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  1. Lysrin

    Opinions on Glorious mice - Model D wireless

    Mice experts, any opinions on the Glorious mice, their software (if any), etc? This new Model D wireless coming out looks like a nice wireless option. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/glorious-model-d-wireless-matte-black
  2. Lysrin

    Sneaky Bitcoin mining plant in Alberta

    Did you hear about this one? Interesting: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/link-global-bitcoin-mine-alberta-1.6137731 Not very smart for the company to move in and set up the way they did but perhaps they were hoping no one would notice? Beg forgiveness rather than ask permission...
  3. Lysrin

    Battlefield 2042... what the...?!

    I dunno, maybe I'm getting too old but over 100k likes for this reveal trailer?! I'm beginning to think there's little hope for us getting good games anymore if this is what people want. Clearly only my opinion but this just looks like a pile of utter nonsense to me. Like a bad action movie gone...
  4. Lysrin

    8700K to a 5900X ... madness right?

    I dunno, maybe I've been on COVID lockdown too long, but spending a bunch of money on an upgrade from a perfectly fine water cooled 8700K build to a 5900X build, when more cores and PCI-E gen 4 isn't really needed is a crazy waste of money right? ... right?! Really a non-existent GPU purchase...
  5. Lysrin

    Checking on power supply and PCI-E SSD

    Not a full new build. I'm just hunting a couple components for my brother-in-law: Time for him to go to an SSD, so I was thinking the WD Blue SN550 PCI-E 3.0 2TB. Gamer so space is preferred. It's on for $289.00 CAD a few places. He's still on a 4790K system but I have a PCI-E daughter card I...
  6. Lysrin

    Google succeeds in buying Fitbit... mostly

    So Fitbit bought (and killed...) imo the best smartwatch option, Pebble (still using mine daily), and incorporated a lot of Pebble's stuff into their products. Now Google has acquired Fitbit. I say mostly because the linked article says the US is still investigating the acquisition. Curious to...
  7. Lysrin

    Lower budget for laptop purchase - i3 ?

    My niece, first year university, is asking me to give her some recommendations on a laptop for school work. I'm much better at spec'ing expensive stuff than budget stuff! Her budget is only around $600 CAD, ideally taxes in. I'm educating her on laptops vs Chromebooks and she is considering...
  8. Lysrin

    Battery issues with a ThinkPad T470s

    I'm having a recurring issue with my ThinkPad. Done a decent amount of research online, and thought worth checking with some of you on here since several of you have ThinkPad experience. My T470s seems to keep getting into a couple of states: 1. It thinks its plugged in when it isn't. Then it...
  9. Lysrin

    Pixel 5...?! When did that happen?

    I seem to be out of the loop on Google mobile these days. I know it's around Pixel phone time again, but I didn't realize this was up already. https://store.google.com/ca/product/pixel_5?hl=en-CA And maybe I'm getting soft in the head, but $799 CAD seems better than previous gens for the...
  10. Lysrin

    Ever heard of these? Autonomous ErgoChair 2

    Seems like a mid-price chair with some nice features. Anyone have any experience with them? New to me... Came up in a YouTube ad... they got me! https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/ergonomic-chair?option20=53 Only a 2 year warranty, so no Herman Miller but still.
  11. Lysrin

    Drop (formerly Massdrop) ENTR Mechanical Keyboard - nice entry level mechanical?

    Have you guys seen this one? https://drop.com/buy/drop-entr-mechanical-keyboard#overview Seems like nice specs for the price. Aluminum chassis at that price is decent. However I don't know anything about the Gateron Yellow or Halo True switches. Anyone see any obvious negatives for this...
  12. Lysrin

    VIRPIL now has pre-order for their products

    I noticed on VIRPIL's site that they now offer pre-order on their products. These flight sim controllers have been very difficult to get since they became popular, and you used to have to camp the forum post to see the restock date and then try to order faster than everyone else who wants them...
  13. Lysrin

    DCS World

    I don't think, based on search, that DCS World has a dedicated thread so thought I'd start one. I'm still very new to this, but have bought the F/A-18C module, the Persian Gulf map, and the new soon-to-be-released Supercarrier module. Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World - Eagle Dynamics, Inc...
  14. Lysrin

    Musing about the Star Wars game I'd like to play

    So, as an incentive to get me through my exercise time (I hate exercising lol) I started watching The Mandalorian again and it got me thinking. How come we can't get a Star Wars game like that? I am a huge Jedi fan. But the thing is if Jedi and Sith are done right there is nothing more...
  15. Lysrin

    Want to Buy [FOUND] Thrustmaster Warthog throttle only? Or set depending on price

    Anyone have a Thrustmaster Warthog throttle sitting around gathering dust that they'd like to sell? Update: I would consider purchasing the Warthog joystick/throttle pair, depending on the price. I'm in Nova Scotia for shipping purposes. I have a HOSAS set up for space sims, but now that I...
  16. Lysrin

    COVID-19 work conditions

    Today begins day one of working from home for me. Work is shut for 2-3 weeks at this point. Bit of a mad scramble to get things together to work from home when it was announced late on Friday, but I have plenty to keep me busy even if I can't access all the work networks and systems. I am also...
  17. Lysrin

    Lisa Su confirms "Big Navi" in 2020

    Hopefully this wasn't posted already (@Mr. Friendly :) ) but article and video has AMD confirming Big Navi release in 2020. https://www.techradar.com/nz/news/amd-confirms-nvidia-killer-graphics-card-will-be-out-in-2020 As the article says, if the rumour about it being 30% faster than 2080 Ti is...
  18. Lysrin

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year 2019 thread

    Thought I'd be the first with this thread this time. Just wanted to wish all of you and yours the best for the holiday season and the new year. 2020, new decade, crazy! Thanks for all the chuckles, insights, help, and assistance in spending my money over the past year! 😁 2019 was the year of...
  19. Lysrin

    AMD build opinions - Photoshop/gaming PC for my niece

    I've read through a lot of what has already been said on here about putting together an AMD build. Based on that info I've been trying to spec a build for my niece. She's coming from I think an i7 920 or similar vintage. This is the use case she's given me (her words): - have lots of storage...
  20. Lysrin

    Why is this Dell M.2 NVMe SSD so expensive?

    Question for those more SSD savy than me. What the heck is this drive so expensive? I see that it is class 40, that is a speed rating. But is this drive actually worth this much money? (No I'm not buying one. Just came across it while looking up stuff for work). Dell 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Class 40

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