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  1. Chalaska

    i9-10850k (10900k) temps

    Upgraded last night to an arctic cooler liquid freezer ii 360mm. Ambient temps look to be about 8-10 degrees cooler. Load temps still mid 80's under prime95. Going to do some more testing this weekend. Thanks all
  2. Chalaska

    i9-10850k (10900k) temps

    That's with Prime95, no overclock, running on 7 (with HT enabled) out of 10 cores. 3 of the cores are being utilized by unraid (aka the Windows machine is virtualized in Unraid). I am planning to upgrade to a 360mm rad tonight and run baremetal windows for testing. Thank you!
  3. Chalaska

    i9-10850k (10900k) temps

    Thanks guys. I haven't OC'd yet as I don't think there's enough headroom yet based on these results. Probably going to have to look into a triple rad or custom loop at this point.
  4. Chalaska

    i9-10850k (10900k) temps

    Just looking to compare temperatures for coolers. Currently using an AIO dual rad (2x120mm) with LM applied. Completely stock and maxing out around 90 C. Think I'm gonna need to upgrade my cooler but just wanted to ask around what others are seeing for their temps. Thanks!
  5. Chalaska

    Want to Sell DDR4 RAM, PSU

    Components below with photos. Samsung PC4-2400T 2x8GB (16GB) laptop ram: EVGA SuperNOVA 650G+ (120-GP-0650): PRICING Samsung PC4-2400T 2x8GB (16GB) Laptop Ram: $50 EVGA SuperNova 650G+ (120-GP-0650): $100 Prices are OBO, but be fair please. Not in a rush to sell. Shipping at buyers...
  6. Chalaska

    Want to Buy found

    I got an i5 8600k mitx setup!
  7. Chalaska

    Coffee Lake Parts

    Looking for a price check / idea on pricing for some components I'm looking to sell. Core i7-8700 - Purchased from Memory Express MSI Z370-A Pro - Purchased from Memory Express 850W PSU - Older model A-DATA XPG Z1 2400Mhz 16GB x 2 Ram - Purchased from Memory Express Ballistix Sport LT 2400Mhz...
  8. Chalaska

    Plex Build

    Wow pretty pricey parts. I built my own plex server about a year ago and I ended up with an 8700k. I'm not sure why you will need all the threads, if you are offloading transcoding to the GPU (the P2000) then you won't need any real CPU power aside from general processing. Here's a few notes...
  9. Chalaska

    Massive Parts List

    Looking at selling off my existing gaming machine and my unraid server components to build a single system that will run everything. Looking for advice on pricing please and thank you! (All unraid server parts are less than 1 year old, desktop parts are 6 months to a year). UNRAID Server...
  10. Chalaska

    Want to Sell WD Blue 500GB SSD M2 (SOLD)

    Hey guys, picked one of these up back in Nov for my Unraid server and ended up finding a great deal on a 1TB M2 SSD so I upgraded. Looking to sell this one. SOLD to TheDude. No issues at all, will ship with warranty from T6M 0G8.
  11. Chalaska

    Want to Buy LGA1150 i7-4790k

    Still looking, just looking for the processor!
  12. Chalaska

    Want to Buy LGA1150 i7-4790k

    Bump, figured with the Ryzen hype there may be a few people now interested in selling. Thanks!
  13. Chalaska

    Want to Buy LGA1150 i7-4790k

    Looking to upgrade my i5, figured there might be a few of these laying around. Message me with what you have, details (overclocked, how old, etc) and a price with shipping to T7X0S9. Thanks :punk:
  14. Chalaska

    Console gamer making a jump...

    Have you considered buying used parts off of here? Could end up saving you $$$.
  15. Chalaska

    World of Warcraft: Legion

    Yup going hard in legion like I did at the end of WoD (Luckily was able to get cutting edge black gate before 7.0 pre patch) If you're looking to raid in a semi-serious fashion, I just created a guild on illidan :D
  16. Chalaska

    Want to Sell ASUS GTX 980 STRIX - $old

    Sold to e93dave!
  17. Chalaska

    PC On Gaming Rig Parts

    Ya sad to say but you're going to be looking to part out, extremely unlikely anyone will want to chance sending that kind of money via emt at once.
  18. Chalaska

    Want to Buy matx desktop case

    You should probably put down which socket/chipset you're looking for as well.
  19. Chalaska

    Want to Sell ASUS GTX 980 STRIX - $old

    No coil whine at all.

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