I wouldn't say that...
  3. J

    AMD 2600 vs 9400f?

    Oh yeah I wasn't making a specific reference to these two processors, obviously it makes no sense to buy a locked Intel processor when there is an AMD equivalent within the price range. My only point is that if you are going with intel for IPC that lead is negligible, their real lead when it...
  4. J

    AMD 2600 vs 9400f?

    I mean the IPC lead is pretty much gone, the real difference is that intel's processors are clocking much faster. IPC wise the lead is dwindling and it's only around 5%. If you have a chrome tab open in the background of a game the lead is gone.
  5. J

    AMD Announces Radeon VII, a 7nm Vega 20 GPU based card

    Don't forget it's also an unfinished game with pre-release drivers. Performance is only up from there.
  6. J

    NVIDIA officially supporting VESA adaptive sync as of 15 Jan 2019

    Yeah I was going to go AMD for a mid-range card because of freesync but it does look like nvidia support is limited to a select few monitors at this point so I will have to see come summer what the lay of the land is like.
  7. J

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    People usually want to see how hardware performs on the actual games they want to play. If no one is playing the game there is little point in benchmarking it.
  8. J

    Destiny 2

    I would say unless you want to do the raids in prestige mode yes. First time I did the raid it took a 3 hours though. Second time only took an hour.
  9. J

    Destiny 2

    I think it's worth it, the thing I like about it is what a lot of other people hate though. You only have to play about 8 hours a week to meet 90% of your progression and everything else is just a bonus.
  10. J

    Which laptop/desktop is better?

    I'm pretty sure someone could build one for you with a monitor for less than that all in one. I'd send you a part list but I'm at school at the moment.
  11. J

    Random "slowdown"

    What are the temperatures like? With laptops heat is usually the problem.
  12. J

    Want to Sell Custom AMD Ryzen 8 core/ 16 thread system.

    Just a question, will the memory actually run at 3200mhz on the system?
  13. J

    Intel CPU with AMD integrated GPU might be a thing

    As much as Intel has caught up in the iGP game AMD is still pretty far ahead purely graphics wise. Also AMD doesn't have their newest graphics architecture in their APUs yet which will be a huge boost.
  14. J

    Xiaomi Mi Mix. 6.4" bezel-less phone.

    Sky I think the case is just a nice bonus... You can go and get your own case once they get made but it's nice to have one until then.
  15. J

    Xiaomi Mi Mix. 6.4" bezel-less phone.

    That phone looks sick
  16. J

    Price Check on A Skylake System

    I know I'd be tempted to buy it lol
  17. J


    Anyone playing? This game is sweet. I really liked BLC but didn't play a ton because it had some problems. This game fixes BLC's problems and then adds some really cool features on top of it. They are going to add content incrementally like LoL and DOTA and you can get all the characters (now...
  18. J

    PCIe 4.0 and potentially ditching power cables

    Maybe if they built it out of gold instead of copper.
  19. J

    No Man's Sky pre-order: anyone jumping?

    I don't understand that. It was always marketed as a single player game. Some people just didn't listen.
  20. J

    League of Legends World Championship

    Well that went pretty much as expected.

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