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  1. Coach

    GTX1080TI to RTX3070/3080?

    I run at 4k, I too have a 1080ti and I hesitate to buy a 10GB 3080. Am I wrong?
  2. Coach

    GTX1080TI to RTX3070/3080?

    Is a 3080 better?
  3. Coach

    New Ryzen came with a bent pin

    I bought a 5800x BNIB and it had a number of pins in a row that needed some tweaking. If it was mine I would bend it back and install it. However I am not telling you that you should.
  4. Coach

    Game Sale PSA

    Worked for me. Thank you
  5. Coach

    Whats your latest purchase?

    I am so envious!!! I had one. I loved it
  6. Coach

    Whats your latest purchase?

    I like it. It is a left flanking secondary monitor to my basically identical primary Acer ET322QK display. Back to the LG, I like the blacks of the VA panel. I like no IPS Glow. I like the price for the most part. I like the level of anti glare coating. I do use 125% scaling, so that is a draw...
  7. Coach

    Whats your latest purchase?

    LG 32UK550-B 32
  8. Coach

    Want to Sell EVGA 1070 FTW 8GB (mint) SOLD

    Terms: As Is EMT $525 + shipping OBO SOLD
  9. Coach

    1070 FTW

    What would be the correct price to ask for a mint EVGA 1070 FTW?? Thank you
  10. Coach

    Want to Buy AM4 HSF brackets *FOUND*

    Thanks for the offer. I will get back to you ASAP
  11. Coach

    Want to Buy AM4 HSF brackets *FOUND*

    Any one have a set of these that they would offer up to me?
  12. Coach

    Where do you buy high end monitors from?

    +1 for Amazon Dell is ok but make sure you order with a personal account and not business. IIRC their return policy is more flexible on returns if purchased with a personal account. I successfully ordered a monitor from B&H. They will take care of you but if you need to return for refund you...
  13. Coach

    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    I should check it out, thanks
  14. Coach

    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    The reason I will stay away from the G5 is because the PSU, case and mobo are not standard. I like leaving my options open to make changes or to make repairs. However, I agree that at the right price I would likely reconsider.
  15. Coach

    8700K to a 5900X ... madness right?

    I moved from an 8700k at 5.0 moved to a 5900x myself. I have no regrets however my life has not dramatically changed because of it either. My IP cam security monitoring software uses a constant 30-40% of my 5900x and so it is nice to have some headroom. That said my 8700k could do the same work...
  16. Coach

    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    I was kinda interested in picking up a G5 with no vid card from one of those many people who ordered them and stripped the GPU... but now, thanks to Steve, no.
  17. Coach

    5600X Stock settings??

    I sold my 5600x and went back to my 3600. There were no performance gains to be had in the games I play at 1440P with a GTX 1080
  18. Coach

    3080's where art thou?

    Isn't that hard to say? So much can happen between now and 2023 never mind 2025. I know how you feel though. I still have 1070, 1070ti, 1080 and 1080ti. A long time to have Pascal. Thankfully they are still pretty good for me
  19. Coach

    3080's where art thou?

    I missed out on clshades 3080, please keep me in mind for your queued card. Also what are you asking for a 1080ti?

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