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    Want to Buy Mushkin 996902 PC3 16000 2x2GB memory Ridgeback

    Mushkin 996902 PC3 16000 2x2GB memory Specifications: Model - 996902 Type - DDR3 Pins - 240 Voltage - 1.65V Speed Spec - PC3-16000 Frequency - 2000MHz Kit Size - Dual Kit Size - 2GB Module Density - 256x64 Ranks - 2 Timings - 7-10-8-27 Registered - Unbuffered Heatsink - Ridgeback
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    Want to Buy 2x GTX 480 AR version

    2x GTX 480 AR version
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    Want to Sell Dell Ultrasharp U2211H IPS monitors (2 available)

    Is there a reason you are selling such a sweet setup?
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    Want to Sell Turtle's stuff for sale...

    i wonder what the silly response would be... $1 for the lot.
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    Want to Sell 2 x Radeon 7970s

    if only I had the money!
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    Case Mod NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    I love the side panel! Can't wait to see the final product.
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    2 Different Outputs

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to output two different audio streams from your computer. Lets say I want music in my front headphone jacks, and a video in my main audio jack. A scenario I would do this is I would listen to music with headphones on while my girlfriend watches a...
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    A/V receivers

    Thanks vulcan500rider, avsforum.com helps alot!
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    A/V receivers

    Hey guys, Whats the best ~$200 Used A/V receiver?
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    Lian Li Case Mod, "The Ultima Dragon"

    wow the painting is amazing
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    Pioneer VSX-1015TX

    How much is a used Pioneer VSX-1015TX?
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    Has anyone ever created a heat sink that is somewhat attached to the metal computer case thus allowing the case to help disperse the heat?
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    Work in progress [PROJECT]: I ain't gonna work on DT's farm no more

    Hey DT, for your BOSServer, what thermal paste/adhesive did you use to stick those ram sinks on your vrms on your ASUS Z8NA-D6?
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    Want to Sell FSP Aurum Gold 750 watt PSU

    How long have the noctua fans been used for?
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    Work in progress DD MITX Tower Build ~watercooled~*restart*

    wow are those copper fan blades?
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    990FX Upgrade - XFire or SLi?

    I say go with your gut. 2x 560 ti. Just wondering, what would the difference in power consumption be?
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    Buy it or make it?

    I also say you should make it. Learning experience is a plus. If you are confused with anything, you can always ask on the forums. There is very little you can do wrong... maybe not seating your heatsink properly. Just make sure you don't CUT anything :doh:
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    Want to Sell 3X Ultrasharp Dells and more

    Not trying to tell you to drop your prices. I just wanted to inform you why ppl might not be buying it.
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    Want to Sell 3X Ultrasharp Dells and more

    DELL Dell - UltraSharp U2211H 21.5-inch Flat Panel Display : Monitors: Flat Screen LCD Computer Displays | Dell Canada Dell Monitor page including the latest and greatest monitors

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