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    Kakao Stats

    Has any HWCers concidered hosting the Kakao Stats database?
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    "Exploit the Dark Cores of the Internet"[VentureBeat.com]

    Ontario Easy to sell concept: free internet coupled with "sell your computing power back to the grid":thumb:
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    Upgrade GDDR5 Ram?

    Forum Mods - Video card section or memory section? Anyways I have a pair of Sapphire HD5970's with inconsistant memory performance. I have found a reball/reflowing company to replace the memory chips. Is it possible to upgrade the ram in the process or will it saturate the existing onboard...
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    2 P, 4 P motherboard or Server Section

    I have been more than curious about upgrading to a 2P or 4P system for folding lately. (Curse that bigadvantage addiction) With that premise in mind,I find it difficult to gather intel on the multi processor success stories on the forum whether its on the best hardware or setting it up for...
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    Hot Swap External Cooling

    Has anyone ran 2 machines each with seperate pumps (cpu cooling only) into a single large reservoir with a single large external cooler? The end results would have 2 or more machines dumping heat outdoors in summer and allow for fan free cooling in winter months. The machines are overclocked...
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    Usb 3 to Usb 2 front panel conversion

    Has anyone attempted to degrade a USB3 front panel with a 20 pin connector back to a usb 2 supporting motherboard?
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    File Copy Tip

    Need a large group of files copied fast ? In your Microsoft resource kit there is a command line copy program that is very fast. Go to your run box, type cmd and try a large file copy using the ROBOCOPY command like the following example: ROBOCOPY C:\My Movies *.* /E /V /COPY:DATSOU D:\My...
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    Peak Power Draw on Vantage

    I did a couple of Vantage runs a couple days ago, heard the APC 1500 UPS let out a warning during benchmark Test #6...Peak Power draw of 903 watts. Has anyone experianced these kind of draws during their benching? Broken down its 55 watts for monitor and a pair of external drives, plus 350 watts...
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    Big party going on in California right now. The hardware at this event should be pretty amazing. BlizzCon 2010
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    Upgrade to X58

    I took the plunge and went for a new build, I take crap pictures but Ill try and get something up here. The buget is gone so Ill have to go without water cooling for a little while DAZ. I am going to give Win7 64bit a try on this one and see how it goes. The Meat and Potatoes : Cooler...
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    SSD Raid 0 Image to platter drive?

    New build and looking at possibilities. Hardware : 2 x 120 SSD's Raid 0 plus 2 x 10k 450 raptors RAID 1 plus 2 x 1TB 7.2ks (havent decided on Raid yet) Im looking to place Win 7 on SSD's and would like to store the image on the RAID 1 drives for recovery. Is it possible to use True Copy to...
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    Safe Method of Shutting down GPU clients?

    I have been using both the close X on the console box and the Control-C key combination to shut down my gpu clients for gaming ect. Sometimes it shuts down fine and retains all work, sometimes it shuts down and loses all the work. Is there a specific method to shut down the gpu folds and retain...
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    Dual Processor

    Hi, I have a couple of questions before ordering a new build Is it possible to run the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X 6 Core LGA1366 Gulftown 3.33GHZ 12MB Processor OEM on the ASUS Z8PE-D18(ASMB4-IKVM) Dual LGA 1366 Intel 5520 SSI EEB 3.61 Dual Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 Series Server...
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    ATI wu problems

    I was wondering if anyonelse was stuck in the waiting for wu loop or is an ATI specific issue or a local machine issue? All the smp cores are crunching but no joy with the gpus. Just curious, this room seems oddly quiet with out the heaters running :) Edit: Looks like it was a wu server backlog.
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    ATI 9-11 Driver Issue with 3870x2 card

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    A New Toy

    I was asked to build a machine for a young fellow that plays WOW and would someday like to overclock. The parts: Thermaltake V9 Box Asus Maximum Extreme II Board Intel Q9650 12m cache, 3ghz CPU Crucial Ballistics PC 8500 Ram Thermaltake 1000watt modular PSU ATI 4870 x 2 GPU Westren Digital...
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    Water cooling checks

    I hear alot of folks are concerned about water cooling because of horror stories of leaks ect. I captured a picture of a 2 year old water cooling radiator to show why some of these failures could have been avoided with regular maintenance. There is no leaking thus far but as you can clearly see...
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    Credit Card Fraud

    I was wondering if any HWC members have had experienced credit card fraud by purchasing computer parts from dealers? The reason I ask is I am fighting right now with just that issue. I only use my credit card to buy computer parts and always through a big name store. :censored:
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    Farm Setup Help

    I picked up 3 industrial machines, all identical, Intel P4s with minimalistic video . I was going to fold with them in a daisy chain setup, so there is only one monitor and 3 cpus processing. All have hard drives, cd roms and are running Windoze98. Where do I start to make this work or is it...
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    Laptops and OS's

    Hi, Anyone familiar with the major brand names out there, HP, Dell, Acer laptops operating systems? My concern is I want XP Pro on whatever I buy and they all come Vista. I need the XP for compatibility with others at office. Is it a no brainer to install XP on an laptop from these manufactures?

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