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  1. zlojack

    Storage Drives For Media - 2TB?

    Hi all, long time no see :biggrin: I've been doing quite fine with a couple of WD Caviar 500GB drives in my rig, but one of them is now crapping out on me after about 5 years and I'm looking to upgrade to something new and with a larger capacity. Also, in light of the crap-out and the loss of...
  2. zlojack

    Maximus Gene-Z On-Board Sound - No 5.1?

    I've had a Razer Barracuda headset and it was working just fine for quite a while. Recently, I replaced my old SSDs with a new one, which also involved reinstalling Windows. Now I've set everything up and installed all the drivers, but my on-board Realtek X-Fi MB2 adaptor is only detecting the...
  3. zlojack

    SSD RAID0 Failure

    Short Version: BSOD SSD in RAID Failed Bought New SSD RAID Booted with old SSDs Old SSD now appears to work fine. Should I return the new one? Long Version Hi everyone, hope you're all well. Last night, I was coasting along, playing SWTOR, when my internet went out and I disconnected. Oh...
  4. zlojack

    Thinking about 27" or Triple Display - advice please!

    I've been through many incarnations of my rig since I started this whole crazy thing about five years ago. The one piece I've never changed is my monitor, which is a Samsung Syncmaster 24B. It has served me very well and it is still in great shape, but my curiosity is piqued by the 27"...
  5. zlojack

    Want to Sell Watercooling Fittings - Bitspower

    After moving to the new apartment, the verdict came down that the big computer was going to have to go bye-bye. So I migrated to a compact uATX motherboard and a P180 mini. I also went back to air cooling. That means I have a ton of stuff to sell. Here are my FS conditions: 1) Buyer...
  6. zlojack

    Going from 3x2 to 3x4

    I am toying with the idea of bumping up to 12GB. Am I crazy?
  7. zlojack

    Want to Sell zlojack's big sale: Water-Cooling, i7, X58, Video Cards, SSD & more!

    Time to clear out some stuff and get rid of one of my rigs. Sad for me, great for you guys! Here are my FS conditions: 1) Buyer pays shipping. I will quote shipping for you. You PM me your full address and I send you the shipping quote ASAP. **NB: I will give preference to local deals to...
  8. zlojack

    Dead PSU?

    Alright I finally finished my build. Put everything together and got ready to fill the three water loops and test the pumps. Hooked up the pumps and put a jumper on the PSU 24-pin cable, flipped the switch on the back of the PSU and....nothing. Tried it again with the jumper (paper clip) in a...
  9. zlojack

    GTX 260 issues

    Hi all :biggrin: I got home yesterday to find my machine in a black screen (which is normal). So I moved the mouse and hit the keyboard a few times, which usually brings everything back just fine. No dice. So I do a hard reboot, no problem, this has happened before. Same thing. Gets to...
  10. zlojack

    No Rail Switch on Zeus ZM1200?

    I just recently picked up this PSU and one of the great things about it is supposedly the ability to switch it to single rail if I so desire, so I tried to do this and, lo and behold, there is no switch in the little hole in the side of the psu (the one covered by the "Warranty Void if Broken"...
  11. zlojack

    Help me pick a new 1200W PSU

    I am trying to decide which to get. I was about set on the BFG, but I have read some information about them having issues and putting out a revision to deal with ripple. Any truth to this? This is for the following rig: X58 Classified 920 D0 Heavily overclocked 3 SLI GTX 280s heavily...
  12. zlojack

    Project: Frag'n'Fold and Jr.

    I am slowly embarking on these next two builds which will probably evolve a bit during the course of the builds. So far Frag'n'Fold looks something like this: This is all I've got for now. I started a bit of work tonight, but it will be slow going with time restrictions (seems like there's...
  13. zlojack

    Post your SSD benchmarks and tweaks

    This comes from a bit of a discussion we have in the FS section :biggrin: It would be nice to see what people are getting out of their SSDs and how they are getting there. Please post your SSD benchmarks as well as a description of the setup. Some points would be: How full the disk is What...
  14. zlojack

    Want to Sell Swiftech MCR Radiators, MCP355, EK Top, Fuzion GFX V2 ALL BNIB!!!

    Time to sell some stuff that I've been sitting on for a bit and now I need cash. All prices are WITHOUT SHIPPING as shipping will depend on what you buy. Obviously combined orders can get a bigger box and save! I accept EMT, Paypal or Cash in Person! Heatware is here. You can also check my...
  15. zlojack

    BitsPower EVGA Classified X58 3X SLI Mobo Blocks! Very Nice!

    These blocks turned out really sweet! I have one on the way. :thumb: Pics are courtesy of RealRedRaider at www.realredraider.com
  16. zlojack

    Getting Loaded for No Reason

    Anyone ever just crack open a bottle of vino or a six just for the hell of it and get loaded? Once in a while I like to just relax and knock back a few and get loaded in the comfort of my own home for no reason other than "just because" :biggrin: Tonight is one of those nights. I just bought...
  17. zlojack

    50 Million! Top 20 PPD! Top 100 overall!

    Looking at the numbers, we should be hitting the 50 million points mark either Monday or Tuesday at the latest! :clap: Also this week we've hit the top 20 in PPD! And later this week we should crack the top 100! Way to go everyone! Keep up the good work!:punk:
  18. zlojack

    Help with F@H on quad-SLI GTX 295 please!

    I've been battling with this for a couple of days now. Three of my four GPUs are folding along nicely, while the fourth gets UNSTABLE_MACHINE and EUEs. I've tried two different drivers so far (182.08 and 182.50) and the same thing happens on both. My system is in my sig. Vista 64 is the OS...
  19. zlojack

    Boost Your PPD with VMWare - Look inside for easy guides!

    Everyone gets a bit leery when talk of setting up virtual machines and crazy Linux installs to boost your PPD, but I've found a couple of really good guides which, with a minimum of technical knowledge and some patience, can have you doubling your PPD from your CPU with the SMP client! That's...
  20. zlojack

    EVGA GTX 295 No longer available for Step-up

    Wow! The demand for these is so crazy that EVGA just can't meet it anymore! If you're not in the queue for step-up, faggeddaboudit!

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