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  1. cmac79

    Constant restarts

    So i am getting constant restarts. I turn my pc on and its fine for about 30 mins then it will restart, stays on for maybe a min or 2 then restarts again , rinse and repeat. Was told it was the mobo so this being a fairly new build i rma'd it , but nope same issue. So then was told well it gotta...
  2. cmac79

    Beep beep beep

    Help. My daughters PC started doing this. I know there is no cpu cooler there, i took it off to reseat the cpu. I tried a diff card and a diff PSU and it's still doing it. SO mobo or cpu i'm guessing? It just keeps doing this over and over
  3. cmac79


    Anyone know where i might find a G29 or G920. They are sold out everywhere i look
  4. cmac79

    Build me a house

    I'm a sucker for the open world survival crafting type games like Rust,Rising World,Outlaws,The Forest etc. But i think i pretty much played em all on steam. Wondering if there's any out there i might have missed that don't play through launchers like steam etc.
  5. cmac79

    Lucky Mobile

    Anyone using this? My wife and i decided to give it a go. We both have the same phone that we got with koodo a cpl years ago. Hers was locked but mine wasn't. she called into koodo and got her unlock code. I put the lucky mobile sim in mine and it all works fine. But even after putting the...
  6. cmac79

    living open world/survival games

    I'm a sucker for survival,crafting open world type games and at this point i've played em all..dayz,rust,the forest,conan and on and on..I'm looking for something new. Something open world with something to do. I love rp mods like in gta with fivem and life mods on arma stuff like that..Is there...
  7. cmac79

    Motion controllers

    Was wondering if there are any stand alone motion controllers that would work with Pimax 4k vr..its great for games like elite and racing which i can use my wheel and joystick..but would love controllers to play some of the stuff you need motion controls for..I know you can make the ps move...
  8. cmac79

    Project Cars or Assetto Corsa

    i have been eyeing both for awhile now a decided it's time to buy one now while on sale. I have had the chance to play some Career mode on both and enjoyed them both but never got the chance to play the mp on either. Wondering which one has the best multiplayer and which one gets better patches etc?
  9. cmac79

    Want to Buy Mobo wanted

    Looking for a motherboard with an LGA 1155 socket at least one pci-e and 4 DDR3 mem slots...don't have to be nothing special for oc'ing or anything like that.kinda looking for one asap
  10. cmac79

    Want to Buy usb gameport

    Does anyone have one of these to sell.Been playing a lot of Euro truck lately and i would love to use a wheel.I have one but its a little older and uses a 15 pin gameport.Only ones i could find were 25 -35 bux and more..Don't really wanna spend that much on something that might not even work for...
  11. cmac79

    what the H E double hockey sticks

    So my mouse died and i was browsing amazon cause i got some gift cards..but i don't think they will cover this mouse
  12. cmac79

    Want to Buy LGA 1155

    Looking for an i5 lga1155. does not need to be an oc'ing one,just something to replace an i3 in an older system
  13. cmac79

    Hook, line, and sinker

    So had an amazing night with some friends in dayz last night.Prob one of my best nights ever filled with comedy,drama,action it had it all lol.But this was the highlight of the night for all of us.We were almost 8hrs into the game at this point,leaving NWA to wander the streets..What happened...
  14. cmac79

    need some suggestions

    I been streaming on twitch for a little bit now and this weekend i plan on doing a stream of a single player game beginning to end.I just finished doing mafia 2..done lots of gtas already...Looking for something with a decently long campaign something with a great story that'll keep ppl watching...
  15. cmac79


    Is anyone playing this? It just went on steam greenlight for 14 bux and imo worth every penny.One of the most intense and fun fps games i have played in awhile.It's kinda like counter strike on crack.Insurgency
  16. cmac79

    25hr gaming marathon

    Sorry in advance if i am not allowed to post this here, plz delete it if so..I will be taking part in a 25hr gaming marathon to raise money for The Children's Miracle Network through Extra Life on Nov. 2nd 2013.I'm sure some of you may have heard of this event..So far my team has raised $2394...
  17. cmac79

    Want to Buy psu

    my ocz modxstream died on me today so looking for a psu.600w or higher.
  18. cmac79

    laptop drivers

    friend of mine had a laptop he wanted windows 7 on. i put win7 on it but i can't find any drivers for this thing anywhere for xp vista or win7..its a seanote z7100. i need network and sound drivers. any clue where drivers for this dinosaur of a laptop are lol
  19. cmac79

    question about a prize i won

    didn't know who to pm or where to post about but a cpl yrs ago i won a contest here. long story short it crashed and i'm having warranty/rma issues because of something..is there someone here i could talk to about this to explain what my problem is with the warranty
  20. cmac79

    Want to Buy Laptop

    Looking for a laptop.Nothing special,just needs something for the kids so they can play their roblox and other kids games they play.

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