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  1. Eagle Eye

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter folks for those that are celebrating and to all others I hope its a well deserved long weekend.
  2. Eagle Eye

    Fool, you never call or text anymore. What am I chopped liver?

    Fool, you never call or text anymore. What am I chopped liver?
  3. Eagle Eye

    G-20 Retail Rage - Eaton Centre Toronto, ON

    I am sure most have seen this, but this takes the cake for me. Pure Insanity!!! :punk: YouTube - Retail Rage - Crazy Guy goes nuts when Eaton Centre closed during G20 Riots in Toronto
  4. Eagle Eye

    iPhone Cases

    My girlfriend just picked up one from Welcome to SwitchEasy Nice cases they sure look good and seems to provide pretty good protection. Never hurts to have a look on www.ebay.ca I know my girl order it off there saved a bit of cash. EE
  5. Eagle Eye

    Police (brutality?) in Victoria, BC

    All I have to say is ouch, man those guys took a beating. As for the cop he's on desk duty for now, I'll reserve my judgement until the probe concludes its investigation. One thing I'd hate to see is the civil suit that could come of this, the city and the officer could be on the hook for...
  6. Eagle Eye

    Need help...Default pasting options in Excel 2007

    Simply put Arinoth, when I copy an address and paste it in Excel I always have to choose the "match the desination format" everything single time. I just want it to automatically match the destination format by default without having to choose the option all the time. Like I said its a whole lot...
  7. Eagle Eye

    G51J A1 3DMk06 Score

    Not exactly the same model Asus G51J.... What a powerhouse this computer is Bob!! Currently using it for just general word applications and browsing the web, however knowing whats under the hood persay makes me a little geedy. I am most enviest of the owner a 70+ year old man, lol. He was so...
  8. Eagle Eye

    Need help...Default pasting options in Excel 2007

    My delima, currently building an extensive database of Las Vegas casinos lots of copyig and pasting data from the web. The problem every single item has to be matched to the destination format in the pasting options its alot more clicking than I'd like to be doing, is there someway I can...
  9. Eagle Eye


    That never gets old man :rofl::clap:
  10. Eagle Eye


    Oh he'll never admit to that. I'm still shocked that he'd shared that his wife caught him spending too much money. :ph34r:
  11. Eagle Eye


    Your next folding farm its only a matter of time trust me Computer Cool School Toy ? Computer Toy From Fisher Price Toys :P
  12. Eagle Eye

    Interview Tips

    Don't showboat yourself while your accomplishments are great keep them to a minimum unless specifically related to the position. I believe its important to highlight experiences and accomplishments that show some a form of benefit to the company, accomplishments unrelated come off as pretentious...
  13. Eagle Eye

    Noctua and GPU cooling too late or not?

    I agree Arinoth. Noctua has stated that they've been toying with the idea for some years, however the issue of cost, designing a good cooler and one that would satisfy the customers needs is a big crossroad for them at this time. They haven't given up on it entirely, but as too when we might...
  14. Eagle Eye

    The Pacific on HBO. Anyone else going to watch it?

    Anyone in the Vaughan area willing to share their living room on Sunday nights? I'd much like to watch this in HD and 5.1, it doesn't do justice watching it on a 15" LCD with earbuds. I cook, do dishes and so I have been told I am pretty good company :P EE
  15. Eagle Eye

    Noctua and GPU cooling too late or not?

    The HR-03 GTX more specifically is a good cooler, bulky but effective core cooling when paired with a NF-P12 or any other high static pressure fan. My gripe is the poor VRM cooling Thermalright used, an extruded or thicker piece of aluminium should have been used rather than a stamped...
  16. Eagle Eye

    Noctua and GPU cooling too late or not?

    Thanks MarkOne I'll pass that idea on to Noctua. If anyone has any further ideas or products that you would like to see from Noctua feel free to add. I try to keep a regular line of communication with their representitives and usually pass on the balance of ideas and comments that I see here...
  17. Eagle Eye

    Running Audio Throw My PC

    Hey dood just pm a mod and they can get the title fixed up for you. EE
  18. Eagle Eye

    Noctua and GPU cooling too late or not?

    So whats your thoughts? Do you think Noctua should enter the GPU cooling market or is it too late in the game for them. I've choosen to not vote as mine would be completely biased. I encourage everyone to vote its much appreciated. Regards, EE
  19. Eagle Eye

    Book Recommendation: Living in the Age of Entitlement The Narcissism Epidemic

    Feel free to post any further comments or if you would like to discuss any topics (for those that have read it or are) feel free. I'd like to hear honest opinions possibly discuss how or how not its changed your views or it if its made you a little more aware about things. Thanks, EE
  20. Eagle Eye

    Plastic Money!!

    You got that right.

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