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  1. Lysrin

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Season 3, final season, of Netflix Lost In Space coming 1 Dec 2021. I didn't realise it was coming that soon. I enjoyed the first two seasons so I'll be adding this to the watchlist. However... I can't remember what happened in season 2 so I'll have to go rewatch!
  2. Lysrin

    How many wifi clients in your household?

    Maybe you'll luck out and get both... :)
  3. Lysrin

    Thinking on replacing my 2nd HDD with a SSD

    Late to this thread @Ernimus Prime but I'll comment anyway. The bait and switch that has been happening with SSDs is bad. You always want to get what you paid for so do your research as you are doing on here. But even a slower SSD is going to be faster than a spin drive and plenty fast for games...
  4. Lysrin

    How many wifi clients in your household?

    I run about 9-11 wifi devices, depending on whose home using what. Includes an extender, printer, and one smart blub (I know, one. I'm very high tech lol). 4 hardwired clients. Three of us in the household... the cat and dog don't have cellphones yet ;)
  5. Lysrin

    Work in progress Angel Warrior - Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2021 Season 1

    Have to ask, is that Sting from The Lord of the Rings on the front? It's a beautiful build. Stunning really. I might have missed the explanation elsewhere in the thread, but what is happening with the Plextor and the GPU at the bottom? Are they actually connected to something that way, at an...
  6. Lysrin

    Work in progress Angel Warrior - Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2021 Season 1

    I think that is just amazing. Well done.
  7. Lysrin

    Beige / Brown (Noctua) RTX 3070 anyone?

    Yup, sure. I'll take one :D It would be interesting to see if they make a black version to go with the CPU cooler he was using there. As he said, there would likely be even more interest in a blacked out version. We might have talked about this, but has there been any indication of how...
  8. Lysrin

    Work in progress Thanos - Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2021 Season 1

    Nice. That is some serious work there!
  9. Lysrin

    The Happy thread!

    I spent 2.5 years in Waterloo/Kitchener. The cities themselves were fine but I did quite enjoy getting out to the surrounding southern Ontario areas. But I'm okay with more small town environments so there is that. I am in Halifax these days but wouldn't mind being more rural if the right...
  10. Lysrin

    Front Page is a blank screen.

    You mean this page? https://hardwarecanucks.com/ Working for me it seem this morning. Chrome Version 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  11. Lysrin

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Mystery screenshot... I don't recognise that one?
  12. Lysrin

    Skyrim modders should disable updates in steam!

    Thanks for the heads-up! But... another edition of this game?! :oops: I like Skyrim but wowy this has to be some kind of record. But it's still a good game, so whatever. Anniversary Edition wasn't on my radar at all so here an info video if anyone else is in the dark like me (couple weeks old):
  13. Lysrin

    Happy Thanksgiving! Post your food. 👍

    I'd post the food but two turkey dinners down at this point and it seem to be all in ma'belly! No pics... lol
  14. Lysrin

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Yeah I haven't seen good things about it from online reviewer that I like. Unfortunately that doesn't surprise me these days...
  15. Lysrin

    Windows 11 impressions?

    Well, I didn't know about the shake features... but I'm pretty sure I didn't need to ;) Another thing, talking about the YouTube videos disappearing from YouTube home and opening them instead using the middle mouse button, that disappearance of the videos has annoyed me too. However, most times...
  16. Lysrin

    Windows 11 impressions?

    You likely saw this in the sidebar, but thought I'd link it in anyway: It's a little light on content I think, most tips are likely known and as they said several already exist in Windows 10 so video title is a little misleading. However, could be something in there. If you watch them on 1.25x...
  17. Lysrin

    The Happy thread!

    Similar for me. Family member geographically dispersed use it so it works for keeping in touch with them, and groups I am involved in distribute their information on that platform. The barn we ride horses at for example for ride schedules, photos, etc. So because of those things it lingers in...
  18. Lysrin

    Windows 11 impressions?

    Based on what I'm seeing and feedback from some early adopters at work and your guys' comments here, I'll be letting Windows 11 lie for a good while yet. It'll get sorted as it does with any of the big Windows launches, but given how "comfortable" I am in Windows 10, I don't feel the urge to...
  19. Lysrin

    2 grand worth of fittings later. She's done!

    I don't know much about plumbing but please tell me that isn't a good job...? 😁 @sswilson ninja'd me there!
  20. Lysrin

    Windows 11 impressions?

    Whew. That's a nuisance for sure. Hopefully that will get sorted for the launch.

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