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  1. Dr_BenD_over

    Want to Sell HDD's, TRUE 120, Voodoo II 12MB

    Forsale: 2x WD Caviar SE16 (Blue) 500GB drives, working pulls, have been wiped. $15 each plus shipping. The Blue was actually an RMA replacement for another Caviar SE16 that had failed, both are past warranty Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120mm, with clips for 2 fans, older version for S775/AM2...
  2. Dr_BenD_over

    Recommend me some disk wipe software

    I'm selling off 2 old drives and I wanna wipe them first, any recommendations (freeware)? Never mind, I remembered the thread in the for sale section :doh: And it turns out my copy of Acronis can do what I need anyway..
  3. Dr_BenD_over

    SIR and/or ROSE Testing in Canada

    Kind of a long shot but does anybody know of any testing labs that do this within Canada?
  4. Dr_BenD_over

    Want to Buy Venomous X BTK II

    Looking to mount my old Thermalright Ultra Extreme on my 4670K and this seems to be what I need to do that. Anybody got one kicking around, I'm not seeing any available in Canuckistan.
  5. Dr_BenD_over

    21:9 Monitors

    I'm thinking of getting a LG 29EA73 29IN Ultrawide for myself as a bit of a B-Day present, and I have a few questions. 1. Is this just a gimmick thing and would I be better off just getting a regular 16:10 or 16:9 monitor? 2. I would plan on using this with one or both of my current monitors...
  6. Dr_BenD_over

    BIOS recovery keeps kicking in.

    For some reason the BIOS recovery tool on my old P5Q Deluxe board keeps kicking in on cold boots and reverts back to the original BIOS. I checked the BIOS battery with my multimeter and it checks out OK. I initially thought the issue was the fact that the stupid copy of Vista I put on it was...
  7. Dr_BenD_over

    Somewhere to get older Asus BIOS

    Seems my old P5Q Deluxe Mobo suddenly wanted to kick in the die hard BIOS and reverted all the way back to the original version it came with. It was running 0804 stable, but newer versions has added features for newer processors that the Q6600 didn't support and the newer bios did not have the...
  8. Dr_BenD_over

    Core 2 Quad System

    Q6600 (G0 stepping) Asus P5Q Deluxe 2x2GB RAM Asus HD5850 500GB WD Blue DVD Thermaltake Shark Full Tower aluminum case with TT Lan bag BFG "550W" PSU :whistle: Legit Vista 64b Home Premium
  9. Dr_BenD_over

    Er, crap, Help!

    Ahhhhh, I just started folding again... totally new gear since the last CC when I last fired up. I just double clicked my old icons to fire it up... I went from Kentsfield to Haswell and a 5850 to 650Ti... Should I be updating something... I think the GPU is using is using a core of my...
  10. Dr_BenD_over

    OK, my brain is fried, ID the card on the right...

    I was digging though my archives and came across this pic. Obviously the card on the left is a 6600GT, but WTH is the card on the right? The original filename is oldvsnew, but I went from a 6600GT to a 6800GS, and I had a 9800pro with a AC cooler before that. Is that a stock cooled 9800Pro...
  11. Dr_BenD_over

    Looking at buying a truck...

    Time for a new vehicle and I'm thinking of getting a truck. I'm thinking F150 right now and I think I pretty much know what I want, and then I got to the rear axle ratios :shok: WTH do I need? I'm going with the XL, 5.0 V8, 6ft bed, 4x4. It will be used on logging "roads" and probably to tow...
  12. Dr_BenD_over

    $150 Card that can beat a 5850?

    Is there such a thing yet? (I'm talking new not used)
  13. Dr_BenD_over

    Want to Sell Nadda!

    No Longer Available
  14. Dr_BenD_over

    D945GCLF, 2GB, HD2400Pro

    Intel D945GCLF w/ Atom230 Mini Itx 2GB DDR2 probably PC2-5400 (max board takes) PCI HD2400Pro 256MB (freak of nature Powercolor thing with no HD audio) I'm thinking this stuff is completely worthless and I should just stick it on Kijiji for free, although it's a LOT zippier than some of the...
  15. Dr_BenD_over

    HDMI Sound Issue

    This seems odd. For years now I've run my HTPC into my TV using a DVI-HDMI adapter and had the sound go in separately via minjack-dual RCA (either from onboard sound or a Audigy 2 NX). My TV had one HDMI port that accepted audio to be provided in this fashion. I recently did and upgrade to my...
  16. Dr_BenD_over

    Want to Buy Low End PCI-E Video Card - FOUND

    I'm looking for a cheap low end PCI-E video card to go into my 'new' HTPC build. The cheaper the better. All it has to do is playback 1080P content in a Q6600 based system. It would be nice if it had HDMI out. I was going to use a HD2400Pro I had, but it died last night. Local pickup would be...
  17. Dr_BenD_over

    Quick sanity check required...

    Anything wrong with this upgrade to my current system? NCIX Bundle Deal ASUS Z87-K ATX HDMI Motherboard & Intel Core i5 4670K Unlocked Quad Core Processor Corsair XMS3 CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB 2X4GB DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-24 240PIN Core i5 i7 AMD Memory Kit
  18. Dr_BenD_over

    4670K or 3570K?

    Which one? I've budgeted $600 to get myself a new Mobo/CPU/RAM to finally upgrade my Q6600. I probably won't bother with overclocking, I can't afford to fry stuff anymore.
  19. Dr_BenD_over

    Atom 230 and Win7 Pro

    How slow is this going to be? The XP Pro install seems to be borked, not really surprising considering how long I've had this system running for. Atom 230 on Intel D945GCLF mobo 2GB Ram (maxed) PCI Ati HD2400 256MB 500GB SATA2 HDD (WD Blue) This system is only used to watch non-HD movies on...
  20. Dr_BenD_over

    Somethings Borked with the Forum...

    Basically they won't load at all using IE9 (I know /hangs head in shame) and in Chrome they load, but there's double the banner ads and triple the little Contest ad beside it.

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