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  1. bassnut

    Want to Sell ddr4, Colormunki and Icue Nexus

    If you still have the kingston ram come the 15th I'll give you a shout.
  2. bassnut

    Ram issues

    4 sticks are harder to get stable, add some voltage and make sure you have the latest bios updated. Depending on your IMC you may or may not get 4 sticks stable. When you here talk of single rank and dual rank it talk oh how your ram is laid out on the pcb not the amount of slots being...
  3. bassnut

    Want to Sell ddr4, Colormunki and Icue Nexus

    Is that 2 X 4 gig or 2 8gig sticks for the hyperX
  4. bassnut

    Want to Buy Unlocked Samsung S7

    Will an s5 neo work ... its older port is good chrome trim is wore off.
  5. bassnut

    Want to Buy Unlocked Samsung S7

    S9 .... barley noticable Crack on screen good battery back is rough but have slip on for it . I'd have to bring it to rogers to get unlocked which is 50 I believe. If this is of interest pm me and I can send pics and see if we can come to a deal.
  6. bassnut

    Want to Buy Ssd found thanks.

    Urcdkey I've bought a couple from them. The best deals come via email. Windows 10 pro global is 50 ish us but via email deals as low as 25 Cnd $. These are OEM keys.
  7. bassnut

    should i be concerned?

    A tip for the future before removing a cooler or water block run prime or something similar for a couple min this will soften the pate and twist to remove as mentioned.
  8. bassnut

    Want to Buy Hunting for a 6800XT

    Canada Computer in Ottawa has an 6900 XT MSI Gaming X Trio, unfortunately one of the more expensive cards at $2300. I could be more easily convince to take a day off from splitting wood Sat and run down and pick it up as I have other plans down that way as well. Now going the other way towards...
  9. bassnut

    Want to Sell 10600Kf

    Tempting here as well just too busy to play on my rig can't justify spending that right now especially with other more pressing needs. Will leave it for you sswilson.
  10. bassnut

    Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower case

    Shipping kills the deal you're probably looking close to $ 75 + to ship. Whether you or the buyer its irrelevant
  11. bassnut

    Want to Sell Sold

    Wow ..... I'll take a better look later when I get home from work.
  12. bassnut

    Best way to flush ASUS X570-PLUS TUF for 5600X in Northern GTA

    With Ryzen 3000 there was a loaner program, I would look into that.
  13. bassnut

    Want to Buy RTX2060 or better - smaller the better

    Not sure if this qualify as short msi 2080 super gaming x trio with ek block.
  14. bassnut

    Asus Dark Hero x570 OC Help

    The more ram you use the harder it is to get stable at higher speeds. There was a pretty good explanation over at overclockers by woomack, if I can find it ill link it. But when overclocking ram 2 sticks is easier to get stable then 4. For example 2 sticks of 32 gig are easier the 4 sticks of 8.
  15. bassnut

    Kingsdown Any good

    I had a kingsdown mattress I paid 1200 plus lasted 3 years and had 3 to 5 inch depressions where I slept. I rotated every 3 months or so warenty was refused due to a little stain, warranty void if you wash it or induce moisture into the mattress. I won't buy another. Side note most stores have...
  16. bassnut

    Rants etc.....

    No but he was inspired by him ...… I am fortunate my route I deliver is in the bad part of town.
  17. bassnut

    Rants etc.....

    It was a guy for his sneaker collection..... a wanna be gangsta.
  18. bassnut

    Rants etc.....

    Ok I get it ..... you're bored but do you really need 8 foot by 12 feet of closet organizer for your shoes ..... thank God for advil and energy drinks.

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