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  1. jcmaz

    what 'free to play' games do you enjoy?

    Definitely World of Tanks. I've only bought one premium tank, T54 Mod 1 to make more credits but have never fired gold rounds when they costed gold. Now, I do it sometimes when I'm in my M46 Patton against heavily armored tanks. Another game you guys didn't mention is Mech Warrior Online...
  2. jcmaz

    Remind me why I live in BC?

    Folks at Port Moody are pretty well off but I wouldn't say they are snobby. West Vancouver and west side of Vancouver is where it's at! I just wish that Skytrain goes to where I work, by the automall, but that's a long shot.
  3. jcmaz

    Want to Buy Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo, GPU

    Thanks Guitarboy, but I'm looking for something more gaming oriented. Saturday bumps!
  4. jcmaz

    Old Floppy and ZIP Disk

    You could donate them to Free Geek, a non-profit organization in East Vancouver.
  5. jcmaz

    Want to Buy Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo, GPU

    I'm looking for two specific items. Let me know what you have! I'm located in Vancouver BC. EDIT: Local only please! 1) Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo. The combo needs to have at least a Phenom II X6 CPU or Intel 2XXX and above CPU. I'm looking to spend under $150 2) GPU wise, I'm looking for...
  6. jcmaz

    i7 970 + X58 Sabertooth + 8GB DDR3 Combo

    I'd do that and make sure you list on Ebay in USD and make a bit more due to weak CAD.
  7. jcmaz

    Feeler: AMD 1090T, Silver Arrow, AMD Crosshair IV, Mushkin 4x2GB, MSI 6950

    You could probably get $75-100 for the 1090T. Keep in mind that it is the best AM3 cpu upgrade so there are definitely people out there interested in it.
  8. jcmaz

    Suggestions for cheap school laptop

    I've had pretty good luck with Lenovo's E series of laptops, but they are slightly outside your budget. My $500 E420 has been going strong for 4 years now. It does everything from Photoshop/Illustrator to Lightroom photo editing to Maya/3D rendering. I know Lenovo does offer student pricing...
  9. jcmaz

    [PC] LGA1366 and AM3 combo

    You can probably get $50-75 for your P2 965 as they are really good upgrades for those still in the AM3 system. However, I don't know much about the mobo.
  10. jcmaz

    The GTX 970's Memory Explained & Tested (Comment Thread)

    Pretty cool article!! Btw, typo on the first page, 500MB not 500GB.
  11. jcmaz

    Rants etc.....

    I haven't checked RG Auto yet, but I'll give them a shot. Yeah, their products are hard to find. My last ditch solution is to order them from the States.
  12. jcmaz

    Rants etc.....

    Brahhhhh, drove around town to various auto parts stores but none of them have Quick Cable compression products in stock...
  13. jcmaz

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Soooo I purchased an Esee 6 camp knife. I can't wait to use it in the next couple of weeks!!
  14. jcmaz

    HWC store Cart messed

    Same issue for the hwc mouse pads.
  15. jcmaz

    Rants etc.....

    I feel for you omgwtf.... electrical issues are terrible. I recently purchased a modified car (Lancer Ralliart) with a super shady HIDs and random ground wires in the engine bay. It got so bad that the HID's wouldn't even turn on :/ so I uninstalled those lights for OEM bulbs.
  16. jcmaz

    Canon 6D DSLR and Kit

    In the Vancouver market, you'll at most get $700 for 24-105L on Craigslist. It's too common as a kit lens and many decide to off load it for other lens.
  17. jcmaz

    Anyone playing war thunder?

    The British Hurricanes and Spitfires are quite fun to use in harassing other planes.
  18. jcmaz

    3770K / M-ITX parts

    Hard drives pricing are a bit high. They're worth around $50 each.
  19. jcmaz

    is it possible to send text from PC to cell?

    You can called your service provider to stop receiving texts completely. We use Telus and we did that with my brother's number for a while because he was receiving spam messages.
  20. jcmaz

    Recommended Racing Games

    Shift 2 is okay stock, but I highly recommend modding the game. In stock form, the cars rotate weirdly. The center of the car pivots which is doesn't make sense. Also, there were many posts on Shift 2 saying that the tire pressure is way too high at stock. You should give GTR2, from Simbin, a...

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