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    1080 ti Waterforce

    GV-N108taorusx wb-11GD. pERFECT WORKING ORDER.
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    Quality PSU for cheap...

    I didnt know where else to stick it....my steak was burning....... Newegg + some other local retailers have EVGA 750 G+ on for 119.00........
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    BC Recovery Benefit.......How long?

    I just applied for the BC Recovery Benefit. I'm not a sketchy scammer...and all my ducks are in a row..... Any Xp's on how long this should take?
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    How about a little vertigo?

    Hope you're not scared of heights. https://mashable.com/2014/08/26/hong-kong-skyscraper-selfie/
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    Brave Browser (based on Chrome) Ethereum enabled?

    ....anybody try this yet? Apparently, a browser that connects to the Ethereum block chain?.....rewards for browsing. Custom advertising. I just installed it........and I should be able to mine through the brave browser?....... When not gaming?
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    ....Just Picked up a 1080ti Aorus Extreme WB (used)

    Its the one with the mondo huge water block custom by EKWB. (I think) https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N108TAORUSX-WB-11GD#kf I cant get it over 30c, Unigine Heaven bench? Any bench....30c?....Holy. I got the card for 6 hundy (Cdn). Figure the water block is worth 200, at least 150. I...
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    MSI Rx 480 reference, with Koolance GPU 230 waterblock

    Still have the original sink and shroud. Good temps, awesome clocks. (1366-1433gpu/ 2133 mem) 60c max* No waterblock fittings included however shroud, original sink and crossbrace are included. Obviously best suited to someone invested into custom loop water cooling. *I customised a sink off an...
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    8 years; Need to Upgrade The Water. Advice Please!

    So, bought new ~8 years ago. i) HWL BlackIce Extreme II (Rad) 240 ii) D-Tek Fusion V2 (cpu block) iii) Danger Den Cpx-Pro (Pump, OEM Jingway 1200) Best Pump in the World. So. Pump's getting old. The Fusion is compatible with 775 and 1366 and anything AMD has had for 15 years. Cpu block will...
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    Remote Assistance Scam

    So, I got a call from a dude last nite. I haven't seen him in 2 years. His computer is borked and after clicking on the "Only" icon on his dektop, being a "helpDesk" icon. He's quickly connected, via chat to a "Certified Microsoft Specialist".:shok: They sucked $350.00 off his credit card. I...

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