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  1. On2wheels

    imaging software in 2021

    After a search I thought I'd better start a new thread since the last close match was from 2010 https://hardwarecanucks.com/forum/threads/best-easiest-free-imaging-software.31201/ Do those options still hold up today? Mind you the PCs I want to image are from 2014 and older and have mechanical...
  2. On2wheels

    Want to Buy ipad, 5th gen or higher

    Hit up your prices.
  3. On2wheels

    Ryzen Master bugs

    Tried uninstalling and downloading the newest version of RM, I like how it shows cpu usage, I don't use it for o/c. The new version doesn't tell you where it unzips to nor does it run any kind of setup when it's done unzipping. I think I found the files in C:\AMD but they don't run either...
  4. On2wheels

    Want to Buy Any iphones for sale?

    Casually looking for a family member. Post up what you got. The cheaper the better, not looking to break the bank. Can't trust kijiji these days so I thought I'd ask here. edit: found her a 6s plus, had to keep the screen bigger to help with eyesight.
  5. On2wheels

    Pixel 4a users

    Any 4a users here? I'm wondering how the reception is on the phone. I can tell my MiA1 phone has never had great reception in the building I work at or in my basement, but the realme x2 I used for a month had fantastic reception, that was one of the few good things about it. Before i pull the...
  6. On2wheels


  7. On2wheels

    Cheap(slow) ISP in Ontario?

    I'm shopping for an ISP for my mom in eastern Ontario, so I dont need blazing fast speed. I'd ask her neighbors to share wifi but I fear her voip phone wouldn't like that. Teksavvy is raising their rates in October, and the 5MB down really shouldn't cost what it does when other providers are...
  8. On2wheels

    Realme X2 6gb RAM 64gb ROM unlocked cell phone

    Checking with what you guys think. I bought this new last month so the battery has very few cycles.
  9. On2wheels

    KB4532695 January 28TH WIN10 update fun

    This update seems to have changed some folder permissions on a storage drive, it's giving me the: . This is the 2nd time this has happened on my new Ryzen build, but I didn't notice until after this update came in tonight. Bleepingcomputer.com said this update should have fixed some Explorer...
  10. On2wheels

    Boot time investigating/tweaking

    One of my favourite things is the speedy bootup of a fresh windows install, and I strive to keep it that way, not using any extra software like mouse drivers or rgb controls. What do you guys use when you're suspecting a longer boot time? I know about CCleaner showing a list of things starting...
  11. On2wheels

    RCS Messaging in Canada

    Has anyone's phones been able to use this feature using normal method (no hacks)? If yes, what carrier are you with and what messaging app did you use? My xiaomi miA1 says the feature is not supported, but people on public mobile boards says it does work. I'm curious how much data and...
  12. On2wheels

    front page news articles

    Are the stories on the front page not completed or are they meant to only be one short paragraph? I'm not getting anything to load past the opening line, stories from June of this year about Ryzen for example. Even paused my adblocker with no change.
  13. On2wheels

    i5 3570k, Asrock Z77 Pro3, 16gb DDR3, Scythe Mugen 2 cooler

    My old system needs a new home. Wondering what it's worth.
  14. On2wheels

    x570 motherboard and nvme speed question

    I built this system last week, Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 x570 motherboard, and a cheap nvme drive to boot from. On the motherboard it was printed "PCIe gen4 x4" beside this one slot where I'm pointing, but not by other slot lower in the picture. Does that mean only the one slot is rated for...
  15. On2wheels

    Anyone use an 'ecobee' thermostat?

    I've had one for at least a year now, it seemed great at the start, i could check my house temperature from anywhere and control it if i wanted to. The past month or so I'm almost certain the trigger points in the software have changed so it doesn't turn on as soon nor does it stay running as...
  16. On2wheels

    Of course you use Steam in-home streaming with a Raspberry Pi!

    I read an article about the new Pi4, so can I put in a big enough micro SD card, install Steam OS or whatever works, and use it in the livingroom on my Steam Link? This is what I read but I miss details easily, any reason it can't stream a game on my LAN...
  17. On2wheels

    Inkscape graphic software

    Has anyone used this before? If so, do you know if it can layout large paper size documents to act as a template for volume printing on plotters/printers? I'm thinking 32"x20" paper.
  18. On2wheels

    iOS 12 and your ipad

    For those who have it what do you think, is 12 worth the update on a 1 year old ipad? I'm concerned because my old ipad 3 can hardly multitask now and I don't remember it being that slow when I first got it. Mom says her ipad messaging app doesnt scroll messages correctly, that you have to...
  19. On2wheels

    Clock_watchdog_timeout & Steam messed with my pagefile

    I started having the C_W_T error a few nights ago. I had been running the (what I thought was a mild) overclock to 4.1Ghz, slight undervolt with no issues cooling and the system was great, when the other night I install CSGO and the first time I run it, at the main menu the system froze. Upon a...
  20. On2wheels

    Shipping options other than Canada Post?

    What have people used now that canpost is unreliable? I know the usual, Fedex, UPS, Purolator, though they can be pricey I think. For packages staying in Ontario, what else can we use that wont break the bank? Greyhound bus?

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