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    New WorkBuild

    Hello everybody! I haven't been active on this forum in quite a long time. I have also forgotten all of my computer knowledge somewhere in my past too. I need some advice on putting together a system. I will be using this system for 30% Gaming, 50% Music/Picture/Video Editing, 20% etc. Budget...
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    Want to Sell Dominators, WC, i7, P6T

    I give up, im just going to part this out. After my tests this week I am going to take it apart so, make your calls on which item you want. Prices are low because I just need to get rid of this computer to move on with live. Got scolded at for playing too much DoTa..... ***PRICES ARE...
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    Want to Sell X52, 24" Samsung Monitor, and more!

    Hello all, I am cleaning out my room and decided to sell this stuff. Well I believe my prices are reasonable so give me a pm if your interested. I do not ship but I will deal anywhere in the 604 area. Samsung 2493HM Monitor (Displays at 1920 x 1200, very vivid) $190 Saitek X52 (Great control...
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    I am looking for a Bluray or DVD Drive, I will pay for shipping if nessesary.
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    Well I do not know if this is allowed or not as it was not stated in the rules above but I need a person who knows how to watercool a compouter and has time to help me out. I will pay you by cash of roughly $40 or whatever seems suitable for your work. Alright to get to the point. I originally...
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    Want to Buy 1 SLOT SLI FITTING

    1 SLOT SLI FITTING FOR WATERCOOLING Well I looked on NCIX and it doesn't seem to me that they have a 1 PCI Slot fitting for watercooling anymore for my SLI cards, does anyone have any? Im paying by EMT and or Cash. PM ME or post
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    Want to Buy 1366 Apogee GTZ Hold Down Plate

    Theres nothing wrong with being strong. I recently broke my hold down plate, the one that goes behind the motherboard, and it was quite a surprise. I didn't know my own strength, anyone out there willing to sell me one? I will pay by EMT and or Cash. Will pay $5
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    Want to Buy Corsair H50

    Decided against the H50
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    How Do I package stuff to ship?

    Well I am clueless about shipping, enlighten me???
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    Powdercoating my Case

    Well I just got my Liab Li Pc A70 from enberif and I want to get It powdercoated does anyone know. A good place in the lower mainland in bc? I'm getting full black
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    Want to Buy TRUE BLACK

    Well I gave up on my V8, Probably gonna mod the V8 cover onto a BLACK TRUE. Make it look nice like that well anyone selling? Ill pay shipping, via EMT or CC through Paypal.
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    Want to Buy CM V8

    Well I broke the screws for the cpu hold down on my V8 and I need screws, hell I will even buy a used V8 just for the screws.
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    P6T i7 920 3.4GHz???

    Well I am a bit new to overclocking, so I was wondering if someone can help me out with overclocking my i7 920 D0 Stepping CPU to 3.4 GHz on my Asus P6T (Regular Edition). Thanks!
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    Want to Sell 2x CORE I7 920 D0

    Edited When you decide to follow the Hardware Canucks FS/WTB Rules PM me and I will restore your thread.
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    I am Going to Taiwan and Need parts pm me

    Well I dont know if this is legal or not but I am Taiwanese and I am going back to Taipei this summer in August. I will most likely be buying some hardware for my HTPC so my dad told me to ask around HWC if anyone local wants me to bring some hardware back for members. Of course it wont be free...
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    IS the Corsair HX1000W any good? Like is it better than a Ultra X3 1000w? Is it easy to sleeve?
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    I am looking to buy a Lian Li PSU Extender, Must be black tin order for it to match my U2UFO. The new Corsair HX1000W i just got is a bit too long for my standards. PM Me will pay lots.
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    Mountain Mods U2UFO

    The U2UFO is an amazing case it is a must have. here is a pic of my build so far. Intel Q9400 Non OCed Watercooled with a Apogee GTZ Asus Maximus II Formula NB Watercooled with the Swiftech NBMax Transcend 2 x 2gb > Corsair Dominator 2 x 2gb HIS Radeon 4870x2 Watercooled with a Koolance WB Ultra...

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