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  1. Mark

    Personal rant on bitcoin

    Feel like a f&*&*(in idiot for not jumping on this years ago. I heard about it in it's infancy but was always top busy with life to really give it serious thought. Do I think it's the scam of the century ? All depends how you define scam. Even bull shit sells so who cares about what anyone...
  2. Mark

    How I survived watching the Iron Fist on Netflix

  3. Mark

    Want to Buy kid needs a good cheap priced laptop for school with hdmi output

    Prefer Lenovo for reliability and Intel. Let me know if you have anything in good shape for "CHEAP":biggrin:
  4. Mark

    My son sent me 'want/need' laptop for xmas...

    15" Macbook Pro Hardware Touch Bar and Touch ID 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz 16GB 2133MHz memory 2TB PCIe-based SSD Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB memory Four Thunderbolt 3 ports Force Touch trackpad Accessory Kit Backlit...
  5. Mark

    After a few years with my GTX Titan

    Guess I'm just getting too old to be interested in gaming at all but wouldn't mind dabbling back into an excellent PCGAME. So I need a few recommendations. First off, my GTX TITAN runs well but I've been out of the picture and not sure where it stands today. I would like to upgrade my monitor...
  6. Mark

    Want to Buy Anyone selling an i5 laptop for business?

    Prefer Lenovo but flexible . $250 . Do not want hp or acer. I'm north of Toronto
  7. Mark

    19 billion

    Facebook spends for an app. Hope Facebook shares drop and this media messaging fad sinks these illusionist in the gutter. What a joke. Way to go whatsapp ! Hate Facebook :angry2::angry2:
  8. Mark

    Looking at office 3 computers and a server

    Looking to build my office at home...basic, simply accounting, Office - word, excel. And a server to my simply accounting. Want the PC's to look business like no gamer like. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking of the NCIX Bundle Deal Intel Core i3 3220 Dual Core CPU & ASUS...
  9. Mark

    picked up a cool domain name, have no idea what to do with it :)

    So i'm wandering the pages of expiredomains.net and came across tinynerd.com figure I'll hire some Filipinos do to tech work in the area...job requirement...under 4' tall.:rofl:
  10. Mark

    Autocad image conversion ?

    I'm still progressing with my project but have been pre-occupied with work and family. What I'm having a difficult time with is converting a jpg image of ROG IMAGE to an autocad extension for the water cutting company to do. They use .dxf and .dwg. I downloaded AutoCad 2013 and at a loss...
  11. Mark

    Want to Buy Before I buy New I am looking for a reliable Intel quad/motherboard to run WHS2011

    Strictly for a server at my home with valuable data and streaming my video/music collection. Going to Raid 5 quad processor/motherboard and ram. I'm in Bolton, Ontario. Media case I suppose..open to suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Mark

    Server / network ...home

    I am in the process of building a small home server for all or pc, iPads, phones etc but want it user friendly and flexible access from any location outside my residents. I have 3 tb wd red drives ready to go and was thinking of a quad CPU/mb combination and windows 7?. Any suggestions?
  13. Mark

    Best email client?

    I'm tired of having all these email accounts and would like the "one choice". Yahoo,gmail,outlook:whistle:. I like gmail but hate the way google tracks, scans and anal probes my life. Unlike most, Outlooks clean look is very appealing but limited for attachments. Thoughts?
  14. Mark


    Running a small business and will expand my license to 3 so we can access the single data base. I was wondering if I need a full fledged server or will QNAP TS-209 do ? (Move topic where ever you this is appropriate) QNAP QNAP TS-209 Diskless System All-in-one NAS Server for SOHO and Home...
  15. Mark

    My heart is breaking for Mr. Salami

    :ph34r:I received this heart wrenching email and I don't know what to do.:ph34r:
  16. Mark


    What happened to him from NCIX ?
  17. Mark


    Really junk if you ask me. I did a simple test to make sure it wasn't the o ring. Stuck a tube on in it, filled it with water and applied mouth pressure. It leaked horribly at the swivel nut portion...if you know what I mean. Trash:doh:
  18. Mark

    Would you do this to a $1200 Titan card ?

    :shok: The Power of Titan!!! - hwbot.org Hope he doesn't ebay it after.
  19. Mark

    laser / water cooling

    Any idea where I can get some work done to the front of my case ? It's lian li so it's 1.5mm thick. In GTA are ( Greater Toronto Area. ) How much would it cost ? Looking to cut out the Rampage logo on the front :
  20. Mark

    Work in progress Rampage

    Combination of new and used products as well as an accumulation of items I purchased from users. Using my Lian Li case that I've had for a few years - PC-Z60 Lian Li Items so far Asus Maximus V Formula Intel 3770K Pair of Trident X F3-2400C10D-16GTX Pair of Samsung 840 Pro SSD 256GB each -...

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