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  1. nork

    Laptop screen turns off - Gateway MA3

    I have a Gateway brand laptop, says model MA3 and also says model MX6425. Its a single core 1.8 ghz turion cpu, ATI Radeon Xpress 200M video and a gb of ram. I was given this unit and now i know why, hope you can help me out. The laptop boots to the bios and i can access the bios and make...
  2. nork

    Want to Buy hard drive caddy for dell vostro 3400 - cant find one!

    Spent over an hour looking for hard drive caddy and adapter for dell vostro 3400 laptop. Scoured ebay and even tried a couple chinese sites, no luck. 2 different places llst these 2 parts but out of stock. There are some second hard drive bay caddies but they are different, they go in the dvd...
  3. nork

    Want to Buy Wanted: low-end S1150 CPU

    With or without hs/fan assembly, prefer with. This is for a linux machine. thank you
  4. nork

    Want to Buy Dell Inspiron 1545 or Dell studio 1569 laptop

    Its for a friend of mine but i can pay for it thru paypal or emt. If you have either or both of these laptops please pm me with condition, details and price. PMs only please thank you
  5. nork

    Want to Buy q6700 or q6600 for a friend of mine

    with or without hs/fan Can anyone help me out here, please? I can do paypal or emt. thank you
  6. nork

    Want to Buy CPU SOCKET 775 q9550

    PM's only please Anyone have one for sale, just need the cpu. Please pm thank you
  7. nork

    Want to Buy QUAD 6600 s775 cpu, h drives - sata ide -Ltech tman marble fx

    PM only please need quad core intel s775 cpu - for my personal use need quad core q6700 or q6600 for a friend of mine, yes, i do have some,lol. I need a logitech trackman marble fx for my health issues and mine is on the way out. There is only one trackman marble fx and many imposters,lol...
  8. nork

    Want to Buy Socket 775 or AMD mobos

    PM's only please I need a couple low priced socket 775 mobos only, i have cpus. Or am2+ am3 mobos, with or without cpu. Please, nothing that has any issues. I can do emt or paypal right away. . Thank You . PM's only
  9. nork

    Want to Buy mods please delete

    already have WTB thread and dont wish to hog page one
  10. nork

    Want to Buy s775 MOBO, pci-e vid, hard drives, 4gb ddr2 rams,1gb ddr rams

    by pm only please I need the following for my personal use: ddr ram 1 gb and up, 2 same would be great but not necessary ddr2 ram 4 gb sticks - 2 - same would be great but not necessary Pcie video card around $50 to $60, shipped to N9E 2C1. Not in any hurry so ground is fine with me...
  11. nork


    I certainly understand the reason for nicknames and monikers. Anonymity can certainly be important, especially when not all people act reasonably. And especially in the case of mods. I use pms a lot and i put my real name in my pms. I notice that a lot of people will respond in kind and use...
  12. nork


    From my experience, soullessone would be at the top of my list.
  13. nork

    Want to Buy AMD MOBO FOR GAMER

    This is for my friend but i will pay for it. Can do emt or paypal and i have an excellent extensive trading record at heatware. He is looking for an AMD 790FX gamer board with 2 pcie 16 video slots and 4 memory slots but will consider 2 slots. We were looking at a Foxconn with AMD 790FX chipset...
  14. nork

    Want to Buy Intel i7 860 cpu

    I am looking for this cpu, with or without hs/fan assembly, prefer just bare cpu but will consider all. I can pay thru EMT or paypal, whatever you prefer.
  15. nork

    Little bit of fun - little contest

    The winner gets nothing, lol. I finally took apart my old win xp pro machine. It was, for the most part, a standard situation, built in a large older white full tower. Heres the contest. How many screws did i have to take out to so that i ended up with only the full tower that i started with...
  16. nork

    Want to Buy DDR3 RAM WANTED

    Strongly prefer pms with offers of ram to sell to me but if your post has to do with helping me understand dual channel and "matching" or any other post that doesnt have to do with pricing please post here. Im not looking for tech help in a "for sale" section but i do want ram that will...
  17. nork

    Want to Buy S1156 cpu's

    I need 2 socket 1156 cpus, one for testing and one higher end. Please use PM's Thank You
  18. nork

    is this a good deal for anyone

    I dont even do water but i found this looking for something else. It may be a good deal. If it is great, if not, i dont have a clue, i dont do water. Just trying to help out a bit, maybe. Innovatek Plex-o-Matic Waterblock - NEW! (Retails for over $80!): HighSpeed PC - Home of the Tech Station...
  19. nork


    I have a socket 775 mobo and i need a cpu for it. A friend of mine has these 3 cpus. Could you tell me which is the best of them and about what price they should sell for, all used but apparently working. I should know this but i dont. Im guessing the 6600 is the best, but, again, it aso depends...
  20. nork

    Want to Buy Few LAPTOP PARTS, Logitec trackball, Antec skeleton, laptop ram, pci vid -REVISED

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE P100 MODEL #PSPA3C-SD300E I need the screen for this one. TOSHIBA SATELLITE L300 OR L300D LAPTOP . I need a power adapter. Im sure i will also need a battery but for sure i need a power adapter for it. . DELL INSPIRON 1750 LAPTOP . I need a screen and a power adapter for...

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