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  1. grinder

    Access Point recommendations

    Going to take this puppy for a dance https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/802-11ax-wifi-6-2x2-managed-indoor-wireless-access-point/ Thx all!
  2. grinder

    Access Point recommendations

    thx! I'll dig into some WiFi 6 models and see where that road takes. me.
  3. grinder

    Access Point recommendations

    cheers peeps! Want something fast. Can also be a wireless router with the option of running it as an AP. Have an ASUS-AC3100. Getting 115 (ish) Mbps Wondering if there is anything faster.
  4. grinder

    yay snow!!!

    allow me :)
  5. grinder

    W10 QNAP mapped drive disconnecting - RESOLVED.

    I agree with JD maybe it is a energy star switch or something like that that is dropping the connection to save .0000001 mA due to inactivity.
  6. grinder

    Samsung 960 Pro M.2 numbers

    .. if anyone is curious :biggrin:
  7. grinder

    Content sharing

    use PLEX
  8. grinder

    PfSense hardware built suggestions.

    a surplus C2D will work perfectly... i would not buy anything new to run pfSense (just my own .02) I've seen the Watchguards in action, they are pretty cool. peas
  9. grinder

    Kegerator Build

    nice build! thx for sharing! :)
  10. grinder

    11th annual folding contest at Anandtech !!

    got a little help on Black Friday!
  11. grinder

    Tootin my own horn !

    you broke through!!! atta boy! cheers! *clink*
  12. grinder

    First HWC Wedding!

  13. grinder

    Whats your latest purchase?

    2017 Maxima SR i just rejoined the v6 club :)
  14. grinder

    10Gb switch options

    i couldn't find one less expensive than the netgear. I bought mine 2 years ago.
  15. grinder

    Windows Password recovery

    I ended up purchasing a licensed copy of PC Unlocker Pro cause i was in a pinch. It works. I find the trusty old standby password blanking apps no longer work on UEFI systems.
  16. grinder

    Whats your favorite budget beer???

    I tried the Cariboo's but wont be going back Brewhouse Pilsner is my go-to value priced beer. Brewed in Sask i believe.
  17. grinder

    HDD Failure stats

    Being in IT since the early 2000's i have seen a noticeable decrease in the longevity of consumer grade hard drives over the years. So much so, that hard drive failures are now a way of life. Rarely if ever do I split hairs between various magnetic flux drive makes and models any more...
  18. grinder

    Cherry MX black to brown, worth it?

    Got a steelseries G6v2. Liked the minimalist design, but am really irritated by the left logo key not being a windows key. I suppose moving from a Cherry MX Black to a brown would be an "upgrade". yes/no? Thinking the Logitech G610 or Corsair STRAFE MX Brown are worthy candidates. thoughts...
  19. grinder

    Did MemoryExpress forget to renew their domain name???

    digwebinterface.com make sure the IP for memoryexpress.com is in line with your computer ping to memoryexpress.com
  20. grinder

    PSA: Telus not letting you use your own router any more

    Have a residential customer who just signed up for Telus high speed. if you call in for them to put the router/modem into bridge mode they wont. Their latest service agreement says only Business ADSL customers can use an after-market router. This is just one instance, i don't know if it is...

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