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  1. thenewguy001

    no experience with HTPCs, need advice

    I'll check out sick beard. Unfortunately, my house is rather ancient and there aren't really enough outlets to go around and they are in awkward postions. powerline networking may not work well for me.
  2. thenewguy001

    no experience with HTPCs, need advice

    Thanks! I never even thought about wireless keyboards. That's probably what I'll go with. I have a ninja rev b cooler for the q6600 but it's rather large and won't fit in a HTPC case. It also looks like HTPC cases are also not cheap. I may just go with a standard cheapo ATX Tower. I also...
  3. thenewguy001

    no experience with HTPCs, need advice

    I'm trying to put together a media centre PC for netflix instead of buying a box. Not sure if this is a good idea. I have no experience at all with home theatre/media PCs I have some old parts lying around: Q6600 CPU some Gigabyte motherboard for the above CPU 4GB DDR2 RAM AMD 5770...
  4. thenewguy001

    XBOX 720 Graphics

    I think the trade off is about even if you play enough games to be able to take advantage of all the insane sales that PC games have (steam, etc). You don't often get the chance to buy console games for $2.50 - $5 each so if you play often, you'll probably save in the long run. And that's not...
  5. thenewguy001

    Nvidia Kepler & Tegra stuff...

    There appears to be a leaked review out there on the net, backed up by pictures. Not sure if am allowed to post here. GTX 680 looks to have about 10-20% performance increase over the 7970 in general. NDA is rumoured to be lifted next thurs or fri
  6. thenewguy001

    Someone install cheat engine in my PC

    cheat engine is a free memory editing tool, to give yourself more gold/lives/whatever resources your game uses. It's not malware
  7. thenewguy001

    Q6600 G0 system

    How much can I get for the system in my signature? Q6600 is G0 stepping. The PCI-E latch pin is broken on the mobo, but doesn't affect performance. I probably want to sell everything except for case and fans. I also have: GeForce 9600GT (back from RMA) D-Link 4-port wired router LG IDE...
  8. thenewguy001

    Patriot Pyro 240gb?

    Is this a decent drive? I'm looking for a 180GB or 240GB SSDfor my new build, and this drive is $200 off at ncix right now. I notice HWC doesn't have a review of this series. I wonder if AKG or other local SSD gurus can chime in as to whether this is ok purchase or something to avoid. If not...
  9. thenewguy001

    is this a good deal/mobo?

    Thanks. I'll look into those ram kits
  10. thenewguy001

    is this a good deal/mobo?

    I don't plan on doing massive OCing. I'm usually not brave enough to push my $$$ hardware enough for them to fry so I normally just do a mild OC if I bother. However, this board doesn't have eSata that I need. I guess I'll have to find a new board. Any suggestions? I'm looking at this mobo...
  11. thenewguy001

    is this a good deal/mobo?

    I've been out of the hardware scene for a couple of years now and is looking to build a new gaming PC this year. I don't do folding/video editing. Gaming only at 1920x1080. Memory express has this combo deal right now: Intel Core and it comes with a 2500k and this Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 mobo...
  12. thenewguy001

    Dell Dell Ultrasharp U2412M - $279

    Is the u2212 suitable for gaming?
  13. thenewguy001

    First Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon or Mars

    reactor explosions don't have much concussive power. The overheated nuclear fuel does not explode, but rather melt into the ground. The explosions happen due to steam pressure build up in the turbine systems from the overheated fuel. The universe is not like air. It's a vacuum. Vacuum...
  14. thenewguy001

    Need help with the original Witcher *spoilers*

    Not sure if it's possible at this point, but the willow potion protects against stun. You can brew potions even if you don't actually have the formula yet. It'll be unidentified until you drink it. Willow - The Witcher Wiki
  15. thenewguy001

    Game Sale PSA

    Always wondered what the big hype was about this. Then I played the demo, bought it and spent about 20 hrs playing this in the last few days. pretty much the most polished defense game I've ever played. Very charming, and huge variety of towers/enemies/strategies to use
  16. thenewguy001

    Game Sale PSA

    Send an email to gabe newell and let him know who you are. He reads all his email and can probably help you out or get his development team to look into your problems because your case seems pretty unique. Not a lot of people I know are having trouble with steam anymore. I had a crap load of...
  17. thenewguy001

    New Free to Play Games Arriving on Steam

    There were already lots of free games on steam before this batch got released. There was a list of them on the official forums in a sticky thread. The reason why there is a press release this time is because these games are mmos that have a pay-to-win model whereas the previous games were just...
  18. thenewguy001

    Game Sale PSA

    ^the last time I had that problem, I did the old steam trick of deleting clientregistry.blob and it fixed everything. I had lost like 20 different titles and a reinstall of steam didn't fix it. But delete that file and most steam problems are fixed.
  19. thenewguy001

    Happy Cruze?

    my sister almost bought one of these deathtraps. so glad she didn't
  20. thenewguy001

    Suggest-A-Game: Action-RPG?

    The witcher is definitely worth picking up. It's mostly story driven and very little grinding required unless you're playing on hard difficulty, then it's mostly picking up potions ingredients to make sure you are buffed up for battle. I got the director's cut and thought the graphics were quite...

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