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  1. dragoonxx

    Network reconfiguration

    I had to hard reset my network today (something fell over hard... not entirely sure what, why,where...but) eventually got it mostly back up and running, except for one issue that for the life of me I can't remember how i had it set up before (i know..should have kept backup configurations). but...
  2. dragoonxx

    Upgrade suggestions

    Good Morning everyone, I haven't been paying as much attention to the compter industry as i used to, but I'm looking at upgrading my graphics card- get at least get some more life out of my computer before i decide to upgrade the rest of the guts (that...and my current monitor is showing it's...
  3. dragoonxx

    Router options

    Evening everyone! now that shaw is rolling out new speeds, it's looking like my RB2011uias-2hnd isn't capable of handling 300mbit nicely (ran a speedtest straight to modem got 330mbit, re-ran through the mikrotik, and getting ~140) I don't necessarily need something as advanced as the mikrotik...
  4. dragoonxx

    New Rendering system advice

    Good Morning! I'm looking at speccing out some new computers to possibly replace some of our current computers at my work, with a probable move to us using 3DS max to render our projects, we have one computer that we built ~2 years ago that is (in a lot of regards) massively overkill from what...
  5. dragoonxx

    build suggestion

    I'm looking at a build for a friend. His ideal budget is $2500. He got a quote from a local company, and i'll list their build.His current monitor setup is triple 1080p class Monitors, with a possible upgrade to a 4k + 1 1080p monitor in the future. He has no brand loyalty. intended use: Gaming...
  6. dragoonxx

    Mostly new build- looking for input

    I'm looking to build a new PC in the next month or two, and I've been somewhat out of the loop lately. Here's what I've pieced together thus far. Budget is in the ~1500 range. Primary shopping locations would be Memory Express or NCIX. Primarily an Intel/nvidia fan. purposes: gaming (currently...
  7. dragoonxx

    Any way to force origin to detect games?

    I recently had to reinstall my OS, and I've got a couple games on origin, and Origin still seems to be the only company left in the proverbial stone age of not being able to auto detect installed games (and thus...wants to re-download and reinstall them)... apparently "they're working on a...
  8. dragoonxx

    Looking to replace my Lachesis

    I'm looking at replacing my razer lachesis mouse with something more reliable. I'm getting tired of the random/odd issues that plague razer mice *this mouse is a replacement for one that was within warranty that had its middle click fail, and my current one intermittently decides to not track-...
  9. dragoonxx

    Looking for some Help

    I'm trying to find the Motherboard try hole spacing for both SSI-MEB and HPTX (I can find the ones for m/ATX etc, but not those two) I'm playing around with designing a case and I would really love to have a mobo tray designed to handle either/or (yes...I know, it would be a massive case, I...
  10. dragoonxx

    Looking for a new mouse

    Seems my Lachesis is starting to suffer from a middle mouse button failure (again..this is the replacement mouse, first mouse lasted until just before the warranty ended on it before it started going on me) so, barring it being a dust buildup (I'm going to have to take it apart soon to check for...
  11. dragoonxx

    Just Cause 2 Wont install

    I got given a steam key for a copy of Just cause 2, downloaded it..according to steam it downloaded fine, go to run the game, and I get the following error: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. The drive steam is supposed to be directing games to has 409GB free my OS drive...
  12. dragoonxx

    Looking for some input

    Bit of a back story before I begin: for about a year I had a hitachi 500GB drive in a vantec nexstar 3 enclosure, worked wonderfully, until one day the enclosure failed (or so I thought), go buy a new enclosure (velocity rebrand of the vantec) works fine the one time I used it, sat off in my...
  13. dragoonxx

    Colour Calibration?

    I've got a dell 2209WA that I'm looking to do a calibration on to get the best look out of it that I can get calibrated, Ive sort of narrowed my choices of calibration tools to either a spyder 3 pro Spyder3Pro - Datacolor - Global Leader in Color Management Solutions or a pantone hueypro...
  14. dragoonxx

    New system for a friend, advice please

    PLEASE when POST threads asking for input on system builds tell us... 1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. - Mild-moderate gaming, long term use (his current system he's had for the past 2 years already) 2. What YOUR budget is. A price range...
  15. dragoonxx

    Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA $70.00 off

    Our friend the Ultrasharp 2209WA is back on sale, 300 bucks, free shipping (at least to Alberta) Dell : Dell UltraSharp 2209WA 22-inch Black Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor : Displays : Small & Medium Business

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