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    Using liquid metal thermal compound to reduce laptop temps

    So basically, I've never really gamed too much on my laptop, but have been starting to do it more recently. It does get quite warm and loud however, so I wanted to try to reduce the temps a bit. I bought some Grizzly Conductonaut and gave it a shot. This is an MSI GT72 with a 6700HQ and a 980m...
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    SILENCE! - Best quiet fans for Rads?

    Going to do a new build, not sure what platform. Debating a new 7700k vs a 6850k / 6900k. Maybe a Caselabs SMA8?, water cooled (4x120 or 4x140 each for CPU and GPU depending on case, Push fans) and maybe I'll try some hard lines this time around. I've got this thing against loud PCs, I want it...
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    Secure remote access?

    Hey guys, I work a 14 day on , 14 day off rotation and for the past few years I have always left my PC on while I'm gone and had teamviewer running so that I could have unattended remote access to my files from wherever I am. It seemed to work extremely well. Very smooth, easy to use, I have it...
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    Want to Buy SNES -- FOUND

    My SNES finally died and I am looking to buy a decent condition working original SNES. With or without controllers/games/adapters. Price would depend on condition and accessories? Thanks! EDIT: Got one, thanks!
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    Want to Buy Canon DSLR Lenses and speedlite flash

    Looking to buy a few lenses for my new t2i and thought I'd see if anyone here is looking to sell any they don't use. Specifically looking for excellent condition Canon brand lenses, maybe a 55/70 - 200/300 telephoto zoom, a macro lens, and a wide angle. Also possibly interested in a newer...
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    Iphone 4S.... Failure or Genius?

    I really expected apple to bring out an iPhone 5 with some kind of innovative new features today, but all we see is the 4S. It appears to simply be the iPhone 4 upgraded with an A5 chip, 8MP camera and some new software... Apple (Canada) - iPhone 4S - The most amazing iPhone yet. I wonder if...
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    Conservative Majority!

    YEAH! Finally! Looking at the results, it scares me how many people voted for the Socialists... Then again, voting for the BQ is retarded, and not matter how much A person might hate the Conservatives, no one wants to see Ignatieff as PM.
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    Reccomendations for a new 50" ish HDTV?

    I am moving this week and will be looking for a new TV to replace my 42" Sony Bravia 1080i. The only reason I bought this TV 4 years ago is because I got a wicked deal on it. my biggest Beefs are that 1080i looks kinda... well, not somewhere between ghosting and choppy when playing Blu Rays...
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    Sandy bridge notebooks?

    I want to get a new laptop and was going to get an ASUS G73Jw, (mostly just because it looks so friggin cool) but I was kinda hoping they'd bring out an updated version with a 2600 CPU and a 5xx GPU. Desktops are being sold with these processors now, but when will the laptops be available? I...
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    Does Size matter? (smartphones)

    Is it just me or would you guys prefer a bigger, more durable phone with a longer battery life? I really don't need a phone any smaller than the current ones. In fact I would much rather have a thick phone and have it durable with reasonable reception and battery life. I am using an iphone...
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    Crossfire + Physx? Anyone doing this?

    I have read a few thread scattered across the net about this, but no good conclusions, nor any recent threads. I Plan to just ignore the 6xxx and 5xx cards all together and just wait wait to see what the next gen of CPUs,GPUs, and monitors are like before doing any serious upgrades. I was...
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    Multiple Systems in "My System Specs" drop down

    Just curious how much of a PITA it would be to implement a second or even third system spec list in the "My System Specs" drop down beside the original one. Not really a big deal, but a lot of people are running multiple systems and if they are posting anything about their secondary rig they...
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    GPU's have different clocks at idle using Afterburner ???

    I have my 2 x 5870s set to 1000 / 1350 right now using Afterburner. Both are flashed to the same ASUS bios. I seem to have a weird problem though. According to Afterburner, at Idle, GPU2 sits at 400 / 1350 just like it should. But GPU1 idles at 850 / 1200. Then, as soon as I open GPUZ...
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    Windows 7 Black screen with cursor - Solved, but just FYI

    I solved my problem, but I just wanted to post this because I had a heck of a time trying to find the solution to this one. Short Version: PC boots to a black screen with a mouse cursor when there is a blu ray disc in the drive. Long Version: Basically, I wan't to rip some Blu rays to my HD...
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    What is your preferred method of Backing up your PC

    Hey all, I am running a Vertex 2 (120GB) as my primary, a Vertex 1 (100 GB) for steam games, and a Pair of 2TB Caviar greens in RAID1 as storage. Once the 3TB + drives are out I will add a second RAID1 storage array. I have had HD failures long ago and while I do back up my most important...
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    Want to Sell LSI Raid card (MegaRAID 9240-8I)

    EMT or Paypal. Items ship from Alberta. LSI MegaRAID 9240-8I No longer running a home server, so no use for this any more. 8 Port 6Gbps PCIEx8 Low Profile SAS/SATA/RAID Controller (0 1 5 10 50 JBOD), comes with 2 x SAS to 4x SATA breakout cables and original box (only one cable pictured). -...
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    whining / squealing video card (5870)

    Considering that I am trying to build a very quiet PC, I'm not having too much luck. First I get a noisy SSD, now my video card is squealing like a stuck pig. I tested the video card out on air first just in case it was DOA. When the card worked, I proceeded to install an EK waterblock on it...
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    Work in progress D's Dual loop 800d

    So, I wasn't really planning to do a build log, but to be honest, it was other peoples build logs that really helped me decide what I wanted, so I thought it would only be fair if I shared my experience as well. This will be more of a build summary and a quick review of each major...
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    SSD Noise... (Vertex 2)

    Hey guys, I have a quick question about SSDs. I have most of my parts in for my system, including my Vertex 2 120GB, and I put them together on my desk for a bench test/leak test. I got everything hooked up and went ahead and installed windows 7, all my drivers, and a few programs. Everything...
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    Want to Buy All Items found!

    Hello, I am doing a bit of a PC swap right now. Building a new system, moving current system to my garage, and upgrading my garage system for a friend to use in college. So, the system I want to upgrade for a friend currently has a P4 3.4 and my old faithful X850XT gpu. The rest of the system...

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