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  1. b1lk1

    PC on i7 2600PC

    i7 2600 w/Corsair 50 4X2GB DDR3 Intel DQ67SW Asus CUII R9270 2GB Corsair 750W PSU (less than 6 months old) WD VR 150GB HD (not really worth anything but works) Antec plain case has Win 10 license tied to it
  2. b1lk1

    AMD R9 290x doesn't like my PC ### SOLVED ###

    OK, you can see my specs. Here's my issue: ASUS R9 290X CUII 4GB causes my PC to lockup. It worked OK for about a week after the install, now it just locks up after 5-10 minutes and I have major issues getting Eyefinity to work. Fast forward to today and I finally got a chance to pop it into...
  3. b1lk1

    R9 290x woes

    OK, this card is driving me crazy. I've been googling it and it seems that a few people, me included, have lots of strange issues with these cards. My worst issue is lousy DX9 gaming, which defeats the purpose of my computer since I play older driving sim games. Specifically Trackmania 2...
  4. b1lk1

    DiRT Rally

    Anyone playing this? I just finished building a PC that can drive my 5760X1080 setup and my racing sim machine. I never heard about this game and it looks awesome, especially the Youtube videos of it. I have a custom built by me car sim with a G25 that is heavily heavily modified as well. I...
  5. b1lk1

    Technology career paths to suggest to my 14yr old son

    As the title states, I need help. I am so far out of the technological loop that I am clueless as to what is even out there and what would be a job with somewhat of a future. Right now he is doing well in 9th grade. I'm really trying to help him decide his future and his path to get there. I...
  6. b1lk1

    Anyone know how to identify which network an Android phone uses for unlock purposes

    As the title states. I have a Sony Experia M2 that I'd love to give to my 15yr old. IMEI is verified clean. Phone has 10 tries to network unlock it left. Bought it off Ebay and seller has no idea what network it is locked to. Phone works perfect, can get into any area to look, but I did...
  7. b1lk1

    New phone for my severely technologically challenged wife

    My wife and technology do not mix. I am forever trying to keep things running smoothly. I need to get her a phone that will not be a hassle at all. I'm looking at 3 models: Galaxy S6 LG G4 iPhone SE I am starting to think I need to get her an iPhone. Do they still just work? Are they...
  8. b1lk1

    C2D VS C2Q strictly for older gaming

    OK, please bear with me. No chanting about upgrades, what I have will easily do what I want. Looking for advice. Would I be better off with a high clock speed dual core than a 4 core, S775 generation, for playing racing sim games? I used to run the 3 screen sim setup I have with a Q9400...
  9. b1lk1

    Need wired router with strong parental features

    My main area of utter importance is the ability to set times to turn off the internet at a set time and obviously turn it on at a set time every day. Wireless internet is of no importance at all, in fact I would rather avoid buying a wireless router if at all possible. Budget is pretty fair...
  10. b1lk1

    HTC M8 quick charge question

    Anyone have one of these phones and managing to get quickcharge 2.0 to actually work?
  11. b1lk1

    PC android emulators

    Anyone else running one of these? I'm currently playing with AndyOS. It works excellent on my PC, now I don't need an android tablet to kill some time playing my android games on a big screen! Just curious if anyone else is doing this and what their experiences are.
  12. b1lk1

    eGPU causing 100% HDD usage

    Ok, finally started playing around with my eGPU project. I'm using a HP 7800USDT computer and a mPCI-E based eGPU device. The computer has a mPCI-E slot for a SSD storage device. Everything works right for the eGPU, using a GTX660 for testing. Drivers install and all is good there. Problem...
  13. b1lk1

    Anyone else into vintage computing?

    Currently my newest PC is S775, I own a bunch of S775 stuff as well so I love to play with it. I have an old AMD64 system with a 165 Opty that I want to start playing with, just need a few more minor bits. Plan on building a S478 system and if funds/time allows a P3 slot 1 system would just be...
  14. b1lk1

    Power supply sustained load question (Dell system specific power supply)

    I have a 235W PSU in my current PC. Using a Kill A Watt measuring device, my PC idles around 75W of usage and levels off around 140W for gaming. So this leads me to 2 questions: 1. Should I worry about pulling so much through that PSU? My main concern is heat, the Dell case is restrictive...
  15. b1lk1

    School me on Windows 10 tablets

    Few questions: Can you play Steam games on them? Nothing too recent, I am a Trackmania nut. Would love to be able to play that mobile. What should I look for if shopping off brands? Portable is good, but I will usually have access to a plug when I travel. What do I look for for battery...
  16. b1lk1

    Obama handing Trudeau a gift on a platter

    They are saying no to Keystone. I have a hard time believing any Liberals support it so here is the golden egg left by the goose. What will Trudeau do with this tidbit? I can only see him gain popularity by killing Keystone, and even a knuckle dragger like me can't really argue that Keystone...
  17. b1lk1

    Flashing phones for ROMs, added features and the "fun" it entails

    Just tossing this out there, a lot of us know some stuff about phones and flashing them, let's try and get a really good thread so people can get answers. XDA FORUMS IS THE BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET TO GET ALL INFO ABOUT FLASHING ANDROID ANYTHING. THEY DO, HOWEVER, EXPECT YOU TO DO YOUR OWN...
  18. b1lk1

    Why is it OK for the police to break the law on duty?

    OK, we all know the story, idiot decides it's OK to run over an animal in Collingwood and we all know he'll never see the inside of a courtroom. Why is it OK for the police to break the law? Why are our rights being publicly stripped away yet no one seems to care? Why is it OK for a cop to be...
  19. b1lk1

    Where to download ISO.s WIN 7 since digital river shuttered

    I need an ISO of Windows 7 PRO. I have a key, all set there, just need setup media. Anyone know of a non-torrent legal place to download it?
  20. b1lk1

    Thank you Microsoft!

    After many many failed attempts, I finally got my PC upgraded to Windows 10 today. Working beautifully. Now I have a legit OS for the first time in 3-4 years! Thank you!

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