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  1. Soullessone21

    It's been a lot of fun but this is my permanent good bye from the HWC community

    Last night I got a message after posting my good bye on the sales thread and was asked why not in the Off topic to, as more people who know me post here. Well here it is, its been great everyone, but this will be my last ever login to HWC. Used to kill a ton of time here but these days I have...
  2. Soullessone21

    PC 9550 C2Q

    Found a C2Q today and just tested it to be working Also got some other stuff to price check P5Q Pro Turbo board tested but no I/O Shield 2x KHX8500D2/2G everything tested to be fully working PC please
  3. Soullessone21

    Mobo price check amd

    Boards only I/o guards long gone got tons of ram and cpus though ranging from semprons to 960s Price check plz :)
  4. Soullessone21

    Gpu's and X79 mobo

    so right now I have 2 290x stock cooled asus 3 280x Asus CuII had a tops one to but the wife claimed it and a X79 msi big bang PC please
  5. Soullessone21

    price check of cpu's

    775 SLGU5 E3200 2X SLA8Z E2160 SLB9U E5300 771 6X SL9RX 5130 2X SLBC5 X3323
  6. Soullessone21

    Precision Laptop M6500

    M6500 in good shape Backlit keyboard and trackpad 17" 1440x900 8GB DDR3 1333 i7 720qm ATI Firepro M7740m 1GB DDR5 256 msata Samsung PM851 2x 250GB Sata HDD Windows 7 Pro 64 with Key
  7. Soullessone21

    lot of gpu pc

    9800 gx2 reference 5830 sapphire 1GB xtreme 5850 reference 6950 2gb unlocked to 6970 reference 6950 2gb sapphire vapor not unlocked 5970 2gb reference All tested and confirmed working perfect :)
  8. Soullessone21

    Want to Buy want to buy cases psu's and 2gb ddr3 sticks

    Cases and power supplies lots of them Building about 20 computers need some cheap cases and psu's if your in Calgary all the better. Also need around a 500 watt good psu for a friend in major need the rig I built him is in the BitFenix giveaway up top the forum Thanks John
  9. Soullessone21

    Another Price check haha 280x Asus Top CUII

    Asus 280X CUII Top just back from RMA with box, like new, actually is new they swapped it for another model. tested it and it posts and games without a issue. Whats a good price for this unit?
  10. Soullessone21

    intel 980x with stock fan

    How much?
  11. Soullessone21

    Gaming Tower Quote

    Need a price check Case: Raven 4 Motherboard X79-UP4 CPU: 3820k Ram:8x2gb ddr3 1333 2x 250GB HDD 7200 rpm 2x 320gb HDD 7200 Rpm 1x 60GB OCZ SSD Boot drive Windows 7 pro 64bit Sapphire 290X Reference EVGA Gold 750 watt PSU full modular
  12. Soullessone21

    Cleaning house People Price Check

    6 - MSI 270x's 11 - HIS 270x's 5 - Sapphire 290x's 1 - MSI 290x 6 - Sapphire 280x's 1 - Asrock H81S2, Intel i3 4130, 8 gigs ram 4 - Asrock H81S2 motherboard NIB 1 - Asus M5A99FX Pro, FX6300 CPU 8 gigs ram 2 - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3, AMD FX4300, CPU 8 gigs ram 1 - Gigabyte...
  13. Soullessone21

    price check fm2+ computer

    Gigabyte F2A88X-UP4 Motherboard AMD A4 6300 3.9 GHz CPU 4 GB RAM 500 GB HD 750 W PSU R9 270X GPU asus Black Metal Case w/ plexi Window(case is in bad shape)
  14. Soullessone21

    Want to Buy lga1150 and lga2011 mother board plus m3 mdpc screws and brainwashers

    A person in need got my itx rig and just finishing a matx rig for Mr Fudd but I need a system while my xl-atx rig gets built. Does anyone in Calgary have a Haswell or lga2011 mobo for sale?? Also need m3 screws like the mdpc ones doesn't anyone have some ?? Also need the brain washers. Thanks
  15. Soullessone21

    A quick thank you to an amazing group of people

    Hi Guys hope everyone is doing well today, I needed to take five minutes to say thank you to a few people, but since threads have no emotion I made a quick video. Thank you so much HWC team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uft0GEGfK4Q
  16. Soullessone21

    For The LoL fans out there *Giveaway*

    Come on over:) plus I think it's time we get some HWC VS RHR LoL matches going soon I am a Horrible N00B but always up for some gaming :D:punk:
  17. Soullessone21

    RIP Phil Scholz of Nvidia

    Nvidia's Phil Scholz killed in Train Accident A life ended far to early, such a great marketing genius gone:(
  18. Soullessone21

    Edmonton good Beers Where do they hide?

    In Edmonton for the first half of next week where are some good micro brews? or who wants to grab a beer?
  19. Soullessone21

    Want to Buy Nuttin from Nobody :P

  20. Soullessone21

    Want to Buy Corsair Air 540

    I need a Air 540 does not need to be perfect its getting painted cut up and modded :P Prefer not paying a ton for this case just really do want one and would love to get it without breaking the bank haha. Thanks guys