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  1. Robscix

    Asus Pheobus released.

    IIRC, the Headphones amp section is exactly the same, from opamps to headphone amp chip.:whistle:
  2. Robscix

    Are sound cards going obsolete?

    Well yeah, Dolby Digital is a lossy compression because S/Pdif is a a limited bandwidth connection. On a side note, there are still limitations in HDMI as you are limited by the quality of the DAC's in the receiver, which on some receiver are less then stellar quality. Enjoy your system!
  3. Robscix

    Are sound cards going obsolete?

    Why wouldn't you want great sound for your games? That A1 is extremely old....
  4. Robscix

    Sound card recomendation

    The issue is people think "digital is digital" as it is just 1's and 0's right? -NO! There is a timing component present in that signal also and that is where the issue can be...Sloppy timing signal while it will still put out audio you will get distortion and artifacts in your signal. You...
  5. Robscix

    Sound card recomendation

    That is not quite true. Even though you are using digital, you can still pass the card features through digital to your external device. Many times, onboards will also have very shotty digital outputs, very jittery and imprecise. For example, many of the best gaming audio systems I have...
  6. Robscix

    Asus Rampage Formula IV Built in audio

    YES. The best advice would be to disable the onboard and get a soundcard. You will have better sound in gaming, movies and music. There are many cards in different price ranges so you can always find a card within your budget.
  7. Robscix

    built-in audio for motherboards

    Not too sure about that one. There are tons of USB audio devices that produce some of the highest quality sound that you can have on a PC. There are some cheap, low quality examples also...but you cannot assume all USB based audio products are bad because you have owned a couple bad ones.:whistle:
  8. Robscix

    Are sound cards going obsolete?

    If you have a set of high end, high impedance headphones you will get the best results by using a high quality external amplifier. You can still use the ST(X) as the source DAC, just use the line outs and feed them to a high end external DAC. You can get reasonable results with some onboard...
  9. Robscix

    Want to Buy Smaller capacity SSD required

    Hey guys, I am building a project system for a family member and I require an Solid State Drive but it does not need to be very large maybe 40-80gb at max. If you have a smaller SSD that you want to sell, please let me know. I can buy it or maybe trade if you are interested in something I...
  10. Robscix

    Auzen HDMI 1.3 board PICs & Info!!

    IT was originally a great idea, but if you look the info is almost 4 years old. The company decided to build a full HDMI card instead of the HDMI extension card. So, this info is about a product that never came to be...shame.
  11. Robscix

    Auzentech Cappuccino EX Sneak Peek

    This new device is not meant to compete with a product like the Essence one as they have very different features sets. Auzen is going for a more "compact Premium" design for use with laptops or desktops. As for your question about power requirements of headphones: Auzentech uses their own...
  12. Robscix

    Auzentech Cappuccino EX Sneak Peek

    It is hard to know right now, as the specs for the units are pretty sweet but we will have to wait for the testing from reviewers and end users to know how it compares to other devices.
  13. Robscix

    Auzentech Cappuccino EX Sneak Peek

    The airhead runs on 6 volts... it really depends on what they have done with the circuitry. I think they are going more for the external DAC with this unit as based on the specifications it seems the used a high end unit. It is hard to know until we get a good peek under the hood.:punk:
  14. Robscix

    Auzentech Cappuccino EX Sneak Peek

    I have a new sneak peek of the upcoming Auzentech Cappuccino EX external interface. You can have a look here:-> Link I will try and keep the information updated for those interested. Questions, comments?
  15. Robscix

    Creative HD buyers Beware.

    Yes it would be nice to have that optionfor surround soundover analog connections. If you are considering this card for headphones, it does have a dedicated headphone output but NO headphones amplifier. Great sounding card based on my personal tests.
  16. Robscix

    Creative HD buyers Beware.

    No. It was developed for high quality analog output. That is why the card is sporting high end DAC's and other analog components. Using a digital connection from this card to a receiver would be a serious downgrade unless you are using a very high end receiver. It whould also be noted that...
  17. Robscix

    Modding supplier in Canada?

    Hello, I figured this might be the right place for this. Where is a good place to purchase modding supplies in Canada? Like many here I live in Canada so finding a local dealer is preferable to importing with high shipping, fees...etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Robscix

    Any good resources for sound cards or...

    Look around and do some reading on your own and find the answers to the questions you have. If you cannot find the answers on your own then ask. Most around here enjoy talking about audio so they should answer any questions you have. As for your budget, you think it might be low but...
  19. Robscix

    Want to Buy Core I7 860

    Found one. Thanks.
  20. Robscix

    Which Sound Card?

    I would agree, an entry level card will surpass onboards but why go with just a baseline auido system? If you want the best experience for your PC, get a good audio card. Accept no substitues!

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