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  1. LaughingCrow

    Major new Intel processor flaw could defeat encryption and DRM protections

    ouch... "The flaw exists at the hardware level of modern Intel processors released in the last five years, and could allow attackers to create special malware (like keyloggers) that runs at the hardware level and is undetectable by traditional antivirus systems. Intel’s latest 10th Gen...
  2. LaughingCrow

    Amazon Prime Day-starts tonight July 10 to July 11th

    Haven't seen anyone post about Amazon's Prime Day specials - Exclusive Offerings, Only for Prime Members. Looks like everything from A to Z US and Canada and presuming world wide and also presuming this won't crash Amazon servers anywhere ;) Amazon Prime Day - starts today July 10th - 9 pm ET...
  3. LaughingCrow

    Odd Mouse/Keyboard lighting issue

    A few weeks ago, I came into my computer room and noticed the keyboard and mouse were lit up on a computer that I was certain I shut down. The mouse and keyboard were lit but the computer was off. I wondered if I had actually left it on and it crashed. Started the computer up without any...
  4. LaughingCrow

    Stratolauncher - aircraft with the largest wingspan

    385 foot wingspan and a lot of wheels... Built by one of Microsoft's co-founders. https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/05/paul-allen-showed-off-his-new-rocket-launching-plane-today-it-is-big/
  5. LaughingCrow

    Potential pricing increase on computer hardware/software (Trump)

    Hard to predict how this will work out and how quickly it could go into effect. Trump has moved quickly on a lot of things the Republicans don't like. As I understand it, most of the computer hardware we purchase in Canada is imported into the US first, then imported into Canada. Generally...
  6. LaughingCrow

    Free to a good home - i7-860 & ram - TAKEN

    Did a lot of searching but never did find a (cheap) replacement motherboard for this, so maybe someone can put it to use. (And I mean use it, not resell it, please.) Condition: As is - was working 4 or 5 months ago when I gave up on the old motherboard. Also have 4 sticks - PC3 10666 7-7-7...
  7. LaughingCrow

    New Build

    1. Use: Gaming - no OC, no high-end requirements. This will be my first Win 10 computer. 2. Budget. Several of the items I've price are within my budget, but not adverse to spending more for a better value item. Total right now around $1100.00 3. Country = Canada. Will buy CPU and MB from same...
  8. LaughingCrow

    Amazon Gaming (Twitch broadcasting)

    I don't know much about this, except for an article I came across today and the link to Amazon Games itself. And it probably explains in part why Amazon purchased Twitch. It looks like these will all be digital downloads, Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC. They have one game in alpha...
  9. LaughingCrow

    Want to Buy Motherboard LGA 1156

    Just about anything to get some more use from an i7-860 PM your asking price and shipping to L2A 3K4 (Ontario) Thanks
  10. LaughingCrow

    Armored Warfare - Open Beta - FTP

    Created by Obsidian Entertainment/My.com on Crytek engine Open Beta starts October 8 Open Beta Head Start for people who purchased Founder Packs October 1-7 Separate US Server and Euro Servers (independent progress) 15 tanks vs 15 tanks PVP 5 player PVE missions (easy-medium-hard) and insane...
  11. LaughingCrow

    Armored Warfare - Early Acces/Open Beta

    Early Access testing starts May 27th Founder's Packs, Early Access Coming | Armored Warfare - Official Website Founder Packs are $15.00, $30.00 or $70.00 US
  12. LaughingCrow

    Armored Warfare-alpha videos

    Technically, they haven't entered beta quite yet but it looks like it could be a good alternative to World of Tanks. You can still sign up for beta. Here's the Armored Warfare FAQ page: http://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?466-Official-Armored-Warfare-FAQ The alpha testing has been very...
  13. LaughingCrow

    Ontario government wants the CRTC to regulate the Internet

    Yeah, right. Politicians, business or both? Short article doesn't really provide much info on who is behind this. But Michael Geist is a known Ottawa watchdog on a lot of issues. Even if the intent here was positive (although I fail to see how) how would one province even attempt to regulate...
  14. LaughingCrow

    Newsweek's Official Collector's Edition Destiny - in Canada

    Newsweek went totally digital and going back to print, their first print magazine is the Official Collector's Edition Destiny. I found some at the local Shopper's Drug Mart in southern Ontario (Niagara Region). Others have found copies at Cole/Chapters. Cover shot: Newsweek Special Issue -...
  15. LaughingCrow

    Destiny beta no longer requires pre-order to access

    “Bungie opened the game's beta doors open to all console players, so long as they were subscribed to their system's paid subscription service (Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus)” Somewhere around 12 gig download... PSA: Destiny beta no longer requires pre-order to access | Ars Technica...
  16. LaughingCrow

    PS 4 Destiny Beta key available - 1st reply gets it

    Will be around for a while or until someone grabs it I picked my platform as PS4 and got 3 keys. The guy I thought might be interested has not been online for a while, so I rather not see this go to waste. Not sure if this would work for the PS3 though. It is a massive download for the PS4 at...
  17. LaughingCrow

    new Beta: Armored Warfare

    From Kotaku's website my.com is apparently another Russian beta sign up: Armored Warfare - Official Website Announcement Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcUgpzA2DSQ
  18. LaughingCrow

    Dell UltraSharp 23 Monitor - U2312HM on sale limited time

    $179.99 with free shipping today Webpage says today, email flyer says til 13th @5.59 am EST - call Dell to verify. Also a dual monitor stand on sale Days of Deals | Dell Canada
  19. LaughingCrow

    American general says: Canada’s F-35s ‘irrelevant’ without F-22 as support

    Maybe that was in the small print? Canada?s multi-billion dollar F-35s ?irrelevant? without U.S.-only F-22 as support, American general says | National Post
  20. LaughingCrow

    The Order: 1886

    Haven't seen this one posted before. Single Player for the PS 4. From the E3-2013 trailer, it says it was rendered using the in-game engine and it looked good. Another nudge towards getting a PS4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_p_TFtrqlg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lj3pfRgiuU E3-2013...

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