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    Going back to school - need new build $4000 budget

    Hello all, recently retired from the CAF and now going back to school to take my master in cybersecurity. my old PC i5 6600k is getting retired and need a new setup. I have a budget of $4000 but that can be more if needed. I would like something to last me 4-5 years. 1. What YOUR PC will be...
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    Dell S3220DGF

    As per my last post, had a "chat" with other half, more one way no, to increase my budget to get the alienware AW3420DW. so i will drop that monitor. would the Dell S3220DGF be a good option. 32" VA panel. can get it for 494$ plus tax. Or would there be a good alternative. Budget is around 600$
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    Need new monitor, old one is dying

    Hello, my current BenQ Xl2720z is slowly dying and will not turn on most of the time, goes into black screen with no response, have to unplug it and reset it. I am looking for a new monitor in the $700 range. It has to be 27" at least, curved or not. yes i would like to be "one of you" but...
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    new 27" monitor for xmas

    Hello all, need a new monitor for xmas. I have read all info for lightboost and all but i am just wondering if there are any newish monitor coming soon in the new year or is this line of monitors good enough. i got about 600$ for it. i will be upgrading from a lg IPS that i will give to the...
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    Upgrade from i5 750 on evga p55 ftw

    Hello all, well i have been out of the hardware loop for quite a while now that i am at school for the software side. my specs are: I5 -750 @ 3.2ghz EVGA p55 FTW 8gb ram DDR3 corsair 600W PS Mushkin 120gb SSD 1GB black caviar WD Corsair H50 cooler. Question is would u upgrade to Haswell or...
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    best card in 250-300 range

    Well time to upgrade just like everybody else but with School (RMC) and such i just don't have time to spend reading all these forums to study which card is the best at my price range. Specs for my present card (ATI 5750) EVGA P55 FTW with I5 750 4gb Gskill ram 600PSU OCZ h50 corsair ATCS...
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    Upgrade fever!!

    well here are my specs now I5 750 EVGA P55 FTW Gskill 4gb ram 600w PSU OCZ ATI 5750 VIDEO car 1gb WD Black sata 2 Monitor samsung 22" about 4 years old now im just wondering what would be the next upgrade i should consider. vid card/monitor would be mine. but anybody got any guess? nick
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    new monitor for hooking a PS3

    need to upgrade my monitor to hook up a HDMI for the PS3. anybody got any ideas on this. i know how just need a monitor with the hookup. price around 300$ LCD or LED doesnt matter.
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    upgrade from i5 750

    well i got a couple of bucks burning in my pocket that says to upgrade. i got a i5 750 now and just wondering what the next logical choice is. i dont want to touch the mobo EVGA p55 FTW 4gb GSKILL ram MSI 5750 (i know needs upgrade)
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    to xfire my 5750 or buy new

    got a ? here about that. i have a msi 5750 and can get another one for pretty cheap. should i buy it and X it or sell that one and get a 5850 or equivalent? also need a new monitor for this since mine is not showing as well as it used to. any recommendation for that? would like a 22-24 ips...
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    5750 or 9800gtx

    help me decide. i got 2 cards right now for my EVGA P55 ftw installed right now is the 5750. i got the 9800gtx on my desk collecting dust. which one is better? should i get rid of the 9800 (xfx btw) and get another 5750 or get rid of the ati and get another nvidia. OR get rid of both and...
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    just reviewed my board it came about 20 mins ago and guess what a FOXCONN crap on it. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. tought they got rid of them both at EVGA and you figure NCIX would of depleted there stock. sounds like another board with another problem. should of listen to you guys and went with GIGA.
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    look what i got for xmas. nice board i also wanted a 5xxx series video but all the wife could find is 2 5750. now i need a bridge for it. (or do i need 2) anybody got any idea where to get them. i live in freddy beach in snowy N.B.
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    Need help with new mobo for 860

    well im redoing my comp just like everybody else in this forum i need help. so far i got case: coolermaster 840 atcs HDD: wd black 640gb in raid PS: corsair 850w ram: dont know yet depends on board heat sink: corsair h5o CPU: i7 860 video: depends on what xfx gives me. i RMA my 8800gt...
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    help me choose

    well im finally upgrading my comp with a i7 860. now i need different opinions on 2 boards ive narrow it down evga p55 ftw gigabyte p55 ud5 i would like to know which one would be best for me. im not gonna go sli YET. dont plan on OC to much. just looking for a board that will last me...
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    crosshair III worth it?

    well im thinking of upgrading my 2nd pc now and wondering what you guys think of the crosshair III with a 965 BE. is it any good or would you go with something else. yes im staying with AMD. got a I7 920 already. nick
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    need help figuring out new build

    well i was gonna upgrade just my cpu from 6400 to 8400 and keep everything else but i decided to sell my comp and rebuild from scratch. now i need help. the new comp will be based on a 8400 since i already have it. what kind of mobo would be a good bet for this? i used to to alot of oc but...
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    any premium mb without crossfire

    im upgrading my p6n-sli for something that can support ddr3. would like info on something that i could use my 8800gt with. it seems that all premium boards are all with crossfire. i would like to set a max of 350 for it but can push it. i have a 6400 cpu now but will upgrade it in about 2...
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    next logical choice

    well its time to upgrade the old 8800gt 512mb. now what would be the next step up from this. i got about 250 bux for this. i really dont know what is the next thing down the road for vidcards but i need all the help should i wait a couple of months or buy now and gives me another reason to...
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    need help upgrading

    well here is what i got MB - msi p6n-sli ram - 2 gb ozc hd - seagate 320gb video - xfx 88 gt 512ram cpu - 6400 c2d i got about 300 bones to spend tks to taxes back. which one should i upgrade for a quick fix for now till the i7 comes more standard and affordable then now. tks much nick

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