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    Kakao Stats

    Has any HWCers concidered hosting the Kakao Stats database?
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    Let's go Team !!

    Send a note when you want to fire up the chimp challenge and I will flip the machines over from Boinc and the WCG. :thumb:
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    Slowing down for a while

    I saw a few of these hitting ebay at 799.00USD, Do you feel its a good deal?
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    *Attention !!* Chimp Challenge is on! Official stats page added!!

    Great Job Beavers and all folders on the CC , Some huge science accomplished this CC.:thumb: I have a week of pay back to NCIX too, please share the user and pass for retributions.
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    Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client

    Resolved I took your advice 3.0Charlie , installed the "latest beta Driver" and the gpu useage did climb up to 89 percent. Thank you. How do I get the client to run the cpu slot as smp as it is stuck as a uniprocessor? I have tried editting the config.xml and it crashes the whole lot.
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    Folding @ Home New Users Guide - V7 Client

    Looking for assistance in getting more ppd from the 7950 cards, Right now its not worth the power to run them for f@h. They are using 40 percent gpu processor each and give off 1400 points in 1.3 days? Wth? AMD Driver is on a 980x @ 4.2 ghz, win7 64 bit, 11 core smp (Ver 7 decided...
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    "Exploit the Dark Cores of the Internet"[VentureBeat.com]

    Ontario Easy to sell concept: free internet coupled with "sell your computing power back to the grid":thumb:
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    Need some insight on a solar driven folding machine

    I have access to a dealership account (read 35 % off) for solar panels if anyone is interested in getting a cheaper startup cost. The company I work with uses solar to run remote telemetry systems. Battery maintenance in the cold is still the biggest challenge for cost effective solar power...
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    Any HWC Boincers?

    World Community Grid Cure for Cancer with GPU If you are running Boinc with WCG and Cure for Cancer; You could pump up your gpu science output. Let me know and I can help with the setup. Basically with a small xml file you can bump your working threads to double and possibly triple the stock...
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    Upgrade GDDR5 Ram?

    I guess the reflow folks I was talking with have a policy over "commercial" products. After a quote was offered they said they didnt work on commercial products so its a shelved project atm.:blarg: If all went well each dual gpu card should be 4 gb memory up from 2 gb stock. There are some...
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    RAM as cache

    You can certainly try out ramdisk and set your temporary files to load onto your ram. If bitcasa has a configuration option to select the cache space folder you can also set that to run off your ram disk. I have included a quick benchmark of the improvement over various types of hard drives.
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    Upgrade GDDR5 Ram?

    Forum Mods - Video card section or memory section? Anyways I have a pair of Sapphire HD5970's with inconsistant memory performance. I have found a reball/reflowing company to replace the memory chips. Is it possible to upgrade the ram in the process or will it saturate the existing onboard...
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    Country Cup 2012 - Do your Country Proud!

    I have a dusty qx6700 to lend out for stage 6 if the N2/ Dice folks want to try it for a run. It will be available by the 7th, just let me know.
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    Folding too confusing? Try BOINC!

    Has anyone experienced ati card crashes on just the milkyway wus? Einstien and Poem seem fine running on same cards.
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    Folding milestone

    SugarJ I have Rosetta, Seti,(LHC) 6 track, Poem and Milkyway fired up
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    Folding milestone

    35 million :bananafunky:, but I have switched most of the machines to Boinc now as the boys n girls at Cern have fired up again. Ill be back for the Chimp Challenge.:thumb:
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    Let's go Team !!

    Added water coolling to the 980x , this heat has been nerve racking long enough.:thumb:
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    2 P, 4 P motherboard or Server Section

    I have been more than curious about upgrading to a 2P or 4P system for folding lately. (Curse that bigadvantage addiction) With that premise in mind,I find it difficult to gather intel on the multi processor success stories on the forum whether its on the best hardware or setting it up for...
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    How To: VMware & Bigadv Folding

    As promised in August 2011, there will be no Big Advantage wu's for machines with less than 16 cores. That wu designation shift happened last week so now we be slammin down the regular smp wus.

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