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  1. Coach

    Want to Sell EVGA 1070 FTW 8GB (mint) SOLD

    Terms: As Is EMT $525 + shipping OBO SOLD
  2. Coach

    1070 FTW

    What would be the correct price to ask for a mint EVGA 1070 FTW?? Thank you
  3. Coach

    Want to Buy AM4 HSF brackets *FOUND*

    Any one have a set of these that they would offer up to me?
  4. Coach

    Acer Nitro XVO Series XV340CK 3440 x 1440 144hz IPS

    I am interested in this monitor. I cannot find the Free Sync range, would anyone one know what it is or where to look? Also what are your general thoughts about this monitor? s It seems to be a reasonably priced IPS 144hz 3440 x 1440 monitor. I think I would need to buy it from BH, however I...
  5. Coach


    Do you guys think I would be able to sell a 5600x for what I paid? I bought one while I waited for my 5900x and now I need to either build another system or sell the 5600x.
  6. Coach

    Want to Buy 1080Ti

    Hello, I am trying to find a 1080ti for my son's birthday in Feb '21. It needs to be shipped to R6M1V9 for $450. Please PM me. Thank you, Phill
  7. Coach

    Need help, I del partition and created news one... now I wish I hadn't

    How do I recover my old partitions? What info do you need?
  8. Coach

    5600x, x570 TUF gaming plus partially freezing

    I am running out of troubleshooting steps. My computer is randomly partially freezing about every day. What I have tried: Fresh install of Win 10 latest bios stock settings on mobo D.O.C.P ram settings 3600mhz 19-19-19-38 auto ram speeds & timings (2400mhz) memtest (bootable usb) shows no...
  9. Coach

    3060ti launch failure

    Been pressing F5 and once it loaded (Newegg.ca) it shows all OOS. I thought there was 5-7 times more stock compared to 3070, 3080 & 3090 combined? Or did the scalpers take them all?
  10. Coach

    5600X Stock settings??

    Look at the HWinfo pic. Those max vcore are ok? This is with PBO off and only the mem speeds adjusted
  11. Coach

    Use Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.3 with Ryzen 5000 CPUs???

    Does anyone know if I can use Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.3 with my new 5600x?
  12. Coach

    Ryzen 3000 prices going to drop?

    Do you guys think we will see a substantial price drop in the near future? I am so close to ordering a 3600x for $280 but I do not want to IF a price drop is imminent. Thoughts?
  13. Coach

    If I cannot get a AMD 5000 cpu, what should I get?

    A motherboard hardware failure in my wife's computer about a month ago has me desperate to build myself a new computer so that she may get my 8700k, mobo and ram. I am impatient and I need a CPU for a computer. I was planning on getting a 5900x coming from a 8700k. I have my new ASUS x570 TUF...
  14. Coach

    NIC issues

    Imagine for me under what circumstances would my onboard NIC and USB type C NIC experience terrible reliability often resulting in general failure? What kind of OS issue could/would cause such issues?? I am stumped. My Z370-A II has an onboard Intel NIC. It starts to give me issues and so I try...
  15. Coach

    mobo and DDR4 for 5900x

    I am ready to buy an ASUS TUF Gaming X570-P and this G.SKILL Trident Z Neo ram for a 5900X build. Any thoughts or concerns?
  16. Coach

    Should I buy this 4k 32" monitor?

    https://www.newegg.ca/acer-31-5-4k-uhd/p/0JC-000P-009Y7?Item=0JC-000P-009Y7 So tempted at that price. Sanity check before I pull the trigger. I know it is not the best at anything but for a cheap display that will not game much.... should be ok?
  17. Coach

    Want to Buy FOUND Z97 or Z87 mobo

    My wife's Asus Z97-A died. please let me know if you have a replacement. It would need shipping to R6M1V9. Thank you *EDIT: no longer looking
  18. Coach

    wife's puter dead?

    Will not power on. She came to it, it was strange that it was off because it should have been asleep. 4690k ASUS Z97-A 16GB DDR3 4*4 Intel 512GB SSD MSI 1660 EVGA 750 SuperNova NH d14 Swapped out PSU pulled board from case pulled all ram tried each slot with one stick confirmed 1660 worked...
  19. Coach

    HDD caching / PrimoCache 3.2.0 questions

    Anyone used PrimoCache? I am trying the demo version. My computer uses an NVMe SSD for my OS but my data (docs/ISOs/backups etc) are stored on a 4TB WD Black HDD. I started caching my HDD using a 525GB MX300 SSD a minute ago... Is my idea dumb? I am too cheap to replace the 4TB HDD with a 4TB...
  20. Coach

    Thoughts on 3840x1600 vs ????

    I would like a new display. Currently using a 30" 2560x1600 as my main display. I think 3840x1600 38" would be my preferred move. 3440 x 1440 34" does not offer enough vertical pixels IMO. Right now I am trying a Viewsonic VP3881. I am also thinking about a Dell U3818DW for the same money. They...

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