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  1. llama_egg

    Coming soon: MBX MK2 aka MurderBox

    Same here, I absolutely adore how clean it is while still adding some style!
  2. llama_egg

    New monitor, idea's?

    So my old Samsung Syncmaster has decided to go to the display heaven in the sky (won't make a connection anymore), and I'm back to a single monitor display, and might I add, it's making me want to murder something. My main monitor is a Dell S2309W which has been serving me faithfully and am...
  3. llama_egg

    Mechanical Keyboard fan-fiction review...wait what?

    Chery switches are in general, pricey. Even in Canada the Das goes for a good $120. Why spend $80 on a mouse? Why spend few hundred on a case? Why spend a thousand on audio equipment? We can use that question in regards to anything, but in most cases that question can be answered with ease...
  4. llama_egg

    Mechanical Keyboard fan-fiction review...wait what?

    When I ordered mine I had a delay so I shot them an email, this is a quick blurb from it; Yeah, a few hundred backorders, basically they came in stock then within 24 hours they where out again. Probably about twice as loud as my Logitech mouse, very distinct clicking sound. I've currently...
  5. llama_egg

    Anime And Asian Movies Thread

    I still have to say Panty & Stocking is my favorite show of the season, sure some of the episodes are hit or miss, but it's nice to see something new for once. But when compared to something like My Sister Can't Be This Cute it's not hard. God it's horrible, bad timing and can be horrendously...
  6. llama_egg

    We have to remember!

    Never had the joy of seeing Queen live, but still one of my favorite bands. Dang good stuff!
  7. llama_egg

    Mechanical Keyboard fan-fiction review...wait what?

    You don't see them? Look harder, it's topless! :haha: Really? Mine shipped in a brown box with foam to keep it safe (though a good puncture during shipping would still eff it up), but I had the joy of seeing that delicious box upon opening. Maybe it's something that recently changed? Either...
  8. llama_egg

    Mechanical Keyboard fan-fiction review...wait what?

    First off, I'm not 100% sure if this falls under the TOS here or not, can't be any more steamy then the Hot Babes thread! :ph34r: I threw this together when I received my FILCO the other day, mostly as a joke, because normal reviews are boring! While I wrote this for a different forum, if it...
  9. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    Honestly can't find an option for vdimm, unless Dram Voltage = vdimm, otherwise there is no option for it that I can find. :\
  10. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    [/LIST] Nope. I also turn off turbo when trying to overclock higher, so that's not the problem.
  11. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    The system information I quoted at the top was pulled straight from EVEREST with my only stable OC I've managed to get, and believe it or not I haven't even touched my ram timings. That stuff confuses me to no end, timings, rates and other random numbers sound more like a self destruct sequence...
  12. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    Still nothing. Even ignoring the fact my board won't hit the same voltages for some thing (qpi/pll for example), or the fact that my board won't boot if I touch qpi/vtt still, the most I can get with massive playing around is get it to crash on the windows login screen; which I suppose it...
  13. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    I'm guessing the fact that this has had over 90 views over the course of two days without a single comment means I'm a lost cause? :\
  14. llama_egg

    Help with I7-920 OC before I hulkify

    Seriously ramming my face against my keyboard for the last couple of days hoping that the values that would come up might actually work. This adventure of OC'ing has become level's upon level's of frustration as I try (horribly) and get as close to 4.0ghz as I humanly can, or should I say try...
  15. llama_egg

    Holy steam christmas sale!

    Jade Empire is a solid game, plus it has lesbian romances! But for that matter, it's Bioware, so you can probably take a stab in the dark to gander what to expect.
  16. llama_egg

    Global Agenda

    Eh', looks like it could be interesting, but dunno if it's really worth a monthly fee. While it is true you don't need to pay monthly, it looks like they cut a good chunk from the game without it.
  17. llama_egg

    water cooling an ENTIRE computer. Can it be done?

    Hey guys, I overclocked my Quattro 850 to 1000w, should I be worried about it overheating?
  18. llama_egg

    Where can I find unbiased reviews on sony ebook readers?

    There is a reason there's no backlight, it's so you can sit in front of it and not have it burn out your retinas. Honestly speaking, I would much rather an e-book reader to a netbook for just book reading any day, although I would probably wait till next year and see what happens. Saying that...
  19. llama_egg


    This. I would probably end up replacing the whole side. But saying that, the red is great, not to mention unique from what most people have. Glad your happy with it!
  20. llama_egg

    Post Your Desk

    Aye, I know what you mean, they have quite a bit of a clamp to them, though I have somewhat gotten use to it by now. Apparently you can stretch each side a bit at a time and eventually it won't be so tight. Also, not sure if they are available in Canada, but I've heard DT770 Velour Earpads are...

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