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  1. Kayen

    Build help - $300-400 to upgrade

    Hey guys, used to be active here a number of years ago when i was still in high school, well now i'm pretty much done University (i'm doing a semester abroad in South Korea at the moment), so when i'm planning to go home i'm planning to take my desktop back from my little brother, and give him...
  2. Kayen

    Need a new laptop... $500/13.3"

    Currently after just over a year with my netbook... i realize that outside of basic stuff I can't do much with it. And screen real estate is reeaaaaaaaaal small. Now I commute alot, and I have internet wherever I go so 13.3" is a must because anything bigger is too much of a convenience. Around...
  3. Kayen

    Halak traded to STL

    Halak échangé aux Blues - RDS.ca Comment :whistle: Anglais: Canadiens deal goaltender Halak to Blues
  4. Kayen

    Corsair Graphite Series 600T

    Just came across this just now ... Welcome to Corsair :: Corsair Graphite Series 600T Product Information Haha woah. This looks pretty nice ! Though the exterior is a bit fugly ... EDIT: REPOST. Can talk about features and ETA here?
  5. Kayen

    Wow, kindness of strangers.

    This is a great story. this guy tries ot save his two friends from getting into sex slavery. Summary here: The Internet Rescues Two Russians From Sex Slavery Full story: Help me help my friend in DC. | Ask MetaFilter Long read on the full story but it was neat watching the whole thing unfold.
  6. Kayen

    Windows Live Messenger not working properly?

    Haven't been able to log into WLM on my main desktop last couple of days.... well after my thing with removing the virus woes. It works on my laptop. Here's the screen shot : Tried reinstalling, deleting and reinstalling, checking windows firewall settings, etc. EDIT: started using...
  7. Kayen

    Virus Woes

    Was on 780tuners.com facebook, and msn and youtube. And then i got swarmed by a bunch of shit. and now virus. Can't open exe's Pix to follow. I had to send it to someone on msn, waiting for send back. AND BS Antivirus software. So i can't open anything .
  8. Kayen

    Antec Basiq BP550 Plus 550W

    NCIX.com - Buy Antec Basiq BP550 Plus 550W 24PIN ATX 12V Modular Power Supply Active PFC - BP-550 Plus In Canada. So, i'm sort of strapped for cash at the moment, i was just wondering if this psu is any good and is capable of powering the rig i have listed in my profile ? (right now im using...
  9. Kayen

    Edmonton... WTF

    Dear gosh, after 17 years of being alive in this city. I'm not sure what to expect anymore. Just yesterday i was going for a jog in shorts and tshirt. Today? Well... Just walking to the bus stop after school today. Gosh, 2 block walk to the bus stop =S . Seriously, i'm going to buy an RPG...
  10. Kayen

    Want to Buy VGA DVI Adapter

    I need one of these, so i can get a second monitor running, that and my DVI cable broke. So i'll have to revert to my VGA cables. Also would like one DVI-HDMI adapters as well.
  11. Kayen

    Captain Canada at it again.

    Wow. Cormier with his dirty elbows at the WJC wasn't bad enough and his other antics, look what he didtonight. YouTube - Patrice Cormier Elbows Mikael Tam (Warning Not Pretty) Ruined some 18 year old kids career. Mikael Tam, apparently Quebec's best dman that year. Absolutely terrible.
  12. Kayen

    2010 Minimalist Aquascaping

    Not sure how many of you are into aquariums however i would like to showcase Iwagumi^3. This is a neat project, and i would like to get your insight on the project: As well here are a few more current shots released by the mastermind of the project: All input and comments appreciated, and...
  13. Kayen

    New Build

    Well seems like i need some opinions, so here's what i have as far: CPU: ??? HSF: TRUE 120 w/ 2x Gelid Silent 12 ( 1000rpm / 37cfm each fan ) - only have LGA775 mounting kit atm. Mobo: ??? RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 1333mhz A-DATA GPU: BFG 9800GTX+ PSU: Silverstone ST60F Case: NZXT M59 Monitor: Acer 22"...
  14. Kayen

    Confused what to do with my computer right now.

    Super super duper duper poor. No CPU, power supply & mobo are suspected. I plugged in the power supply and it worked fine with 2 other boards (an older P4 board?, and an AM2+ ECS Geforce6100PM-V2.0 that both posted normally, but those were quick tests, don't know if i can hold up) . Anyways...
  15. Kayen

    Another build for a friend.

    Yep, i've been contacted again. This time by a guy who barely works, and will buy stuff slowly over the next month or two. Budget is unconclusive, but aiming around $1000. Parts we're considering so far: i7 860 - (locally) - SATA COMPUTER :: PC COMPONENTS :: PROCESSOR :: INTEL :: INTEL® QUAD...
  16. Kayen

    Why must i be so failcore.

    I have no fuuture. I fail at life . Like i cheer for a crappy hockey team. I have a 60% average, which is a reuslt of me scoring either 90% or 30% or 60%. Like seriously wtf is wrong with me. I can't get it together. I cant' fire all cylinders. Like i can't even do my friggen homework on this...
  17. Kayen

    Want to Buy WTB: 4gb DDR3 & AM2/AM2+ CPU

    Need to redo computer on a budget. CPU - Dual Core AM2/AM2+ ~$35 shipped. (To be paired with ECS GeForce 6100PM-m2 V2.0) As well as looking for an AM3 setup. So AM3 CPU + MOBO . MUST BE DDR3. Shoot me your offers ! (: Sooner i get a rig back up sooner i get back to...
  18. Kayen

    My drivers license exam tmr, any advice?

    As a little teen kid, i'm going to get my license tommorow, but an exam stands between me and that. Anyone wanna gimme last minute tippsss? :D I have 15 hours till test time .
  19. Kayen

    Getting BSOD's like a *****

    This is reallllly annoying me. Ever since i reaseembled my computer ... when i first booted i got "NTDLR (or something like that)" missing. So i was like okay ... time for a reformat, so i wiped the drive, installed Windows 7 ... kept BSODing, even during the install .... took me 4 hours to get...
  20. Kayen

    Project: Greenside.

    Project: Needs a better name . Alright mini upgrade time. You guys have seen me whine about my Antec Nine Hundred lately quite a bit, well i just made an order, and someone SHOULD be buying my Antec Nine Hundred soon. Just placed an order on NCIX with that one day $2 shipping promo thanks to...

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