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  1. Bartacus

    "Everytime I try to get out, they pull me back in..."

    Case Labs that is. After having my gaming rig in a Lian Li Dynamic O11 XL, a case I initially loved so much I bought two, I came to a realization: it's a hot box, no matter how you slice it. Even with triple 360s covered in good fans, the air flow isn't the greatest. Especially for a 6900XT...
  2. Bartacus

    Project Blurple: or how much can you stuff in an M8

    The Experiment: code name Project Blurple Goal of the experiment: to cram as much crap as possible into a Case Labs M8, with pedestal, using as many parts as possible that I have collecting dust in boxes. This will include a potentially excessive amount of radiators, fans, flow meters, etc. It...
  3. Bartacus

    Gaming rig rebuild, sadly not featuring the 5950x....yet.

    Dec. 22nd, 2020, 7:15PM EST: I get a text. The 5950x CPU I ordered 6 weeks ago has landed. It is a Christmas miracle! The Canada Computers guy notices the CPU doesn't look right through the box window, it's kinda crooked. We think nothing of it. Dec. 22nd, 2020, 8:00PM EST: I open the box...
  4. Bartacus

    Home theatre rig rebuild

    Howdy folks, just a quick 'rebuild' of my home theatre rig, nothing terribly exciting. I had this mounted on the Core P3 case a while back, then decided a single 420 rad wasn't enough, since I was doing some gaming on it. The guts then got moved into a soft tube loop in a Lian Li PC O11...
  5. Bartacus

    X399 ThreadRipper build - Indigo Violence

    Greetings humans! After months and months of deliberation and thought, I have decided that I want more PCIE lanes than my current X570 rig can offer. As much as I love my current rig, I have a storage fetish, and have LONG dreamed of a time when I could have oodles and oodles of storage with...
  6. Bartacus

    Work in progress An old mans confusing dual system water cooled build log(s)?!?!?!

    This is going to be a bit scatter-brained and wordy, fair warning! Short attention span people get out now!!!! :bananafunky: I wasn't sure quite how to approach this, but with HWC being a rather quiet forum, I figured I could combine two builds into one log, rather than create two threads...
  7. Bartacus

    Is this a good deal for a friend?

    Hey guys, looking for a quick price check here to make sure I'm giving a buddy of mine a good deal. I rarely sell anything, but my buddy has 2 babies and not much disposable income, and I have a partial Ryzen rig I don't need since I went X570 recently. So I'd be selling the following...
  8. Bartacus

    An old man's first all AMD rig, purple and white custom loop

    So I accidentally built and all-AMD system recently. I've been building PCs since the 386 days, and I had never built an all-AMD rig before. I had it all put together nicely in a soft tube custom loop in a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. After spending HOURS on that thing, I ended up breaking some of...
  9. Bartacus

    Work in progress Bad Moon Ryzen

    Hey dudes! I'm starting a build log here for the first time. It will most likely suck, so prepare yourselves. I'm not a perfectionist, I don't mod, I'm a complete nerd slob, I can't take pics worth a damn, etc etc. Cable management will be optional, if I do it at all. Criticism can...
  10. Bartacus

    Annoying PWM boot up stuff

    I'm having a slightly annoying issue with the CPU header on my mobo. It's an Asus Rampage 4 Extreme Gene (x79 chipset). I recently decided to go PWM for the first time with two large group of fans (12 total). Basically there are 2 sets of 6 fans each (360 rad in push/pull), with each set...
  11. Bartacus

    Work in progress Bart's holiday re-build.

    Hey dudes, not sure if I ever really introduced myself around here. Name is Bart, I'm an old IT geek like a lot of you. I post on a fair number of forums, but never much on this one for some odd reason. So I'm going to fix that and post up a small worklog of the rebuild of my main rig. I've...
  12. Bartacus

    x79 CPU upgrade...worth it?

    So I have the upgrade itch, again, but I'm poor. My current system is: i7-3820k quad core (OCed mildly to 4.3Ghz) Asus Rampage IV Extreme Gene 4 x 4GB Corsair DDR3 2 x Zotac GTX980 Custom overkill water loop (4 360s, 2 D5's, etc). On Fleabay, I can find an old "extreme edition" CPU...

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