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  1. belgolas

    Adjustments After XMP Set Question

    Gamers Nexus showed that both Intel and AMD got better performance using 4 sticks over 2. I remember buildzoid saying it differs from different motherboards and different memory sticks. Some are dual rank vs single rank for example. All of it is too complicated for me and I wished I knew more...
  2. belgolas

    Adjustments After XMP Set Question

    I used to have an 8700k and it ran my 4000 mhz 32gb 4x8 timings 15-16-16-36. My 8700k ran it just fine out of the box at XMP. I never tried overclocking the ram but it probably could push it more. There was a very slight performance gain so I didn't see much point. Now with my 5900x I could do...
  3. belgolas

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    It has been a long time since I have played Sid Meier's Pirates. I played it a lot when I was a kid.
  4. belgolas

    Intel’s 12900K is Going to CRUSH the Competition!

    Yup I remember every launch of new ram generation and the initial release was always worse. I remember people saying how bad DDR2 was compared to DDR1. Same for DDR3 vs 2 along with DDR4 vs 3. It is only natural when DDR4 is so refined with very tight timings especially with high end ram. You...
  5. belgolas

    Intel’s 12900K is Going to CRUSH the Competition!

    Judging by history DDR5 will start off as having bad latency and then a couple years later will have great latency.
  6. belgolas

    Game Sale PSA

    not like I have the time to play all the games I have purchased let alone gotten for free.
  7. belgolas

    buying stock in small amounts?

    I bought doge coin on Wealthsimple. Funnily enough it is currently my most profitable crypto purchase. Though that changes rapidly but it is something I am just holding for a long time. Most of my crypto has recovered from the crash except for bitcoin. Tough it is only currently at a 5% loss.
  8. belgolas

    push scooters - anyone here know anything about them?

    I use an e-scooter and they are a ton of fun. I just bought an Apollo City but it hasn't shipped yet. Can't wait to get it. Ever since my friend let me use his when we went on vacation to Quebec City I have been hooked. No better way to explore a city. I haven't used a leg powered scooter since...
  9. belgolas

    buying stock in small amounts?

    I use Wealthsimple and like it. I have made some terrible decisions and some smart investments. It is a bit late to get into some stocks like airlines and cruise lines as the best time was last year when they crashed hard. I have made good money off of Air Canada and Bombardier as well as...
  10. belgolas

    3080 Ti and 3070 Ti release date and price

    I was able to buy a bundle from Canada Computers. The bundle was a RTX 3080 Ti and a 5800x. Came to $2358 before taxes. The problem was it was over 600km away from where I live but my friend has his pilots license and needs more flight hours. So he flew to Ottawa to pick up my card and a card...
  11. belgolas

    3080 Ti and 3070 Ti release date and price

    I was able to get an EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra. Holy hell is this fast. Nearly double FPS to 2.6x FPS vs my GTX 1080.
  12. belgolas

    Battlefield 2042... what the...?!

    So far I am not that excited. I hope this is a good game but I don't care about that tornado and hope it can be disabled. It will be fun and interesting the first time but after that it will get frustrating and annoying. 128 players is something I have been hoping for for a long time. There will...
  13. belgolas

    3080 Ti and 3070 Ti release date and price

    This was pretty much me on launch day. I tried all the sites as fast as I could. Even before the official launch I check the nvidia site and it said out of stock... All of the sites I could get onto except EVGA as it was down. Sadly I had to go to work and couldn't be back onto EVGA's site till...
  14. belgolas

    8700K to a 5900X ... madness right?

    I upgraded from a 8700k to a 5900x and most games you will only see 1-2 frames increase at 3440x1440. Some games might see a bit more like CSGO but you are getting more frames than you need anyway. Personally it is up to you if you want to upgrade. I am sure if I didn't have a 1080 Ti but a...
  15. belgolas

    The first game that only runs on Raytracing hardware; Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

    Looking forward to play this in 2022 when I can get a new GPU.
  16. belgolas

    AMD 5000 Series review embargo

    So I was able to get a 5900x and have my new PC built. The only things I kept from my old build was my GPU, PSU, RAM and one M.2 drive. I have 4000mhz ram but no matter what I tried I couldn't get it to work at XMP or manually setting it to 4000mhz. It would just not post at all. I got it to be...
  17. belgolas

    Hilariously Overpriced Old Cards

    I have two GTX 480s sitting on a shelf behind me. I wonder if people would buy them. They are ancient but can play a lot of the less demanding games. I see they are selling for $100+ on Ebay... I never got around to selling them and originally kept them for a backup but it has been so long that...
  18. belgolas

    3080's where art thou?

    I visited my local Canada Computers because I was in the area. There was not a single GPU available. No matter what model there was nothing. They did have some 5800x in stock and I was tempted to pick one up but I want a 5900x. By the time a 5900x becomes available there will probably be a...
  19. belgolas

    Full i7 11700K review on anandtech - pre NDA, but purchased

    Well I was waiting for the next Intel CPU to be reviewed and based on this review I will be going AMD. Not like I can buy a 5900x right now.
  20. belgolas

    3080's where art thou?

    Canada Computers has some 3090's in stock. Slightly tempted to pick one up seeing as you can't find 3080's anywhere. Though it is not worth the price increase so I will just wait.

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