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  1. Dwayne

    Solo non-computer games

    I have a sudden urge to push physical bit around maps and boards. I ordered up a set of Gloomhaven stuff but I was wondering if anyone else has any games designed specifically for solo play, or a good rule set to simulate an opposition. I was looking at various wargames and such as well. In...
  2. Dwayne

    New NVidia Driver update Power issue

    So, last night I noticed my CPU temps were really high. I fiddled with some settings but it was late so I thought I would check into it this morning. I checked my processes and found a thing called NVRLA running and using about 9% CPU cycles. Seems like if you ask about it on the NVidia...
  3. Dwayne

    3D Printed Case

    Not sure where to put this link, but I stumbled across this YouTube video and thought I would share it for those interested. Not my work at all, just a random algorithm suggestion.
  4. Dwayne

    Strange Input Problem on a Laptop

    Here is an odd one. On a laptop, only in the Windows start menu, Windows system menu, the Windows notification area, and Windows store, it appears as though there is a stuck key. You can't use the mouse to select anything, and I can see the cursor movement and it looks like the tab key, or an...
  5. Dwayne

    Windows Update causes Blue Screen on some AMD systems

    Just a heads up for those Gigabyte X570 owners. Seems like a windows update for AMD SCSI adaptor is a problem. I noticed the reboot icon in my tray, had a look and saw it was a driver update and didn't think anything of it. Got the blue screen of death, as mentioned in the link, and it then...
  6. Dwayne

    Throwing money at my build - AIO fan replacement

    So I have an NZXT Kraken X73 360 AIO and I have money to burn ( so to speak ). What would be the best replacement fans, in your opinion? I am leaning toward either EK Vardar or Noctua fans. No RGB necessary as I am happy with the rad and fans being stealthy up in the top of the case. I noticed...
  7. Dwayne

    Acer XB271HU Predator

    Do you think $200 for a friend is reasonable? One owner, loving cared for :) Mfg Feb 2016 purchased in the summer of 2016. Thanks.
  8. Dwayne

    Best place to get a replacement power cord for a Toshiba laptop

    Looking for a brick replacement. The old cord broke at the laptop input end, and while I did a quick solder job it is not going to last. Any suggestions where to get a decent replacement for part number PA3714E-1AC3? Thanks!
  9. Dwayne

    Any OLED owners out there?

    It is almost time for the annual Superbowl TV sales, and I am thinking of upgrading from a few years old Samsung 4K to an LG OLED (or perhaps Sony). I am hoping that Costco replenishes stock in early January as it seems most of the OLEDs have been sold out for a while, a 2020 tradition...
  10. Dwayne

    Completed New AMD X570 Build

    Just wanted to post some pictures of the parts and the build. Kind of showing off, kind of preserving this until the forum dies :) I have other builds in here from when I first joined in 2008, so it is fun to look back and see those. Not picture in the boxes are the Kraken X73, Corsair RM 1000x...
  11. Dwayne

    NVidia working on enabling tech similar to AMD's announce Smart Access Memory feature

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-amd-smart-access-memory-tech-ampere Apparently, as our intrepid HWC folks mention in the sidebar Twitter feed, this appears to be a PCIe standard thing. Not sure why either company has never enabled it before these generation, perhaps the gains were...
  12. Dwayne

    AMD 5000 Series review embargo

    I was hoping to see some reviews the day before release. I guess the YouTubers who railed against NVidia's early FE / day of AIB review embargo should all be up in arms today, right? Right? Not a fan of reviews on the day of release. I am going to watch the reviews before I buy, even though I...
  13. Dwayne

    Buildzoid knows a leaker. He bought a 5600X that wasn't a scam.

    Interesting. Mem speeds look to be similar to the 3000 series.
  14. Dwayne

    New AMD graphs, link taken from the HWC twitter post

    https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/graphics-gaming-benchmarks You can select the game, see the results as tested by AMD themselves. I give them full credit for adding numbers to their bar graphs, and being fairly open on their testing too. Still, I trust the 3rd party reviewers to give these a...
  15. Dwayne

    New Computer build flow - any AMD specific stuff I should know

    So, I decided to do an AMD build. Now, I don't think I have built an AMD CPU system before I am just going to post something here looking for input for things I may overlook. Here is the order I typically do things on a build. I am sticking in the AMD stuff where I would do the Intel stuff. Am...
  16. Dwayne

    Leaks from Igor's Lab Navi21 XT power

    The AMD fan bois are in full defend mode on Videocardz as Igor's Labs releases some "full grain of salt" leaked info on the upcoming "Big Navi" cards...
  17. Dwayne

    Sleeved cable companies

    I am thinking of getting some custom cables for my new build. Looking for some feedback on the different companies out there. Everyone knows about CableMods but I see that there are other choices. I am thinking of full cables and not extensions, just for the visible ones, and I will need 3 PCIe...
  18. Dwayne

    X5900 Build

    Gaming overkill. I expect that a 3080 will be the video card when it is available in numbers. I don't have a firm budget but I have enough that if a 3090 made sense I would get one. I don't stream or do any production work, I play games. I love flight sims, so MSFS 2020 will be purchased shortly...
  19. Dwayne

    Suggested Threads

    Any way to get rid of that at the bottom of my screen? I don't want it and it just started showing up recently.
  20. Dwayne

    AMD 7nm vs Intel 14nm +++++

    der8auer has released his 3rd part on the scanning electron microscopic look at the transistor size difference between the AMD fabrication and Intel fabrication. Very cool for those interested in the silicon level information.

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